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Don't know what I would do ...
I was thinking this evening about how frickin absolutely dependent I am on the PAP therapy.

Since getting my first S8 - I don't know for sure - maybe 10 years back - I can absolutely name every night that I tried to go without PAP. Once was probably about at the year to two year mark and I had to get to Vegas for a conference. I was running late, and slap forgot the machine. Worst four nights in memory. Next one was when I went in for a sleep study and they denied me the use of the machine for testing. Good sleep drugs were the only way I could get to any form of (bad) sleep that night. I know ...

So, for that entire period, I have tried sleeping without the machine for five nights. Four and a half, really, as the last three hours of the sleep study were titration.

The thought of doing without causes a level of deep anxiety.

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I cant and wouldnt sleep without my machine. My O2 is fine on it but drops like a rock during sleep without it. Think awakened confused, unable to focus old hibernating grizzly bear in a bad mood and you about have the scenario for around four hours of the morning.

Weather has not turned horrible yet, so I could get by with a car battery right now if I simply had too. But a generator is the xmas present the wife and I are giving each other to supply power for both our cpaps for when the power does go down for days which it invariably does in the winter here.

Have no desire to sleep without it nor does the wife to sleep without hers and wont if it can be helped at all.
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Since getting to drive at about 13 I have not had any desire to walk 2 miles into town and get a candy bar or a soda. I feel the same about my PAP machine. So many speak of how "they can't do this or that" I'm thankful that this horrible situation is so easily treated. Kudos to all those that were diagnosed 10-15 years ago when the equipment was far more primitive than it is now, and there were far less options and support for you, and yet you still managed to persevere and get treatment.
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I too am one who is worried enough about even napping without my 'dream machine', that I have multiple spares of everything. I even have my old 'brick' unit that only blows one pressure with no other bells-whistles (but still works great) to fall back on if needed.

I traveled once for work to a conference, and forgot my mask~! Had everything else. Was a 3 day deal so had my lovely wife overnight my mask to me at a vast expense.

And yes, the dark early days of CPAP were something else to be sure~!
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(12-11-2014, 08:22 PM)Peter_C Wrote: I too am one who is worried enough about even napping without my 'dream machine', that I have multiple spares of everything.

The DeVillbiss Intellipap that I "stole" from a pawnshop is, in addition to being a primary backup, stationed on the coffee table next to the recliner. On weekends, I put that mask on , turn the TV to whatever show is something that I can tolerate watching for a while, and then sleep. Sometimes for a few hours.

I think maybe I should change the name on the unit to Intellinap.

On nights when I can't get sleep in the bed, the recliner and that Intellipap are often the solution.

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