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DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask users
I hope you have better luck with the dreamwear gel pillows than I did.  It reminded me of wearing a scuba mouthpiece, except one made for the nose - the main dreamwear lug out front and nose pillows projecting back to the nostrils.  All the stability problems of the regular dreamwear mask but with your nostrils trying to hold it in place.  IMHO, a prescription for discomfort.
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This is interesting, since I am a side sleeper and could not sleep with any other mask. I do wake up usually about once a night to adjust the mask, but I figured that is almost normal for cpap users. Have only been on cpap for about 3 months.
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I am a side sleeper.  I started with an Amara View (just in case I was a mouth breather and didn't know it) and found that it was difficult to adjust which led to leaks during the night and constantly having to wake up and readjust some strap.  I changed to the Dreamwear nasal pillow and it's been great.  I put the mask on the top of my head first with the strap holding it in position and then just pull the bottom down under my nose....and start breathing.  The autostart on my dreamstation cuts in and I'm set to go.  I don't think I've ever had to readjust the straps other than when I remove them to wash (about once a week).

Obviously, different masks work for different folks...but the nasal pillow seems to work great for me and no problems at all sleeping on my side.
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(03-15-2017, 06:28 PM)sleepytimegal Wrote: Hi, I am using ResMed Airfit 10 pillows which are working well. But I decided to try the DreamWear Nasal mask because I liked the idea of the hose on the top of the mask and it not getting in my way (so much). 

I was disappointed because the DreamWear mask does not allow me to sleep on my side - but I really liked it for sleeping on my back. The company adds say that it works for side sleeping, but it doesn't for me. I always get a leak around my nose, and sleeping on one side of the air hose (to my nose) seems to give me less air. Sometimes I start out on my back with the DreamWear and when I wake up in the night and want to sleep on my side I'll quickly switch to the pillows. Needless to say, that's not ideal, so I'll probably just forget about the Dreamwear and keep using the pillows all the time.

My question is just this: Has anyone else had success sleeping on your side with the DreamWear ask? Any suggestions?


I use the Dreamwear and side sleep. I used to have some side sleeping leakage problems.  When I qualified for a new mask I insisted that they order a small for me. I have much better side sleeping  results my new mask.  I also switched to the gel nasal pillows and they work even better.  I agree that the "elephant trunk" masks are not that great.  I was repeatedly getting wrapped up in the hose and jerking my Cpap off the night stand.
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I use a foam neck pillow that prevents side sleeping issues, it's worth a try to see if the neck pillow resolves your problem.
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I have the same problem using the dreamwear mask for side sleeping.  In my opinion that's unacceptable - I think anyone can come up with a mask that works for people who remain sleeping on their back all night - if anyone does.
The thing that makes the dreamwear shift is the fact that the side pieces are stiff enough to push on the nosepiece as the side of your face moves.  One thing that helps stabilize this is to wear a chinstrap - one of those 3 inch wide elastic ones, put on after the mask, can help to stabilize the entire mask.  I now have the dreamwear just as a backup that's easy to throw in a suitcase when traveling, but have been using a Wisp, which is pretty good, and continue to try a lot of different masks.  Just yesterday I got a Mirage Activa LT.  This thing has been around for a few years, and looks like a real monster of a contraption which is the reason I hadn't tried it before, but it's a surprisingly good mask.  It's huge, but lightweight, and it has a very quiet diffuser which doesn't blow a concentrated stream anywhere,  and the big plus - it seals and doesn't leak at all.  And the cushion is very comfortable on your face.  It has the same old elephant trunk thing, but I found last night that it didn't make a difference because I slept so soundly and didn't move around.  Besides, I use a hose hanger, so no wrestling with the hose to speak of.
This Activa LT isn't perfect, but it has the 3 most important attributes - the cushion is comfortable, it stays on without leaking even if you move around in your sleep, and the diffuser is quiet and doesn't shoot a stream of air in one single direction.  The fact that the mask is big, and there's a hose on the front, doesn't make any difference if you're sound asleep and not noticing.
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I chose the DreamWear, my first mask, from the moment I saw it at the DME. Neither my doc nor the DME had advised me on anything related to equipment. I liked the hose at the top. It made sense. I think it makes me look like a Teletubby, however. LOL.

Medium frame and medium nasal cushion. Only latter did I see the diagnostic report and prescription recommending a small, not medium cushion.

I have usually make a few adjustments to the cushion during the night and I elected not to use the cloth side covers. I think that help keep the headgear seated better against the cheek.

Yesterday I started using a small cushion which is not quite as comfortable as the medium but might leak less when side sleeping. Will see how that goes as it breaks in over the next several days.
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I just tried this out for the first time last night....had some disappointments with the FFM version Sad , so thought I'd try the nasal version...I used a Med frame with the small cushion....my AHI this morning was 1.3....one of the lowest since I started using my loaner machine on April 18th.  I slept on my left or right side most of the night with no leaks from the mask Smile ....my mouth is a different story...my wife must have tapped me 3 or 4 times because my mouth came open during the night.  Prior to this, I have been using a Mirage FX and my mouth has never opened during sleep....weird. This morning my, my wife says..."whichever mask you wore sucked...it was noisy and kept waking me up"
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If the better half doesn't like it than it's a no go.  Hammer
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With all things being considered, it's probably cheaper to replace the mask. Big Grin
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