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DreamStation MODEL Number Question
I have now been using my new Dream Station Auto every night since April 18,2017. I looked at the bottom of my machine and found the following info: "DreamStnAutoCPAPHumHTCell DOM" and "REF DSX500T11C" and "2017-03-31" and "SN J187605868DBC. When I put my Dream Station (Auto) data card into my computer for the DreamMapper program by Phillips Respironics, DreamMapper displays my device serial number as J187605868DBC, and that my "device mode" is in "Auto CPAP with C-Flex". My machine is being obtained thru a home care provider and is being 'mostly' paid for by Medicare and my secondary insurance, and along with the accessories like a half dozen extra filters and a couple replacement pillows for the mask, etc., it appears that between Medicare, secondary ins, and my possible out-of-pocket cost, we will be paying around a total of $1,000 over a 13 month period. I saw where one of the apnea board members alerted a new member (like myself) that he could buy a new Dream Station thru Amazon for $340. So I have been using CPAP for almost 20 years with either of 2 antique machines and so always had a 'spare'. One of the antiques suffered terminal bearing failure recently and the other machine is getting noiser and is probably suffering from arthritis, like me. So now I want to buy a spare Dream Station from Amazon and noticed that the 4 units remaining bear a model number of " DSX500T11 " and are on the market for $355. So my question is: will the lack of the "C" at the end of the model number affect my great sleep that I have been experiencing during the last month? Out of the last five nights, my AHI has been below 5 for 4 of those nights. Also, the machine I now have  has a data card and a modem. Not that I would need those items in a spare machine, I wonder if the Amazon unit will have a data card and a modem? Oh, by the way, I have broken into the 'home care provider mode' using clues from the apnea board and  tweaked the settings to min/max pressures which are now at 9-15. I am liking the results with an average 'auto' pressure for last 5 nights of around 12.
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I'm not sure what the C suffix means, but it should not affect your use. The DSX500T11 indicates the Dreamstation Auto CPAP with heated humidifier and heated tube. That is a complete machine. The "C" may simply be a distribution network, but you will be getting the same machine without the C. That price tends to change pretty routinely, but will be within a few dollars. It's a very smart buy to avoid being without a machine, or to have one for travel.
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I found a commercial website that seems to indicate that the C suffix is for the cellular modem.
Sorry, I cannot post the link.

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Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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I concur with the others. That's the machine I have. 500 is the key part of that serial number.

The only reason you may care to have the modem installed is if you want others (DME, sleep dr, and Phillips) to have your sleep data. The modem slides into a slot like a cartridge, like a Mario game slides into a Nintendo from the 80s/90s. I pulled the modem out of my machine, as I don't care for them to have my info. You could always just hand them the data card.

If your unit ends up not coming with the data card, those are cheap enough to buy from any electronics store or you may have one sitting around that you could use.
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Thanks to Sleprider, el Mongo and Hydrngea for all the info. Now I will sleep more comfortably with your help.
You have a great night of sleep too,
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Thanks again to Sleprider, el Mongo and Hydrngea for all the info. I ordered a machine thru Commercial Link to Amazon Removed  and it arrived yesterday. It seems to be identical to the one obtained from my local care provider, WITHOUT the modem, just as el Mongo found on a commercial site. I noticed this new one bears a 'manufactured' date of May 16, 2017; it did not sit around on shelves very long!
Good sleeping,

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To maintain our status as an educational organization, the only commercial links allowed in this forum are to CPAP-related manufacturer websites.  This is stated in the Apnea Board Rules with details given in the Commercial Links Policy section.

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So now I have been using my DreamStation Auto since April and am a happy sleeper. Have been using it also when traveling in the motor home. When camping in primitive camp grounds, where electrical power is not available, I have an adapter so that I can plug into the cigarette lighter receptacle. Noticed the first time I tried this that the DreamStation would not operate well. Apparently, there is not enough power available to run the heaters for the humidifier water and the tubing. So I entered provider mode and disabled the humidifier and tubing heater. Then the DreamStation worked great; but of course the air was dry and cold. Still slept pretty well.
Now, another question:
When did the DreamStation Auto hit the market? I have just been amazed at the improvement in CPAP machines since the late 90's.
Have a good night,
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FWIW I saw a reference on another apnea forum via a web search that the PR DreamStation series of blowers hit the Apnea market on 10/20/2015. It looks like the October date was to be an official launch date, as the info read mentioned it in a late September, 2015 post.

And Welcome , NickAsleep.

Dave B.

FWIW if you need help finding stuff on the internet folks typically use Google. If you can't find Google, you can BING to search for Google. AND never use directory assist to find the number for 911!  Dielaughing Eat-popcorn Coffee
I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be one. Follow my advice as a choice not an order. 2 of these  Coffee Coffee per day keep the bad times away.
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Thanks Dave,
I spent about 15 minutes with yahoo search trying to find the date when the DreamStation hit the market, without success. But all the time I knew another apnea buddy would do better than that.
Thanks again Dave,
and have a good day, and keep dry, we are having needed rain here in the deserts around Rifle,
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Copy and be safe yourself. Eastern-ish side of the country dry right now here. For all this global warming nonsense, it's kinda cool out too. FWIW web searches are finicky with wording and all that, as you're likely aware of that.

Dave B.

FWIW most of my posts are done via a nearly obsolete Sprint Samsung Note 4 that only works on Wi-Fi.
I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be one. Follow my advice as a choice not an order. 2 of these  Coffee Coffee per day keep the bad times away.
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