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DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask users
(03-15-2017, 06:28 PM)sleepytimegal Wrote: Hi, I am using ResMed Airfit 10 pillows which are working well. But I decided to try the DreamWear Nasal mask because I liked the idea of the hose on the top of the mask and it not getting in my way (so much). 

I was disappointed because the DreamWear mask does not allow me to sleep on my side - but I really liked it for sleeping on my back. The company adds say that it works for side sleeping, but it doesn't for me. I always get a leak around my nose, and sleeping on one side of the air hose (to my nose) seems to give me less air. Sometimes I start out on my back with the DreamWear and when I wake up in the night and want to sleep on my side I'll quickly switch to the pillows. Needless to say, that's not ideal, so I'll probably just forget about the Dreamwear and keep using the pillows all the time.

My question is just this: Has anyone else had success sleeping on your side with the DreamWear ask? Any suggestions?


Hi sleepytimegal,

I have a Respironics "DreamStation" with the "Dreamwear" nasal mask gear.  I had to have a couple "go-'rounds" with my provider"and insurance company to provide the Respironics unit instead of the Resmed.

I also usually start to sleep on my back, then fall asleep on my back or very shortly after turning on one side or the other.  Although I occasionally  wake to adjust the tubing/elbow and/or nasal pillow, most nights I turn side-to-side without waking up or noticing I have it on.  I do sleep with a contoured pillow.  The deep valley in the pillow allows the tubing and "elbow" at the top of my head to not bother my sleep.  I've looked at, but have not shelled out the $'s for an expensive CPAP pillow.

Although side sleeping tends to restrict the airflow from the pillow side of the Dreamware mask, as long as the nasal pillow and headband are properly adjusted before I fall asleep, the air/pressure just flows to the other side, providing the same flow/pressure to each nostril.  Most nights I sleep without noticing I've turned from one side to the other .  During several sleep studies, they had me using various nasal masks (Resmed with the elephant face tube/"snorkel and such).  None were as unobtrusive as the "DreamWare" as I woke fighting with the other gear.

I hope this helps and you find a solution that allows you to sleep as naturally as possible.

On a side note; I'm trying to get my mother to try the "DreamWare" (for 15mm tubing) but am not sure its elbow/connector will fit her Resmed 15mm tubing.  If anyone knows the answer please let me know.
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As I mentioned in March, 
I added a memory foam neck pillow for the additional neck support I needed when using the DreamWear Nasal mask because I am a side-sleeper also. (A small bead neck pillow did not work for me).  I've been so happy using this combination for well over a year now, no leaks, no mask problems and no skin irritations using this least evasive mask of all time for me. Good luck.
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I realize the issues that can be had with the headgear being the wrong size but what about the nasal mask I'm struggling to know if my nasal piece is the right size. My nose just barely hits the medium line of the nose sizing guide but my person who fitted me gave me a small. She said most women are happy with the small. This my first time with any CPAP. We pick this headgear due to me having PTSD and still have active nightmares.
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When you bought your headgear, your package would have contained nose pieces of different sizes. You can try out different sized nose pieces in the privacy of your own home.

Since  you are new to CPAPO, go back to the place where the mask was purchased, you paid for a good fitted mask. Show them your problem. Have staff hook you to up to a CPAP to test the effect of different sized nose pieces in front of them.  If you are uncomfortable with the original staff who fitted you, ask for someone else to help you. Originally, I was assigned the most unpleasant therapist, who made my blood pressure rise. I asked to work with another therapist, on my next visit. It was a world of difference.

Personally, I love my DreamWear CPAP nasal mask. Since I added a memory foam neck pillow, I am so happy, no skin irritations & no noise.

also see the suggestions Posted by C0mbe - 03-16-2017, 06:05 AM, good advice.
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When I received my DreamWear mask from my DME, I only received one size of headgear (I didn't even know there are other sizes) and one size of cushion (with no opportunity to even try on other sizes). I chose a large cushion, since I measure as needing a MediumWide or a Large.

I've since ordered a MW and a Medium, and found the Medium fits me best. I've thought about ordering a Small, just to see how it fits.

But I definitely get a better seal (when I move around) with the smaller cushions.
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Your DreamWear Nasal CPAP comes in a manufacturer's package with several different nose sizes and normally a Medium sized headgear. Ask your supplier for the other nose pieces that were supposed to be in your package because you want to try them out. You paid for them.
Comes With:
-Medium Frame
-Small, Medium, Medium Wide and Large Cushion.
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I find that when I actually pick my head up and move it to the side, I continue to get a good seal on my Dreamwear nasal mask as I did on my back. If I rollover naturally without getting the nasal mask in position, I hear leaks. I also use a goose down pillow that I can position comfortably.
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The package also has a sizing guide that you can fit under your nose. It sounds like your DME might have cannibalised the packs. As Lubsie said, you paid for them.
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Yeah, I think this place does. My father also has apnea and his supplier ships every size every month. Mine will fill the prescription for 2 new nose pieces a month. They do a hands on fitting and do a refitting whenever necessary. They are also there to answer any question and problems I might have immediately. I kinda like they don't give every size all the time like my father supplier. I dislike waste, I would feel like I'm throwing away something others could use but sending me home with the two sizes that might fit would have been nice for the first few weeks. They are super helpful though, I'm going in to see her again tomorrow afternoon. 
The nose piece has started to chafe the bottom of my nose now too. I've been told to expect some chafing no matter what mask I chose. I'm sure it would be much worse with other masks. She gave me a cream for free to help with it. I would hate to see what it would look and feel like without it. I've still found myself opening my mouth at night as well, so it looks like I'm going to be fitted with a chin strap. I'm not so thrilled my PTSD leaves me not liking a strangulation sensation very much. My father uses one and says it's not intrusive but I'm still nervous. I went with this mask because I would not wake up with a heavy pressure on my face. I guess the first week with these machines is hard for everyone.
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The Dreamwear fit pak should come with a medium frame and S,M,L cushions. I had to order a large frame as well to be able to compare, I'm between sizes. Once fitted right it causes no problems for me. (Naturally, I take a LARGE frame and SMALL cushions) They do make a small frame and the medium wide cushion as well.
One of the things I learned wearing it is that if it is sized right you don't have to tighten it so much.
It's so instinctive to over tighten the straps.

Maybe try wearing it while you are awake watching tv or something? You can figure out how loose you can have the straps without leaking.
It made a big difference for me.

You also might be able to train yourself to keep your mouth shut.
Once you get your settings dialed in and actively try to do it you might not have to worry about it any more
I switched from a FFM to it and started with a chinstrap for a few days then never looked back.
You get used to the feeling that if you open your mouth, the air blows back out and feels odd so you
start automatically closing it.
It's far more comfortable too as you don't wake up with that bone dry mouth.
At least that was my experience, mileage will vary. Good luck.
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