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Do Sleep Doctors...
..........generally know about certain things often discussed here. (this will be my last reference about Sleepyhead, I promise..........until I get off my butt and learn). Do sleep docs , generally know about things you download, like SlHead. It seems that maybe you nice people know even MORE than the docs who treat us? Kinda concerned about that since I rely alot on my doctor for guidance and my sleep stats. Is that a "bad" way to continue? thanksfor your patience.
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I would be surprised if they do not know much more, given the years they dedicate to learning. That said, if you use it regularly and have an AHI below 5, they might not feel very motivated to dig into it further beyond suggesting that you exercise more, lose weight, abstain from all alcohol, and avoid liquids for two hours before bed. At least that is my recent experience. The last sleep doctor that I consulted with put very, very little weight on the machine reported data. His attitude was that it was a guess that the software developers made and that sometimes the machine gets it right and sometimes it is wrong.

No one other than you is ever going to take your therapy more personally or seriously.
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Some doctors might know more (and they should). But I'll go out on a limb and say that the vast majority of members of the Apnea Board have learned way more from this forum than any sleep doctor. That's certainly true in my case. And if I ever have a question about my therapy, I'll come here first looking for answers.
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My first sleep doc relied on downloads from the DMEs and used his techs to advise him. If you didn't fit the profile (easily treatable Obstructive Apnea) he offered to refer you to a teaching hospital that was pretty far away. He even thought my first machine was broken when it didn't treat my Central Apnea. A person with an MD can become certified as a Sleep Doc in 12 months. He wouldn't even look at my SH downloads.

Apnea Board Member RobySue has posted a Beginners Guide to Sleepyhead Software here:  http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...SleepyHead

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I've never personally consulted with a sleep doctor. My first sleep study in 2008 was reviewed and signed by one, but my care has always been delegated to me by my primary physician. I'm fortunate not to have any real complications, but my doctor trusts me to provide information he uses to prescribe what I need. Our relationship is one of mutual respect, and I can't imagine the frustration of those who must deal with physicians that don't respect or listen to their patients. My wife was recently dagnosed, and we will probably get a machine next week. She NEVER met or discussed her case with the sleep physician. Her prescription was simply sent to a DME. That is too typical. We had our primary doctor get the prescription, and we have asked him to change it to Auto CPAP with heated hose, so we don't end up getting the usual CPAP brick. It shouldn't have to work this way.

The sleep business is setup by medicare and insurance rules to require doctors determine medical necessity, write prescriptions and follow-up to find there is medical benefit from any sleep therapy. They require treatment for ALL cases to consider CPAP, before Bilevel will be allowed; and bilevel must be failed before an adaptive servo ventilator or respirator with backup rate will be approved. Where sleep medicine fails today is that too many practitioners are incapable of practice outside of simple obstructive sleep apnea. Central and complex apnea needs to be much more rapidly recognized and properly treated, even when the initial presentation is OSA.
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I've not seen one for years, my machine is my doctor, tells me everything need to know
I'll see one in the future, if a new sleep study is needed, otherwise, I keep away from them
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My expierience? They know little to nothing about SA or the machines.
I've had one flatly tell me she couldn't read SH or Encore.
They get a diagnosis from the sleep lab and a pressure.
And parrot it.

This is one malady that if your treated optimally you will learn to do it yourself with help from other hose noses.
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I think it depends on the sleep doctor. If they aren't looking beyond the AHI and compliance, then you are really getting nothing much from them, sad to say. My hope that the head sleep doctor at my clinic was 'different' ended when she pawned my brother's follow-up to the PA and who couldn't answer ANY of the questions that remained unanswered. She (the doc, not the PA) claimed she was going to do some 'research', but nothing came of it, not even an "I don't know." So, I'll just go for the once a year to get my prescription renewed, but otherwise, I have no further hope that I'll get much out of them.
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My Sleep Doctor is a very likable guy and a respectable Pulmonologist, but as far as ever receiving usable advice concerning my sleep apnea, it's never happened.

My first visit with him was nothing like I thought it would be. He quickly scanned through several pages of my sleep study in front of me, and said it looked great. He had the report for more than two weeks. It wasnt that great....My AHI was 33 and oxygen desats went down to 69%.
He wrote me a script for a "brick", which I rejected. He just smiled and rewrote it for what I ask for, and that was only because I had joined this forum and did my research.

Follow up visit, a waste of my time, but required by Medicare.

He asked how I felt and how many hours I used the machine. He didnt care to see my print outs from SleepyHead and never asked what my AHI was.....so I told him how I tweeked my settings myself from the 4-20 that he set to a pressure range that gave me consistent AHI readings under 1 in a very short time. His response was that it was unheard of. None of his other SA patients had such a low AHI, and the average was 7 to 10.

I suggested he join this forum or at least send his patients here. Too-funny

I have my yearly visit next month. I just play along so that my Script will be renewed. It seems my DME wants a new one every year. They said it's now required by Medicare.

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