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Do you know how to breathe?
Sounds like a simple yes/no question, but it turns out that many folks breathe incorrectly, night and day, that can lead to serious health problems. Do you know that you should only breathe through your nose 24x7, even while exercising? Well, I sure did not know until I read an article by Dr. Mercola that he called "Some of the Most Amazing New Health Information I've Seen in Years"

There are many health problems caused by month breathing including problems created even as a young, mouth breathing, child can cause head/face distortions that can eventually lead to sleep apnea.

The article written by Dr. Mercola contains a 90 minute video presentation (available for free only through 9/25) by a leading researcher in this field Patrick McKeown. Be sure to watch this presentation that while obviously intended for doctors, provides valuable information on the causes and results of month breathing. The presentation does get deep into the medical field, but we non-medical folks can obtain some very interesting and useful information. (Please note that this issue is not about night breathers with sleep apnea, but about the importance of mouth breathing all the time.)

I am still not sure about the rules of this board for providing direct links to outside sites. The article has advertisements around it, as is typical, but the article is not selling anything. Anyway to be safe of not breaking any rules, you can Google "Breathing Techniques for Greater Health and Fitness" and the top link is the one you want. (Moderators, if you see that I can link directly to this site, please advise and I will provide a direct link.)

The information provided is now known to be critical to each person's health in many ways, so please take a look and listen to the video presentation.
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Search for mercola quack and you'll likely not be surprised at what comes back

Who not to believe first:

1. Vani Hari (Food Babe)
2. Mehment Oz (Dr. Oz)
3 Joseph Mercola

Biggest quacks on the planet. When Oz and Mercola are forced to give up their medical licenses will be a great day for medicine and mankind in general.
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And if runners only nose breath the world record for the marathon would be well over five hours...
Ed Seedhouse

Part cow since February 2018.

Trust your mind less and your brain more.

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Mercola is not 100% quackery - we have long known the importance of nasal breathing as opposed to oral for good health, it is nothing new and is well researched and documented in the literature, heck, I read that back in med school when dinosaurs ruled the earth, and even then it was pretty old, established medicine - I had not heard about deformities by oral respiration when young, but let me impress on you that you breath far more efficiently through your nose in terms of O2 exchange, in terms of hydration of the respiratory system and in terms of preventing intake of foreign matter and diseases. So, nothing terribly new there, I am afraid. And yes, long term health can be adversely affected by exclusively breathing through your mouth. Whether or not they are for reasons this Mercola person describes I cannot say, not having read his/her article concerning this, but if pressed, I can go into detail as to why, but frankly, you can look it up almost anywhere.

Since this an SA forum and good sleep is the question, one thing that is somewhat new is that we are also learning that sleeping on your side, particularly your left side, is actually pretty important and better than sleeping exclusively on your back - the reason has to do with the best function of your lymphatic system, your body's garbage collection system, for want of a better lies to children description. We are discovering that it aids in the better function of that system, so folks, hope your left shoulder doesn't dislocate easily like mine does, and you can get a good night's clean....

As for good breathing technique through the nose - try yoga breathing for a while - it usually breaks you of any bad habits and helps you along to good, deep and clear breathing. Actors and singers also learn good breathing technique. I know a great teacher in Vienna for that....
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If, we can only breathe through our noses, we'll certainly die (that is the end) whenever we got sick and cannot breathe through the nose or nasal blockage. God is on our side (especially us apnencis) enable us to breathe through our noses and mouth (just in case)

Also, ear, nose and throat are combined in one medical specialty, all connected in one way or another
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(09-21-2015, 08:37 PM)zonk Wrote: Also, ear, nose and throat are combined in one medical specialty, all connected in one way or another

More of a medical coincidence than anything else. Yes, they all share a common tube, but it has more to do with how medicine divided up the body parts historically than anything else that ENT is a combined speciality (although a sensible combination) Throat could easily be put together with the lungs, or digestion system, but sometime back in the old days, they decided that the lines of demarcation were the thorax, the abdomen, the neck and face, the skull, the limbs. Later on they started to divide up the thorax into heart and lungs, and both the thoracic and the bariatric guys started to consider the throat in all of this (it is in two parts, you know, one for breathing, one for eating) and so now there is more crossover than before, and ENT is more restricted to the upper portion of the throat than it used to be. Within ENT or ORL over here) there are strong specialisations, so ear guys don't necessarily talk to much to nose or throat guys unless there is a crossover problem, like open Eustachian tubes. And then of course the endocrinologists mix in as well, so, as I said, more a historical coincidence that it got divided up that way. Sensible, at least on the surface, but historical.

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