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Difficulty Falling Asleep
Difficulty Falling Asleep
I have read previous posts and threads concerning this issue, my difficulty is the Darth Vader-like sound that the rushing air creates in my head. I've tried to mask it with white noise via headphones, meditation, and relaxation routines. Prior to my cpap machine my breathing was very quiet and I fell asleep quickly. Now I must be completely exhausted before I turn on the machine and then it usually takes an hour to fall asleep. I'm averaging less than 6 hours a night and now have begun having morning headaches again. Sleep deprivation is equally as bad as apnea and is affecting the quality of my life. Does anyone take sleep medication? If so, are there unwanted side effects? I have had my machine for almost a year and have faithfully used it. I'm sure it has helped in some way, breathing is a good thing!
Thanks for reading, and I look forward to feedback.
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RE: Difficulty Falling Asleep
I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep with the various gadgets I tried before accepting that I needed CPAP.

I did have a little trouble with the noise from an N30i, which has a hollow Dreamwear-like frame and front vents with no diffuser. Earplugs helped a lot (I used HearOs from a local music store). With anything else, it's not so bad. Instead of trying to block out the noise, I focus on it and on making my breathing slow, smooth, and even. I'm really focusing as much or more more on the breathing, with the wind-like noise from the machine as feedback for how I'm doing. I'm really falling asleep much faster with CPAP than I did without it.
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RE: Difficulty Falling Asleep
Wife and I slept apart for a few years until she begged me to come back.  Not 'begged', but asked very nicely...she missed me nearby.  So (sigh), I relented.  We both took to wearing earplugs so that if one of us began to run the diesel at night, the other would probably, hopefully, ideally.....stay asleep.

That was a few years ago, and I'm happy to relate this experience, but more-so to point out that wearing earplugs is an integral part of my own sleep success now that I am using a PAP machine.  It's not particularly noisy, neither mask nor machine, but little things get in the way of my sleep.  My wife now uses a collar and snores much less (WHEW!!!).  I'm the only one who uses a machine, and find that wearing earplugs really helps to dull things down.

I have used rubber ribbed earplugs, over-the-ears headphone hearing protectors, foam inserts for the ears....and the very best by a country mile are the silicone moldable ones that come in a clear hard plastic four-pack at your pharmacy.  They're amazing.  They can be used for a week or more, so it's not like you wear them once and discard them.  Often a single plug, one meant for each ear, can be pinched in half and used, a half-of-one in each ear.  It depends on your need and your ears, but mine seal well at half-size.  So, a pack can be stretched even further that way.
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RE: Difficulty Falling Asleep
I appreciate your replies, however, it seems I have not communicated my issue accurately. My machine is not noisy it is the sound of the air blowing INSIDE my head that causes my difficulty. Earplugs won't mitigate this sound. I will try becoming "one" with the sound, unless I find that some medication will help in drifting off!
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RE: Difficulty Falling Asleep
Deleted ramblings ....
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RE: Difficulty Falling Asleep
(09-11-2019, 03:51 PM)Vfrayer Wrote: My machine is not noisy it is the sound of the air blowing INSIDE my head that causes my difficulty. Earplugs won't mitigate this sound. 

Have you tried them (you mentioned white-noise headphones, meditation and relaxation, but not earplugs).  I was similarly annoyed by the sound of my exhalation, and didn't really think earplugs would do anything, but I wear earplugs all the time as a motorcyclist, so I had plenty around to try.  And guess what: they worked for me!  They don't completely knock out the sound of the air, and if I listen really carefully, I can just make out the variable fan sound of my CPAP machine, but it reduces the din substantially, and that's enough to let me go to sleep.

So, for the price of a pair of disposable foamies, I'd give it a try.  It won't be any worse than what you have going on now.
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RE: Difficulty Falling Asleep
What the Wrench just said.

...and I had hoped to bolster the original suggestion that the proper type of earplugs, worn properly, CAN substantially reduce noise that apparently is running through your jaw, pharyngeal tissue, and eustachian tubes.  I had hoped to make it clear that, even though my own machine and its emissions are relatively quiet, I still NEED EARPLUGS in order to reduce intrusive noises from all sources.  And, that it works for me.  Like the Wrench, I had intended to convey that earplugs will quite possibly, if you locate ones that work best for you, help to reduce the intrusive noises.

Just as a tip, and I do think it's worth a try, after pinching the large puck in two, I use my thumb and forefinger to roll a small point of the material which I will then insert into the ear canal.  It must be thin enough not to jam, and not so long that it impinges on your eardrum.  When the tip is inserted, mash the rest of the mass against your ear opening so that you know by the change of sounds that you have achieved a solid seal.

It may not work.  It may.  For the $2.00 outlay, it's worth a shot....no?
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RE: Difficulty Falling Asleep
I don't hear air blowing inside my head, but if I shake my head fast enough, I do get a rattling sound.  Dont-know
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RE: Difficulty Falling Asleep
Hi Vfrayer,
I too have/had problems with the noise of the air turbulence in the Dreamwear mask.  I don't use it anymore.  I've found the F&P Brevida and the Resmed P10 to be more acceptable, if for no other reason than the noise.  In case you are unfamiliar with these two masks, they both are nasal pillow type designs without the air supply routed up around your head.

I hope you find an acceptable mask.
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RE: Difficulty Falling Asleep
Oh, interesting, I didn't think the noise might be from the Dreamwear head loop (which is also what I use). I thought the loop was a pretty good way of connecting the air supply to an out-of-the-way location; I can't imagine trying to sleep with a hose coming off my nose (like some of the pictures on the front page of the ApneaBoard website).
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