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Did you have to report your Sleep Apnea to renew your driver's license?
I have to renew my driver's license in a few months, so I started the process online and came across this:

Sure enough, item #7 is Sleep Apnea. So I MUST report this to my state which probably means I'm going to be sent a bunch of forms to fill out so some state-employed doctor can read my file and decide if they need to probe me to make sure I won't fall asleep behind the wheel. I understand that's a big issue-- I've been in the car while it happened to my father when I was a kid. But fortunately I've never had those issues, and I especially don't expect it now that I'm treated.

I'm tempted not to report it, but of course that would come back to bite me in a big way if I ever got into any kind of accident where lawyers would be involved.

So I'm curious-- does anyone have any experience with this? Has anyone had to report their sleep apnea for any other reason like this?
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I don't know about the rules in your area, but in Ontario, it's reported by your MD as soon as you're diagnosed. They follow that up with a report that you're receiving treatment - assuming you are.

That said, I've been 6 years now, it's never come up as a question on renewing my permit, or plates. And I've never been to see my sleep doc since the first 6 month check up. I was compliant, I'm still compliant, and it's not an issue, apparently.
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I imagine it varies a lot. Here inBritish Columbia, reporting is mandatory only if the patient continues to drive after being warned not to.

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I just renewed my license in Georgia and they didn't ask. From prior posts along the subject line, I'm wondering if it would be on the commercial license form.
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Oregon doesnt ask for reporting of anything which can be corrected with treatment. My guess is that will change --- apnea is getting press as a driving issue.
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Quite a few states have reporting requirements for various medical issues. I have to report my diagnosis requiring insulin, for instance (your state only requires it if you've experienced a low). If you don't, and they find out later, you can potentially have your license suspended. I think all they care about is that you are being treated. Note: Minnesota does not require sleep apnea reporting for regular drivers (yet).

P.s., you are expected to know the requirements for your state, so do check them annually (as well as for new laws).
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I checked in KS, no medical reporting necessary unless it's for CDL. It seems pretty different state-by-state. I don't know what to tell you, other than maybe have someone else call and ask about this. I wonder how many OSA patients know about this.
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Although there is no reporting requirement locally, I did find a number of lawyers sites that said if you can find out the other party in a crash has untreated sleep apnea that you can use that as an explanation of the crash. Yet another reason to treat our condition, not deny it.
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In Pennsylvania the physician for a DOT Physical for a Commercial drivers license reports Apnea to the state. Then they will only issue a one year Medical card instead of a two year after that. Same with high blood pressure. Nothing required for non CDL. If your not honest with the DOT physician they will find out because your records are on the laptop in front of them from your primary care physician. New laws all medical records now follows you .
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Not required here in Texas. At the DMV they just hold a mirror in front of your face to see if you can fog it; if so, you pass. Just joking, they do require a vision test when an "in person renewal" is required (every 10 years I think, at least under 65??). Most renewals are via the Internet and no questions are asked.
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