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DreamStation ROM?
I got a DreamStation from my provider, unfortunately it's the X200, which is a brick.  There are several versions of the machine, all at different price points.  My machine is covered by my provincial government, which is good, but they will only cover the bare essential, which is bad.  I talked with my provider, and if I want the DreamStation Pro or Auto, I'd have to purchase it myself.  They can't even have the province cover it up to a certain cost and then I pay the difference.  So I'm stuck with this machine unless I want to shell out my own money.

But how different is this model from the other DreamStation models?  What makes the X200 less capable than the X400?  Are there physical components absent that prevent the X200 from providing reporting beyond usage?  Or is it the software?  I wonder if it's possible to flash the X200's ROM with the X400's software.  Does anyone know how this could be done?  I would need to get the software package for the X400 somehow, and then invoke my machine to install it.  Has anyone had experience doing this to a DreamStation, or any other CPAP?

What I found interesting is that even though it's not supposed to, the Dreammapper Android app is not giving me AHI or Mask Fit on the home screen, but does show it when generating a report.  I have no idea if the information is accurate, but if that's real data, then my machine is in fact reporting it, but is keeping it hidden, and Dreammapper is accidentally unhiding it.

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Hi Andrew

I'm in Ontario and after my sleep study, the tech at the hospital provided me with a requisition for a fixed cpap.  I was completely ignorant about CPAP and went to a local provider who filled the prescription.  A week later the provider call me to say that the sleep doctor had reviewed my sleep study and decided that I required an auto machine and changed my prescription.  Again, I didn't know what that meant but returned the brick and picked up the new machine.  (Lucky for me that I was able to get rid of that brick.)

So I don't know your situation but if similar to mine, and if not too late, you may be able to get the sleep dr to change your prescription to an auto machine.  It really shouldn't matter to the doctor.  If the doc feels you need fixed pressure, an auto machine can be set to fixed mode.  

I don't know if you can flash the software but I recall reading some posts about updating the firmware on DreamStations. 

Good luck
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You can update the firmware, but I have never heard of anyone changing a brick into a fully data capable machine.  I don't doubt that it is only software, but they have not been manufactured to support this.
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Hi ateeluck,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck to you with CPAP therapy, hang in there for more responses to your post.
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Oy. That sounds like quite a plight. I'd be inclined to ask the dr if he'd be willing to Rx an Auto. There are SO many reasons an Auto can be helpful, most especially since one night in a sleep clinic doesn't represent each individual night you'll have at home... and it's nice to have a machine that will adjust to each night's needs.

But yeah, an Auto (DreamStation) will provide the data that you'll very much benefit from.
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I was informed by my provider that the Province of Manitoba does not cover APAPs, only CPAPs and BiPAPs.  So unless I get my prescription changed to a BiPAP, I'm out of luck.  However,
[Commercial DME link removed, instead, search for "Monster CPAP"] (frequently bannered on this forum site) has some good prices, and my wife might be able to expense it on her insurance, so I'll just buy a DreamStation Auto and keep the brick as a backup.

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Good solution!
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