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Do sleep aids effect sleep study results
RE: Do sleep aids effect sleep study results
Here's one where I did not take the pill, woke up and couldn't get back to sleep until I did take 4 mg of Ambien  (I cut down my 10mg pills).
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RE: Do sleep aids effect sleep study results
Thanks for the help. Will keep this in mind for my next sleep studies.
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RE: Do sleep aids effect sleep study results
I am not an expert , like you cut half ambient to use for go back to sleep. 
I also tried Melatonin 10 mg bought at Costco, felt in sleep with in an hour but wake up after an hour or so. A friend told me I have to use at least a week or so to get the effect. I will put my result with and without pill, hopefully soon. 

Here I found 

First part is with Melatonin, Second part is with Ambient. I was in hospital with my mom that night, on bed at 5 Am, and this is my first time of trying Melatonin 10 mg. I am sure because of timing and all things may be not say thing clearly.
Most junkie shown are Central airleak because of wake up. Big air leak appeared because I did not attached the tube into my full mask. What's an old guy huh?

Here is last night result , not ambient but Gabapentin 300 mg, sleep like a baby.
Not intend to go deeper about sleepy pill, I hope some one more knowledge give their inputs on this topic which is yes or no to take pill when doing sleep study, or do both in sleep study .
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RE: Do sleep aids effect sleep study results
Interesting question: 

Wikipedia says Temazepam is contra-indicated for Sleep Apnea. Hmmm...?

On both my diagnostic and titration study they had the sleeping pill (Temazepam 10 mg)  "already prescribed" in case I couldn't fall asleep spontaneously.

I preferred not to use it but on both occasions, and each time they came in after a while (around midnight) and said we want at least 4 hours of sleep to make sense of the study, so please take the Temazepam! (the old guy in the room next door still never managed to fall asleep, what a hassle for him: need to come back).

Occasionally I use Ativan (<= 1 mg) at night when I need it to fall asleep. 
My feeling is that I sleep better (or maybe just don't remember the arousals). 

My OSA, flow limitations and 95% EPAPs don't really change whether I use Ativan or not, so I am happy at my own low dose (specialist prescribed) that I don't need to change my pressure settings.

So one conclusion would be that they would 1) prefer you not to use a sleeping aid, 2) but if you don't fall asleep soon enough/long enough the study/cost/time is wasted, so would rather you took something, and 3) that it won't materially effect the results.
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RE: Do sleep aids effect sleep study results
I haven't read every post, and I haven't researched the question.  But, let's use some simple logic:

People don't routinely use devices, implements, aids, or medications unless they give strong evidence of efficacy, even low-ish efficacy.  So, if a person routinely resorts to medications that improve mood, sleep, pain reduction, mobility, and so on, they must have some kind of direct effect.  The drugs MUST have some kind of desired effect, but it it isn't desired, there's still the effect if one must, or chooses to, take the drug.  That's One.

Two, if one is likely to reliably and routinely make use of the medication, it stands to reason that the PSG should be undertaken in 'normal' or 'usual' circumstances to the extent possible.  I don't see how it could be a good thing to forego a routine behaviour for a formal sleep study, and then to commence the behaviour anew AFTER the study, and not expect the results of the study to have been confounded, even if only slightly.

Ergo, if one takes sleep aids routinely, there should be no difference during a PSG.
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