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Did You Do Your Sleep Study at Home or in a Lab?
I did both the diagnoses and titration at the sleep lab on two separate occasions

We're lucky in Australia (lucky country), sleep studies covered by Medicare

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(05-23-2015, 07:30 AM)zonk Wrote: I did both the diagnoses and titration at the sleep lab on two separate occasions

We're lucky in Australia (lucky country), sleep studies covered by Medicare


My home and my lab studies both had me putting my hand in my pocket. From memory the lab was over $800 and I had to pay $300+.
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Two studies, 9yrs apart. Both split night (both in a lab). First was covered 100% by insurance, the second was covered since I had already met maximum deductions and out of pocket for the year due to another medical issue.

1st one was a bit non-normal the 1/2 half due to the wires etc.. and their insistence that I sleep on my back (Stomach sleeper). The 2nd half was cool. After a couple mis-starts due to mask issues, I slept more than 3 hours straight. When I woke I thought it was more like 30 mins. Drove home thinking I've got to get me one of these things.

2nd test was last year. 1/2 was worse that I thought it would be. I hadn't really slept without a mask for 9 years... got through the 1/2 half somehow.... 2nd 1/2 was okay. the power outage part way through that didn't help. Got the numbers I needed and a sleep study and new machine which was the goal.

You do what ya gotta do.
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(05-22-2015, 05:46 AM)DeepBreathing Wrote: We do things a bit differently in Australia. The first sleep test is diagnosis only, and I did mine in the lab. We don't do a one night titration test, but use the machine (APAP) with weekly reviews to home in on the right settings. It sounds like your health care provider jumped straight to the second stage and let the machine do its thing. I think I'd prefer a proper diagnosis in the lab (which can pick up any other breathing or sleep issues or even some unrelated heart issues) but I do like the idea of using the machine over a period of nights for titration.

Also, in NSW, nominally the same countryBig Grin I had a take home test that included lots of wires, suction things, an oximeter, canuala, etc. With that ResSleep (really a related entity of ResMed) had an "independent" sleep dr review the data and write a diagnosis. I was then offered a machine, either apap or cpap - not sure what would have happened if I had gone with the cpap......

Yes, the sleep study was covered under the national health system here, but then you are on your own. Also private insurance gave me a little money to the machine (and I mean little in the context of the cost).

I don't think its the best setup (coverage) as if you have a job such as a truck driver or something (who possibly doesn't have private insurance too), as once you are diagnosed you are told to cough up $2,500 for the machine and $300 for a mask or you risk insurance problems if you have an accident and they are able to find out your diagnosis.
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I first had a home study, which said I did not have apnea, but I didn't believe it, due to the waking up choking thing, so I went into the sleep lab. The first night, they did not mask me up, then they had me come back for titration, and the tech tested out regular CPAP, Bipap, and then ASV on me. They went with ASV, due to my sleep-onset centrals. The whole thing took months, and it was stressful.
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my sleep study was done at home... i am in australia and tried for many years to get a sleep study done but doctors didn't take me seriously - even after going to emergency one morning with my uvula so swollen it was hanging out of my mouth!!! the doctors said it was sleep apnea but didn't do anything about it. I ended up going to a place that had a take home unit which then was sent to a sleep specialist who read the data and I was then able to rent a CPAP unit until they worked out a reasonable level - I then purchased my own machine and have had it set on the same pressure for over 2 years now. it is so frustrating not having access to any real help... the place I get my assistance from the people just say if the machine has a happy face it's all good - and my doctor gets me to tell them how to read the data!!! seriously!!! Well the good thing is that it has made a significant difference and I NEVER sleep without it. i love it. I wouldn't mind getting a proper sleep study done though....
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all of mine were in the lab
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I did the at home study 1 night I was moderate . Using a S9 in process of tweaking settings
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Home study. My GP sent me home with a little bag with a 3-channel device to use for 3 nights. Oximeter, chest band, and cannula with microphone. Insurance deductible had not been met, my out of pocket was $250. Diagnosis and RX came about a week later.
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Home study. I was then given further home study to determine the most appropriate devices (mask and machine). Once the determination was made, I was given an Rx and an order was put in. No compliance checks, etc. Didn't know those things happened until I stumbled on this board.
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