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DreamWear Nasal Pillow Fitting Question
DreamWear Nasal Pillow Fitting Question
I have been having in general a lot of success with my ResMed AirFit F30.

That dang hose ... insert a few "colorful" words ... gets the best of me.

So I thought I would try an over the head like the DreamWear series or AirFit N/P30i.

I went to my DME and they said that it was too early for me to get a new mask where my insurance would cover it; however, he had a sealed demo kit of the DreamWear Nasal cushion that he could not "sell" me, but said that he was not using it, so I walked out with it free and clear.  I can't argue free Smile

My wife has the DreamWear Full Face that she enjoys.

Loved the top of the head connection.  My AHI numbers were higher but it had only been a few days - so I was willing to work with it.  My problems were:

1. I was getting a red sore at the bottom of my nose in between the nostrils and where it connects to the upper lip.  It had even started to get sore to the touch.
2. According to the sizing charts I am a clear medium; however, I felt starved for air.  I felt I needed to use a large such that I could get the larger nasal openings.  Obviously however with the large, the nasal cushion extended past my nose.  It did not leak, or at least appear to leak any more than the medium. 
3. I did experience leaks.  With the F30 my leaks were pretty much non-existent.

So ... considering I have the free headset, I was thinking of trying the nasal pillow version of the DreamWear.  With the pillows only have contact with the nostrils, my hope is that I will not get the sore between the nostrils.  Yes, I have heard of folks getting sore nostrils with pillows, but I won't know that till I try.

Finally my question ... I am not necessarily finding a sizing chart for the DreamWear nasal pillow.  Being a clear medium for the nasal cushion, does that mean I would be a medium for the pillows?
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RE: DreamWear Nasal Pillow Fitting Question
I found that for me the recommended sizing doesnt work. I didn't get good results with the slit version, leaks, not enough air. So I switched to the nasal pillows. I find that after a month or two I start getting sore which means it's time for a new nasal pillow. I use a large on the pillow even though I'm in between small and medium on the size chart. I'use an MW with face style. I move to the face one for a night or two when I have congestion issues.  You will find that the placement of the hose inlet on your head as well as the back strap location will change the feel. Sometimes once my machine is on, I reposition the nose pillow to get best flow. I'm on a bipap so I don't have many starving for air issues. If I have them then I know I need to reposition it. But overall I love the pillow style since I'm a stomach sleeper.

My med supply gave me a full kit with all sizes at first so I was able to find the best fit. All the individual pieces can be bought cheaply online so changing to a different size nose piece is only 10-15$.

Good luck
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RE: DreamWear Nasal Pillow Fitting Question
This is great feedback. Thank you!

I ordered a set of DreamWear pillows (medium - pure guess as to the size) only to have the order cancelled as they ended up being out of stock - grrr.

So, I am going the other way and trying the DreamWear Full Face. My wife had a small that I tied out last night with my headset frame. The noisiest mask I have ever experienced - whistled and noisy air exhaust. Also left perhaps permanent strap marks on my face - okay - maybe exaggerating a bit Smile I also found the mask hot, like it did not clear out my exhaled air sufficiently. Compared to my AirFit F30, I found the DreamWear Full Face not near as forgiving. The slightest tap and the DreamWear would leak. My F30 I could torque pretty good and it would not leak. The F30 is sooo dang quiet - that QuietAir elbow lives up to its name - I have been spoiled by it. Super loved the connection at the top tough. Being a side sleeper, it was so much easier to move side to side. I have a medium ordered just to give the DreamWear Full Face a good shake thinking that maybe the small was ... well ... too small.

Some of the faults of the DreamWear Full Face may be resolved with a different size - I'll know in a week. Either way though, when I am due for insurance to cover a replacement, with reports of being really quiet, I am going to give the ResMed AirFit N/P30i a shot as it is has an over the head connection also.
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RE: DreamWear Nasal Pillow Fitting Question
Your plan sounds logical.

Sorry I don't know about the sizes. But it seems for me that I have to actually try them, to see which size works best for me. And like you, I need larger air holes for my nose to breathe through, in order to not feel air starved.

If you feel like going back to the F30, I'd recommend the SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube ($11 at your fav online CPAP retailer). It is a thinner, lighter weight hose that connects your mask to your main hose, and it keeps the weight of the main hose away from your face. Someone here recommended it, and I love it!
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RE: DreamWear Nasal Pillow Fitting Question
Well, I got the full face. From an AHI and leak perspective it worked as good as any of my other masks.

It was noisier than my F30. The marks on my face in the morning took a really long time, an hour or two even after a shower, to go away. I am definitely not a fan of that. I also found the mask warmer; it did not seem to vent my air out as well as the F30.

I also finally got a setting of DreamWear gel pillows. The medium size actually works very well. I find them comfortable. It has only been one night, but my AHI as a little higher than normal. I could have just had an off night too. It seems highly resistant to leaks with the tossing and turning that I do; well, at least with my nose. I am not a fan of the DreamWear nasal series vents in the masks. They seem to basically shoot straight out. If a blanket or pillow gets in front of my face, the air can blow back. Not a deal breaker though. (I would be curious how the AirFit P30i fairs here as it has a more robust diffuser.) It has only been one night, but definitely worth giving a real effort for a week or two. This could end up being my go to mask.
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