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DreamStation Go setting suggestions coming from an S9?
Hi -- I'm a longtime reader (lurker?) but have never posted. I have read and learned a lot over the last couple years.

I have been using an S9 with H5i for about 5 years. I usually use an AirFit P10. With the S9 my pressure settings are 5-16, and I regularly have AHI's below 1.0, frequently as low as 0.2-0.1. So I feel like I have things pretty well tweaked at this point for the S9.

I just bought a DreamStation Go for an upcoming extended trip, and I'm trying to dial it in now. Being new to Philips I'm looking for advice / suggestions to get closer to my S9 AHI results.

I have used the Go for 4 nights now, and my AHI's are over 3. I know that's not horrible, but I'd like to match the S9 if it's just a matter of tweaking the settings to find the right balance.

DreamMapper says my 90% pressure is 9.9, which is in the expected range.

Since this is my first post, but mainly because I've been in a sort of "tech hell" for the last couple weeks, I can't currently read any SD cards, much less post any SleepyHead data. I'll eventually fix all that, but for now I'm in a bind.

So for now, without extra data to help, I'm mainly asking for "transitional" suggestions on settings, for moving from the S9 to the Philips way of doing things...

Here's how I have the Go set up right now:
1) Auto mode
2) OptiStart On
3) Auto min. pressure 5.0
4) Auto max. pressure 16.0
5) Smart Ramp On
6) Ramp time 0:45 (same as on my S9)
7) Starting pressure 4.0 (ditto)
8) Flex -- A-Flex
9) FLEX 2
10) 15mm tubing
11) x1 for the mask type resistance
12) Automatic On & Automatic Off -- both set to On

I'm not sure about the mask resistance for the AirFit P10. Any hints on what this should be (I've seen conflicting posts)?

I'm not familiar with the A-Flex / C-Flex system Philips uses, and also don't know what Flex setting / level I should be using?

I have had a Z1 for a few years, so I also have a QTube "muffler." First two nights I tried the DreamStation Go with just my AirFit P10. Third night I added the QTube and that quieted things down a bit.

Last night I tried (for 1/2 hour) my DreamWear with (new) gel pillows, and even with the QTube the noise was way too much to get to sleep. The instructions did say to set the mask resistance to x2 for the large size DreamWear, so I did, but I think that also made things worse. Swapped back to my P10, went back to x1, and all was well the rest of the night.

So, that's my story. Appreciate any suggestions others can offer before I get on a plane with the Go for real world travel.
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(11-07-2017, 02:53 PM)epicycloid Wrote: The instructions did say to set the mask resistance to x2 for the large size DreamWear, so I did, but I think that also made things worse.

Sorry, I misspoke, the instructions say x2 for the smaller sizes, x1 for the large, which I used, and I also took that as a hint that my setting of x1 was in the ballpark for my (also large) P10.
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Turn to 0 or off for the P10.
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I would have your min pressure at 8, given the 90% average is 10, you may need the min at 9 or 10, I don't know how good the auto function is.

I know your numbers are good on the S9, but it may tidy up some low pressure stuff with a pressure change. For the S9, I would set the min to 2cm below your 95% on sleepyhead. You could put some charts up for more opinions
new http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...re_success
mask fit http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...ask_Primer
From machine or charts for auto-cpap, set the min 1cm below median pressure, or 2cm below 90/95%. max at 20cm for now. Forum will help you fine tune settings
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Hi epicycloid,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck as you continue CPAP therapy and also with the travel machine.
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Thank you, I will try those suggestions for tonight's settings.
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You happen to have used all the APAP's and also the P10 mask that I have happened to use. I transitioned from an S9 to the Go full time this last summer. You should know that the two machines use slightly different standards for their definitions of AHI's.

You might try the Go's 12mm tube and you might cut back on the Ramp timing, if you can. The Go does have a different setting for non-Philips masks. Be sure you use that.

Finally, you will find travel a breeze with the Go compared to either the S9 or the Z1, -- especially with the 12mm tube.
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I was wondering how to get to the clinical menu on the go so that I can adjust my pressure?. I have one ordered and I'm not sure how it will be set.  Can anyone tell me how?
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(05-20-2018, 12:55 PM)dowenw Wrote: I was wondering how to get to the clinical menu on the go so that I can adjust my pressure?. I have one ordered and I'm not sure how it will be set.  Can anyone tell me how?

Order your Clinicians manual here.  (Section Three)
Apnea Board Moderator

Organize your SleepyHead Charts
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Machine choices

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The clinical manual for the Dreamstation Go is available through the forum. Follow the directions for requesting you free copy here. https://www.apneaboard.com/adjust-cpap-p...manual#top

The manual is listed here: https://www.apneaboard.com/adjust-cpap-p...r-computer
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