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Diseases from a used machine
(04-17-2015, 03:48 AM)Krish Wrote: There will be bacteria in filter of CPAP. This bacteria may infect respiratory part. There will be tens and hundreds of bacteria colonies in filter. Cleaning thoroughly will remove bacteria but it is not recommended to use used machine.

A new filter will also remove the bacteria.

Actually, every machine, once turned on, is a used machine. Much like a car, or a bat-winged domicycle, or a ...... well, like lots of stuff.
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If there are bacteria in the filter, then they came from the open air. So breathing air is dangerous and everyone should just quit breathing so as to not inhale bacteria?

Poo on that. I like breathing.

Keep in mind that the CPAPS in the sleep labs have a different patient hooked up to them every night.

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It's not difficult to take a CPAP machine apart and clean it. I did it to a PRS1 that I'd owned for two years since it was new, and everything in the air stream was covered with a thin film of oily dust. I was able to completely clean it and get rid of the odor that had prompted me to clean it in the first place.

I also took apart a used S9 that I bought on craigslist. I found it to be completely clean on the inside. I believe that the impeller is in a housing that can't be opened, so there's no way to clean it.

The impeller on the PRS1, on the other hand, can be soaked in a cleaning solution and brushed completely clean.

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(04-17-2015, 07:54 PM)OMyMyOHellYes Wrote: If there are bacteria in the filter, then they came from the open air. So breathing air is dangerous and everyone should just quit breathing so as to not inhale bacteria?

Your own body is just chock full of bacteria. Nine out of ten cells in "your" body are bacteria if you are typical. They are also essential for your continued life, and there are several important nutrients, without which you would die, that must be digested by the bacteria in your digestive track because you on your own can't do it.
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you have more of a chance of picking up an illness eating in restaurants and/or handling cash money in my opinion
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My (over)education is in microbiology and molecular biology, and I have worked in all sorts of lab environments, including some with rather nasty bugs, so I like to believe I know a thing or two about the topic at hand. That said, I am also relatively new to CPAP and have not worked with bacteria for several years now, so I am not quite up to date on the literature as I used to be.

As far as diseases from a used CPAP, sure it is possible. I would expect rather unlikely, however. We live in a microbial rich world and our bodies are vessels for more bacterial cells than our own (as noted by others), with the majority of those being beneficial. Otherwise we would not have survived this far on earth. I have a rather laid back approach to bacteria, I have to admit. I will eat food that falls to my kitchen floor and I am loathe to take any antimicrobials.

As others more knowledgeable on CPAP have noted, the machines are relatively free of bug friendly surfaces that hold liquid, except for after the humidifier. A good cleaning of the humidifier should solve any worry there. Toss in a disinfectant and you should be OK there. Only thing I would worry about would be the baffle in the (Respironics is all I have experience with) humidifier, if it managed to get get any water into it and sat for too long. For backup I picked up a used 560 model and stripped it down, mostly out of curiosity, but did clean all the internals with some 70% isopropanol just to make sure no smoke or other residue was present, not for the bugs. I could not see far into the humidifier baffle, thanks to its clever design, but did give it a good wash with detergent soap, water rinses, and followed by some isopropanol to dry it out. Then gave it a good several day dry on the counter before reassembly.

Contrary to what others say, I believe there is the possibility of growth on the insides of the air channels of the device (in the last 20 years or so, we have learned life can and will exist pretty much anywhere on the planet, manmade included). The filters are not 100% effective, but effective enough for those of us without compromised immune systems (I did discover both filters of my daily machine popped off one day, I should note). I don't worry about it that much and, as noted, only wiped down the insides of the used 560 to remove dust and smoke, if there (promised smoke free when I bought it off Craig's List but cigarette smoke irritates my lungs). This machine had less than two month's time on it, so I did not expect to find anything, and did not see anything visible on the wipe cloths other than a spattering of dust (which probably did have life, aka bugs, in it).

By bugs, I mean bacteria mostly, but also include fungi, protozoans, and viruses. All have the ability to help and harm us, but for the most part there is a dynamic balance between all. So I suggest stripping down a used instrument if bought somewhere other than the well known second hand vendor, and cleaning it, just to make sure no dust or smoke residue is present. If filthy on the inside, then consider it a learning experience, and toss it. As for bugs, I would not and do not worry.
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Although I sort of cringe at the thought of contacting someones cooties.... Huh

I did buy a slightly used Solo Plus on eBay when they still allowed them to be listed. It was supposed to be a used twice returned unit. It was very clean, couldn't tell it from new. At the time funds dictated going that route. If it was extremely clean and the price is right, I might do it again.
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(04-18-2015, 10:57 AM)But its me! Wrote: Only thing I would worry about would be the baffle in the (Respironics is all I have experience with) humidifier, if it managed to get get any water into it and sat for too long.

If you're talking about the water tank itself, I've found the Respironics tanks survive being dropped into a big pot of boiling water that I've just turned the heat off of. Some of the ResMed tanks will actually melt, but the dishwashable S9 tanks did OK.

If you're talking about the air path parts in the PRS1 humidifier between the water tank and the blower unit, you can take those out so you can clean them more easily. There is a gray right angle piece there that you can't get to all the inside areas of. I've dropped that into the boiled water as well.

I like the hot water treatment in addition to detergent/water/disinfectant treatment, because I'm not sure solutions will get into all the crevices. I know that heat from hot water will get everywhere in a small part as long as you let it sit for long enough.

Of course, boiling water temp won't kill all species of bugs, but it will kill off the vast majority of bugs, especially the ones that cause disease.

Control III disinfectant is relatively benign once diluted properly, and cheap enough to give used equipment a good soak. I think it's overkill for normal use. DO read the instructions. Also realize it doesn't kill every strain of bug, either.
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