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Doctors does yours care ?
Doctors does yours care?

I have several doctors that I see enough to form more than a casual opinion of. All of them are professional but they are very different in their caring.

They range from the very new student to the over the hill with no good reason to keep doctoring.

I find the range of young student doctors are eager to work and learn to I know it all and am ready to make snap judgements.

The more middle range my be smoother and getting tired of the paperwork.

The older have more time to be with you and offer their wisdom. But they have seen so much suffering and death that it can make the cold. For the most part they detest the added paperwork that is needed for the bookkeeping.

I must say that most of the doctors that I see are fine people facing an uninformed public that does not want to see them. Who wants health problems ?

My newest doctor is older and very bold. To the point of saying that If I do not show that I can follow advice I will be handed my files and told not to make any more request for services. That my be a way of weeding out customers that do not deserve treatment. Office visits are long and involved, hands on and much more probing than any other doctor in the last 20 years. Advice is direct and to the point. I have been told the reasons for the advice not just given orders.

I feel like my time and the doctors time are of value. It was made clear the I am in control of my health for the future. If you were a customer needing hand holding this doctor would not be for you. I found the manners to my liking. Help but I must do my part.

I would ask you to give the views that you have about your doctor's


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You left off most doctors come out of medical school with enormous debt loads which requires getting to work at once and paying down the loans. They can get work with a "medical group" or hospital and be paid barely peanuts to work a lot of hours, and slowly pay down the debt. Eventually they can open a private practice by borrowing another boat load of money, which requires they spend a lot of time learning how to mange their time so they can optimize the time spent with each patient in order to see more patients and pay down the new debt which paid for the building, equipment and paying the staff while they build up the client based that will pay the bills. If they need to make more money they have to see more clients/patients and that means more staff and examine rooms, more debt, etc... So, they spend their day running from room to room to pack as many patients into a day as possible to pay the bills.

Then rather than being able to help people by diagnosing their illness and treating it, they find the majority of patients have nothing wrong besides being lonely old men and women that want someone to talk to and the other half of the patients are have Hypochondriasis and spend their days imagining all kinds of awful things, which when told it's all in their head, they get P*ssed and go to another doctor, so instead of treating a disease the doctor ends up commiserating and giving them placebos.

Then they have to hire a administrator to deal with the computer systems required to deal with the insurance companies that dictate what treatments are allowed (will be paid for) and how much the doctor can charge for them. And heaven forbid the wrong code is entered into the computer for a diagnosis - they will not see payment for months if ever.

And people wonder why so many doctors are leaving the profession that is supposed to be an easy way to become rich...

I always make certain my doctors known that I respect them, that they are the expert, and that I appreciate them.

Oh, and for my doctors, all of them are keepers, because instead of bitching and moaning about a bad doctor, I interview them for the job as my doctor on the first visit and I let them know my expectations (me being actively involved in my treatment) and if it doesn't feel good I don't go back. So, I only keep keepers - I find it works out better in the long run for every one to have all the expectations discussed up front. I like all of my doctors.
I am not a Medical professional and I don't play one on the internet.
Started CPAP Therapy April 5, 2016
I'd Rather Be Sleeping
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I like all my doctors but the one who is my favorite is my Cardiologist. Things she has done:

1. Answering my PM on a Sunday night two hours after I wrote it when it was slightly off topic.
2. Telling me after my initial electrocardiogram that when I made an appointment in the future for a followup to schedule both appointments on the same day to make things easier for me.
3. Allowing her tech to give preliminary information about my results.
4. Routinely refers patients for sleep studies and is always interested in how my sleep apnea treatment is going.
5. Is very curious. When I said I was exploring the Inspire Surgical Procedure, she said she had never heard of it but was very interested in looking it up.
6. Has a great sense of humor. Had me laughing hysterically about my white coat high blood pressure syndrome.
7. Explains conditions in a manner that is easily understood and reassuring.
8. Treats me like I am a member of her family.

By the way, on the physician rating groups, she has gotten a tremendous amount of perfect ratings. Normally, I would still be skeptical but in her case, they are definitely warranted.

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49er that is great to read. I hope that she is able to keep up that level of service and be rewarded for it.like

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