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Does AHI contunue to improve?
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RE: Does AHI contunue to improve?
Sleepyhead data attached. I have already heard my minimum pressure needs to go up. Any idea from this data. Do I need to lower my max pressure too?
I am having a difficult time falling asleep until the pressure reaches ~8 (keep waking up with the feeling of restricted mask input (even though I know it isn't restricted, but while inhaling it feels like I have a restriction (like asthma)).
05-30-2016 07:31 PM
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RE: Does AHI contunue to improve?
You should start to inch your minimum pressure up to start at 8, but moving that all at once isn't a good idea. Why not try to move it to 6 or 6.5, then wait at least a week. I personally wouldn't want to feel air starved at a pressure of 5. You will probably end up around 9, and yes, there seems to be no reason to leave max pressure at 20. Bring it down to 15.

You have a cluster of clear airways, but that's normal and should level off.

The next time you post a chart, use this format.

05-30-2016 07:55 PM
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RE: Does AHI contunue to improve?
(05-30-2016 04:30 AM)Asjb Wrote:  
(05-26-2016 08:12 PM)NorthernGuy Wrote:  I am a new APAP user....... During my sleep study my AHI was in the 30's. Most of my apneas were obstructive and occurring during REM stages. Very few central apnea events......Since I have been on APAP my AHI is stuck around 7-9 with only 2-3 OSA event/night. The rest are now showing up as clear apneas or hypoapneas.

Should I continue to see improvements or is this the best I will see?

Hello Northern Guy - when you say 'new user' how long have you actually been using xPAP?

Hello again Northern Guy. Could you let us know how long you've been using xPAP? New (days, a week or so) users can be sensitive to changes in pressure settings so gently, gently would be the idea.

But if you are a relatively seasoned user, used to the mask and etc, then from your graphs I would suggest you increase your minimum by up to 2 cms (speed of change as tolerated), and decrease your maximum pressure by up to 7 cms (ditto as tolerated). Your graphs suggest you may initiallly settle well at around 7-13. Once you are at or near that range, the graphs and how you feel will guide how much more adjustment of the pressure range will suit you.

You graphs show that you spend some time climbing up from your minimum pressure of 5, which is wasted treatment time. And many people find a pressure as low as 5 to be uncomfortable and 'suffocating'. And the graphs show that you do not need anything near your current max of 20 at the moment.

I would also mention again that over the next few months you will need to keep an eye on your centrals - number of events/hr and as a percentage of total AHI. Your current type of machine may not be what you need for the long-term.

But all these changes will be likely to be difficult to tolerate if done over a short time if you are new to xPAP. Which is why I asked you 'how new to xPAP' you are. If you started treatment very recently, then it looks like you are getting off to a very good start by asking all the right questions and I suggest you take the pressure changes slowly - would suggest changing max and min by no more than 1 cm each week or so. Hope it goes well.
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05-31-2016 11:07 AM
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