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Dream Station Ramp and Pressure Settings
Good Morning,

I am so thankful to have found this forum. I have only been using my machine for two nights and I HATE IT !!

The ramp pressure is set to begin at 6 and to me, it rapidly moves to 11 where I feel like I have a leaf blower going through my throat.

I called the provider of the machine and asked how I could change the pressure and they said it wasn't allowed, because it was a "prescription". Luckily, I found your forum and I want to change the pressure only.

I see from all the threads how to get to the "reset" button or clinician's tool set by pressing the rapid button and the control wheel together.

My question to all of you is this, what are the specific steps to change the pressure only? I see lots of instructions and steps, but I am confused and don't want to do anything other than change the pressure, at least until I get used to it.

I tried to use it the entire night the first night and had horrible sleep. I didn't know that I also had to adjust the humidity settings because my throat was so dry the next morning.

Last night, I gave up around the middle of the night and shut it off.

I am a mouth breather and am using the nasal mask currently.

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The mouth breathing will dry out your throat. A chin strap may help keep it closed if you don't want to switch to a full face mask.
The ramp time determines how fast the pressure increases from the starting pressure of 6 to the pressure of 11. You might see if increasing the time allows you to feel more comfortable.
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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You're looking for this easy tutorial: http://www.apneaboard.com/dreamstation-c...structions

The pressure will get better in time. Could you specify which Dreamstation model you have? We might be able to turn you onto some additional features and data that can improve your experience. On the faceplace you should see Auto, Pro, CPAP or SE, or on the back is a model number.

if you're a mouth breather, changing pressure won't help. The machine will just blow harder to reach a therapy pressure regardless of pressure. Call your supplier immediately and get a different full face mask. Most allow mask exchanges up to 30 days. Try to get this done before the weekend, the nasal mask is never going to work for you.
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I looked for the model number but for the life of me, I can't find it. I looked under the model and at the owner's manual etc.....

Let me go look again.

I'll go change out to the full mask model, I just hate having to do this!

On the bottom of the machine, it says, "DreamStation CPAP Humid DOM"

It has a place for an SD card, and there is one in there, but the technician said they never use that.

I am preparing for gastric sleeve bariatric surgery in two weeks so I need to have this situation resolved before my surgery.

Thank you everyone!

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The model number can seen on a black and white tag on the bottom of the blower, and will include one of these:
DreamStation Auto BiPAP DSX700
DreamStation BiPAP Pro DSX600
DreamStation Auto CPAP DSX500
DreamStation CPAP Pro DSX400
DreamStation CPAP DSX200

Be sure to empty any water or remove the humidifier container.

[Image: dreamstation.jpg]
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Quote:Thank you for giving me this link. I found it earlier when I was searching the forum, yet which step from all these settings do I adjust the pressure?

I don't understand.

All I want to adjust is the ramp length, I need it to be longer in terms of the lower pressure as it is hard for me to go to sleep now with this machine running.

I'd also like to adjust the "final pressure" setting. I feel like a leaf blower is running through my nostrils.

Thank you!

The ramp adjustments can be reached by turning the knob to Comfort Settings, and pressing to enter. Select the icon with the wedge and horizontal arrow (ramp time), and adjust time to your preference, up to 45 minutes. The ramp with the vertical arrow pointing down will adjust the minimum ramp pressure. The Smart Ramp icon, if it is available, will use an auto-titrating program during your ramp time, allowing you to stay at lower pressure until sleep onset. It might be a better option if you have it.

If your mouth is open, the comfort settings will make little difference...you need to get the new mask ASAP. Please know that once there are no leaks, the sensation of high flow (leafblower) will go away. The CPAP only works to maintain pressure. You can have pressure with very little flow unless there is a leak, then more and more flow will be applied to compensate for the leak. The result is this leaf blower effect. It would be more constructive if you just quit therapy pending replacement of the mask, than for you to further develop a bad attitude towards this beneficial and comfortable therapy. I'm serious. Get the right mask, and you will have an opportunity to feel some benefit. Hating the therapy is very counter-productive, when the fix is simply a mask replacement.
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I have the DSX200H11 model.

Also, how in the heck do you take the tube off from the unit mount once you get it on there???

Thank you so much!

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Unfortunately, you got the bottom of the line cpap that does not provide data. Nice DME you got there (not). Without the efficacy data it is going to be doubly hard to demonstrate the benefits of the CPAP or determine if any pressure changes are better or worse. I would try to return it for a model with data (400 or 500 series). Assuming this was paid by insurnace, the difference in cost is not much between the CPAP and Pro model, and even the Auto is just a bit more. All are covered under the same insurance code. We try to work with members that are newly diagnosed and coach them how to get the upgraded machines. It is really important for reinforcing the use of the machine, as well as fine-tuning pressure and troubleshooting problems.

The hose has release buttons on both sides. Just press in and pull. I hope you get setup with the new mask soon.
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I don't remember how much I had to pay for the machine, but I was out some $$$$ for it, so I will call my insurance company and/or the CPAP machine provider and see if I can get a better machine.

With that being said, hopefully, after my weight loss reduction surgery, I will not have sleep apnea any longer and won't require the use of a machine.

Obviously, that would be my goal.

Thank you for all your help! I've already got a call in to the company about getting a full mask, instead of the nasal one.

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The full mask is the gateway to feeling human again. I can't imagine your discomfort with a nasal mask if your mouth is and open gate to the pressure.

You deserve equipment that gives you feedback that encourages you to continue therapy, and lets you make decisions on the benefits. The only reason you got the 200 was it's about $40 cheaper than the better option. The cost of these cheap systems is the frequency with which their users fail at therapy due to lack of feedback.

Excess weight is frequently thought to be the cause of sleep apnea. There are some 120 lb women and some young athletic men on this forum that would take exception to that assumption. Don't count on weight loss being the end of your need for CPAP. I have used it since 2008 and it's a normal part of my life. It blends in, and makes it easier and more comfortable. It can happen for you, and I hope it does.
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