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Doctors say it is not reflux, what could it be?
Same issues.....low stomach acid! PPI will only make this worse. I take digestive enzymes and Betain HCL with each meal. Low cost solution......problem 90% solved. Modern medicine has no interest in this, no money to be made. Look up the Tahoma Clinic in Seattle they have some great info on their site.

Aerophagia can cause some heartburn like feelings at night and can be exacerbated by certain medical conditions like hiatal hernia according to my doctor. Fortunately he's open minded and supportive in most instances. Aerophagia bothers me some but is an incidental condition associated with CPAP the other issue is separate so I treat it as such.

Hope this helps.

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(01-22-2013, 04:35 PM)PaulaO2 Wrote: It would be interesting for them to look in there first thing in the morning once the mask comes off.

That is just what I was thinking.
Might find dried mucus, mucus sticking to vocal cords or just things dried up, drinking something in the morning helps, especially if it has lemon in it or something that will hydrate and something a bit thick and sticky.
I have heard a few people complaining about sore throats in the morning.
I have had a sore dry throat in the morning, but it does not often bother me.
I make sure I am well hydrated, if you think about it, there is a lot of air (quite dry air, even with a humidifier) going in and out of our bodies and the throat is putting up with it all and it is under pressure.   Also we might have out tongues almost touching or in fact touching the back of out throats and sometimes not a lot of clearance for the air to get down and back this space under pressure, so it does not surprise me there is sometimes discomfort there.
Maybe they should have a look first thing in the morning.

The worst sore throats I had was before they gave me a humidifier, I could hardly speak first thing!
Si if you scale that down a bit, things in your throat will be a bit dry first thing.
However, if it continues all day I would be a bit concerned.
Keep the fluids up.

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(12-07-2017, 01:36 AM)mrsmagoo Wrote:  [Archangle]
With me, it feels like weak acid mucous draining out of my nose and sliding down my throat. Sometimes when I lie down to sleep, I'll get phlegm building up in my throat and I have to cough.

Hi all - Archangle, you are the first person I know of who also has this !!  I've complained to a doc, but they insist its reflux, but I don't believe them either !
Do you have herpes?  I do particularly in the roof of my mouth & I have a theory it's the herpes shedding something.  I take Lysine for the herpes & it definitely helps.
I take PPI's too & have done for over 20 years.  I believe they've given me osteoporosis.
Be interested in what you think.........
Mrs. Magoo

I don't think I have herpes, but haven't been specifically tested for that.  I don't seem to have the symptoms.

I pretty much knew I didn't have reflux for several reasons.  I get the burning sometimes during the day without burping.  I can sometimes sort of feel the burning coming down from the nose.   Most importantly, the anti-reflux meds don't work.  Even more importantly, a plain antacid take every hour or so does not good either.

After a few thousand dollars in unnecessary tests, the doctor finally admitted I didn't have the reflux I clearly didn't have to begin with.   Strangely enough, no refunds were offered.    

I've experimented with many things such as only eating certain foods for a week or so, etc., but nothing seems to have much effect.   I quit eating gluten for quite a while and that might have helped a little, but I've gone back to eating it now.   I find that home made bread instead of storebought seems to solve some of my gluten problems.   I did read some suggestions that the processes used for commercial bread production may increase the body's reaction to gluten.
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