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Do I have Sleep Apnea ??

I have had bad sleeps for years wake up feeling worse then when I went to sleep. Sometimes I wake during the night feeling like I was gasping for air, and had sore heads the next day and sometimes my memory was foggy.

Then got a DVT and PE, they aren't sure why so on warfarin for life now. I have also been suffering from anxiety and some depression for a number of years.

Since I had a suspicion of Sleep Apnea, I bought a finger SPO2 meter with logging function, everytime I have reviewed the logs
I always have instances the same as the attached jpeg.

Thanks in advance for your feedback
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I anticipate that you will be scored as mild to moderate OSA, and not sure whether the doctor would recommend a CPAP machine. There might be a short term negative response to CPAP with regard to the DVT and PE. There are some less than satisfying alternative treatments for OSA, like jaw advancement, that may be offered.

Try to detect/track the position you are sleeping in when these episodes are occurring. Learning to minimize sleep in the 'bad' position may help control this.

What I noticed in your chart is that there were not many spikes - up swings - in you pulse rate. My impression is there is not much 'stress' on your system due to the apneas, and this would indicate that it probably did not disturb your sleep much.

Dedicated to QALity sleep.
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A home or sleep lab test would tell more of what is going on. There are a couple desaturations on your SpO2 log, but that can sometime be a dislodged sensor. Sleep apnea testing can quantify interruptions in breathing and relate that to EEG, SpO2 and respiratory effort changes. A Home study is not obtrusive and may be sufficient to get a prescription for a machine and mask. It's very hard to interpret the SpO2 data alone and make any conclusions. You appear to have more than 5 events per hour that could be related to apnea or hypopnea. If you're feeling tired and have other symptoms and risk factors, you should be tested.
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You do need to pursue this. I suspect your DVT and PE are well stabilized by now or you'd be an incredibly unhappy camper. Can cpap therapy change the INR results? Probably.... Seems like everything else on God's green/brownish earth does. But that's manageable.

Your sleep symptoms and your pulse ox verification seem to indicate that you probably could benefit from cpap therapy. So a home or in-clinic test would seem to be a wise course of action to me.

By the way, if you're well insured they could put you on something other than warfarin to guard against the blood clot thingies. But it is expensive. At the least if you are covered by medicare or decent insurance make sure they prescribe a home test kit for you to check your own results. Beats the heck out of trips to the ER for a blood test.
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Hi Jack Jumpin,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
If you can, it will be in your best interest to get a sleep study done so you'll know for sure if you have sleep apnea.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and good luck to you.
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You need a longer set of readings. One hour is not enough.

It looks like you had about 3 or 4 possible events in that time. That would be a fairly low AHI reading if it's representative of your average.

I suspect the event around 5:38 is a data glitch because of movement of the sensor on the finger. If you zoom in on it, you may find some spots where the graph turns gray that will indicate that. One hint when you zoom in is that SpO2 can't really drop very quickly because it takes a while to use up the O2 in your blood even if you're not breathing.

There's also the problem that you can have apnea and not show up on a pulseox. The pulseox may show that you have it, but it can't prove you don't have it.
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