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[Diagnosis] sleep studies
sleep studies
Hello all first time poster, i learned  a lot from this board, and would like to thank everyone involved  this board has helped me greatly.
      I would like to get some feedback from other members sleep studies,and what they experienced  so i can compare it to my own.
    First a little background, I work for a large transit system, and they started screening for sleep Apnea . Because my bmi was high and i was being treated for blood pressure (borderline) i had to get tested.  I never had any issues with daytime sleepiness , always get 8 hours a night.  I have been on the Apap since November 11 2019, and have been tolerating it well, the first night was rough . but thankfully got used to it quickly so i can be in compliance with the companies rules.
    This was my experience at the sleep study. I arrived at 9pm . was hooked up to all the sensors and in bed by 10pm. Sometime between 1030pm and 1130pm fell asleep briefly then got up to take a bathroom break.  Fell back asleep sometime around midnight, woke up around 245 am and couldn't get back to sleep (anxiety). When i got to the clinic i asked the technician what time will i be able to sleep to, she said they would wake me up at 4am at the latest.
So my questions are...
   1) Did you sleep longer then i did? do you think that approx 4 hours was enough time to get the proper data?
   2) Were you told that it was okay to take something to help you sleep? the person that arranged the appointment and the technician said it was okay to take something(i took a benadryl)I found out after the test that sedatives raises the ahi index.
   3) According to the report i had 17 obs apneas and 51 hypopneas . from what i researched hypopneas is when you breath shallow. could the benadryl be the cause?
   4) My regular sleep hours are 2am to 10 am . do you think going outside your regular body clock, is also a factor?

  I look forward to hearing about your experiences. Its nice to know i,m not alone in this!  

 I have attached part of the sleep study. it has all the info let me know if you can open  it OK as its my first time posting.My apologies in advance for my terrible typing skills.

.pdf   Scan_0001.pdf (Size: 616.25 KB / Downloads: 17)
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RE: sleep studies
I took two in-lab sleep studies. I reported in @ 9 pm and was in bed by 10. I took a couple of over the counter sleep aids with their knowledge. 

I had to get up a few times during the night to visit the bathroom. The studies were usually concluded by about 5 am or so. I was told that I had moderate to severe SA. 

I was lucky and didn't really have any issues falling off to sleep. One time I was told that I had slept in one position for 4 hours. I guess the sleep tech found that unusual.
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RE: sleep studies
Welcome to the forum. My experience was similar to yours. To answer your questions
1) I got about 4 hours of interrupted sleep
2) I was told It was OK to take what I normally used for insomnia
3) Hypopne is not shallow breathing but a partial blockage of the airway to a lesser degree than an obstructive apnea. Benadryl was probably not the cause
4) It was probably a factor in geting to sleep and staying asleep but it would not have resulted in more apnea or hypopnea.

The next step is to optimize your therapy. Hopefully you got an airaenae 10 autoset or autoset for her. It should say which model airsense 10 you have on the front of the machine in the lower right hand corner. Please update your profile and share that with us. If you have a data capable model there will be a slot for an SD card under a small door at the left end of the machine. You will need a 2-32GB SD card. Any SD card will work as long as the capacity is not greater than 32 GB. Then download free OSCAR software from here: https://www.sleepfiles.com/OSCAR/

You will then be able to post data from your machine in the forum. See the links below for how to organize and post your daily charts. The data is critical if we are to be able to advise you on machine settings. You can also find instructions for how to adjust settings and do order a clinician's manual for your machine here: https://www.apneaboard.com/adjust-cpap-p...tup-manual

We look forward to helping you get bthe most from your therapy.
Download OSCAR

Organize Charts
Attaching Charts

Mask Primer
Soft Cervical Collar


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RE: sleep studies
I’ve had 2 studies and an ASV titration starting in 2001. All were the same as yours, except I remember that they tried more than one mask on the first one.

When I woke up after the first study I couldn’t believe how good I felt. It was like a new lease on life.

I slept terrible during my ASV titration, and didn’t feel that refreshed in the morning. I did take half a melatonin. But I slept well enough to get enough data.

But what I learned over the years is that this is a journey. There are CPAP seasons where everything is just rolling along smoothly, and CPAP seasons where things take a turn for the worse.

I can tell you that looking at data gives a good appreciation for what is going on. For years I used Rescan software, but now I use OSCAR that you can download free at this site. I think there can be more of a vested interest when a person sees their actual breathing graph and data.

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RE: sleep studies
My diagnostic study I got less than 2 hrs of sleep, I couldnt do the titration split study because I needed 2 hours minimium, The tech 'fudged the study so it would count and said 2 hrs of sleep, This being my 2nd diagnostic study I bettered/improved my original from mid 90s to 77AHI. typically 0.5 AHI with my VAuto.
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RE: sleep studies
Thanks for the responses , seems 4hours is typical. I’ll work on getting the sd card and software soon.  
   In general I have gotten used to the machine , ahi average over the last 3months is 1.13. Looking over some of the post on the board , I consider my self lucky not to have it that bad.

I have a quick question , if I put the sd card in the machine , it will not affect the machines ability to report usage to the web site will it ? 

I’m thinking no but want to make sure . Thank you in advance!
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RE: sleep studies
No problem with the SD card in your machine the data provided to my air is not affected. The SD card has much more detailed breath by breath data
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