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Do you get stressed out after waking up and seeing a not so great AHI score?
I'll add that I review my SleepyHead data daily but as OpalRose pointed out; It's not really critical. I just happen to be a data junkie Smile  I spent much of my life using data to troubleshoot technical problems. My wife tells our kids I've found new hobby. Her reaction is Dielaughing
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(03-14-2017, 10:33 AM)Sleeprider Wrote:
(03-14-2017, 09:52 AM)pcplus2 Wrote: I've been on CPAP for 54 days now and have been doing really well.  My average AHI is 0.64 which I know is low and maybe I shouldn't be complaining.  Last night it was 1.5 which I know is still low but when I wake up and look at it, it kind of bums me out that it is double my average.  Anyone else feel the same way?  Sometimes I think I should stop obsessing about the numbers and just appreciate the fact that I am sleeping better.

You better get used to it.   I've been doing this for 10 years and still have nights higher than that.  It's meaningless.

I agree, it is not worth stressing over.
As long as you feel fine, don't worry about it.
Sleep Doc told me not to worry about numbers, not that I should be checking his data card Laugh-a-lot but only start to worry if it was above 5 for a week or more and I was not feeling refreshed.  As long as you feel fine, don't worry.
By the way, before everyone jumps on me, it was him that said it not me!
Though I have seen me with 3 nights at 5 AHI, but not very often.
As Sleeprider says, get used to it, you will always get the odd night that things are not so good.
The reasons are many, but as long as you wake up and remain getting refreshing sleep it is good.
Below 3 AHI is still very good for most.  I was told that most people will have Apneas at night anyway.
This was all from a leading professor in the field.
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What matters most is how well you feel.
Ed Seedhouse

Part cow since February 2018.

Trust your mind less and your brain more.

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Nope. No stress. I don't usually look, unless I've had an unusual night (just to learn if it may correlate). 

I'm only 2 months in to this adventure, but every single day of these 2 months I've felt better than I have for my entire life. So I don't care what the number says, if I'm feeling this good!

(I do care about the numbers. If I can feel even better, then I'd like to strive for it.)

But really, why stress?  The night has already passed. It's over, done, and gone. Enjoy your day. And if the number is all that bad, there's a group here to help.

Maybe it helps that I'm legally blind without my glasses, and the screen has shut off by the time I find my glasses. So if I really want to know my AHI, I have to dig through several screens to find it.
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Thank you all.  It's nice to have people to talk to that have been down the road before me.  I appreciate your advice and support.
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I refuse to stress over the odd high number, or even skipping a night once in a while... as long as my 6 month average numbers stay within what is mandated to keep my commercial driving licence then it is all good as far as I'm concerned.

My compliance numbers have to be submitted once a year to keep my endorsements (professional driver of hire cars, buses and trucks), if my 6 month average looks like becoming borderline I can talk to my specialist about addressing it with changes to my CPAP treatment. 

So.... "Don't worry, be happy" as the song goes.  Cool
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Hi pcplus2,

I don’t worry about the numbers because I am unable to see the screen to tell anything. The only reason I am able to use a computer at all, is that I have a screen reader that speaks the text back to me, no big deal, just a part of life.
Any way, I just go by the way I feel, I kind of know when I have a bad night.
Try not to stress out about the numbers and bask in the knowledge that you are sleeping better, give or take a bad night or two once in a while.
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Here is a perfect illustration of a bad night regarding AHI, where 12 nights ago, there was an AHI of about 1.3
As you can see, that seems to be high compared to every other night.  I have scrutinized nights that are high, looking at my waveforms and also videos of my sleeping all night long.  I have determined that the majority of nights where the AHI is higher tend to be those nights where I am tossing and turning a lot, which I tend to hold my breath while doing which results in an apnea.

So, after seeing that, I tend to not really care about a night or two that are off, especially when the majority of nights are great, as you can see!

Had I not joined this site, I know my AHI would not be this low six months after beginning therapy.

For me, it has all been in tweaking the pressure, adjusting the mask headgear as described in this site and coming up with a perfect pressure range that works for me right now. I realize things can change over time.
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I too go by the way I feel and how many times I laid awake at night. I can go back into Sleepyhead and see where I was either 1) awake or 2) laying on my back. 

Overall, don't worry about the number. Long term average is still well under 3.

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