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Dizziness After A Night On Cpap?
It could be totally unrelated but anyone ever feel this? Been dizzy since waking up....and all day.
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Get a blood pressure cuff and start taking your blood pressure. See if that (low blood pressure) could be the problem.

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It's also remotely possible to have "something" in the ear canal that messes up the cilia (hairs) in there. I've had bouts twice, after using ear plugs. That was the sort of dizzy where you are OK if you keep your head in one position, but things get spinny if you look up at the top shelf in the supermarket, or move your head too fast. A doctor looked at it once, and didn't do much; it went away in a few weeks. I think one can take Meclizine - he gave me a prescription. The OTC version (lower dose) is in Bonine and some of the Dramamine versions (motion sickness pills).
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I had trouble with the humidity settings messing with my sinuses...which caused some dizziness/balance stuff for a day. I live in Florida and have plenty of humidity. So, I turned the humidity to zero for now. It helped.
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The above comments are worth checking out.
Also found that some people were blocking off the air vent on their masks with their arms.
This question has been asked quite a few times and it does appear that some do suffer light headedness at the start of treatment.
It usually goes after a few weeks, but if it is bad or it is worrying you, get it checked out.
Some people have found that having more pressure relief when breathing out helps.
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Thanks guys. All good advice.
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There are numerous causes for dizziness, aka vertigo. The Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA) has tons of info on causes, diagnosis, and treatment.
Do a web search to find them.
WebMD has some info, too, though not as extensive.

(I have intermittent vertigo attacks)
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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Have you identified the cause?

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Sounds like you should get it checked out by a doctor and be careful driving and working anywhere dangerous. Blood pressure is easy to check, and CPAP therapy should be mentioned to all of your doctors, especially if you are on blood pressure meds.
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Just thought I'd go a different direction with this. Lots of dizziness is ear related. You could have some fluid buildup, or undetected infection. I have been battling this a bit and went to the doctor's. My symptoms were more like dizziness without the loss of equilibrium. They flushed a lot of crap out of my ears and prescribed some anti-biotic drops, and I have a referral to an ENT. So while it's not as alarming as heart stuff, ear infections can really mess you up. May or may not be related to CPAP. It's not unheard of that pressure can affect structures of the middle ear.
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