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DreamWear Sores
Thank you guys for the advise.

So last night I just washed my face and then added just a little moisturizer around the area. This morning I noticed that was nostril was better but the spot below my nose was bothering me last night. I adjusted the head strap for almost no pressure in my head and was good sleeping face up. It would leak somewhat if I was on my side though. My AHI went from 2 the previous night to 3 last night.

The small nose vent seemed to rub my nostrils and bottom nose. I replaced it with the medium and the nostril was fine except the bottom of the nose was still tender. My conclusion is that I have been wearing the mask way too tight, well some of you guys would have known that.

We have some bactrin laying around the house so I'll use that during the day. I think I will go with the AYR gel since I think lanolin will be a bit messy.
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I know some of you guys suggest patience, but, but.

I went ahead and ordered a Nuance Pro Gel Nasal pillow.

One thing I notice with my DreamWear is that a leaks a little while side sleeping. Even more last night when I loosened the straps due to my sores. I read that the Nuance is the best for side sleepers.
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after you put pressure to your mask try this,

take the mask, pull it away from your face about 1/8 of an inch.

when you put the mask back onto your face, you'll notice the area around the slot will "billow" out like the main sail of a sail boat. Seat the bottom edge of the billow at the base of your nostrils.

take the mask and twist it up slightly so the top of the billow is just above the top of your nostril then let it complete the seal.

I have to do this as well.

Have you tried all nose pieces that came with your mask?

for me;
  • Small - is way to small

  • Medium - is better but it's just not quite big enough to make the seal

  • Large - Gads Zooks I could get others in here with me, it's like being in a wind tunnel

  • Medium Wide - Just Right!

Of course, YMMV.. me I'm getting about 43.8 PPB (Parsecs per breath) on mine! Laugh-a-lot
Warning: Eating chocolate may cause your clothes to shrink!
[Image: ry6XtE9.gif] <---- That's ME!
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I will try that thank you.

I am especially intrigued by the fit technique you just mentioned. My main sore is at the base of my nostrils. By pulling it up at the end might help that issue.
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Ok quick update on my mask situation.

So I messed around with my DreamWear mask the last three days. I adjusted the straps perfectly and I also started using the medium wide nose piece. It's perfect except that I had problems sleeping on my side. Whenever I turned I was conscious about doing it inn a form so it would not leak, bur then it would wake me up ten minutes later, leaking. Tuesday night my AHI was up to 3.1 due mostly to leaks.

Well yesterday I received a new Nuance Pro mask. It was easy to adjust with the medium nose pillow. I had absolutely no problem sleeping on my sides and the AHI went down to 1.5.

Pro mask is staying DreamWear will be my back up.
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Congratulations on finding a mask you can work with. Finding a mask that works well was the hardest part of cpap for me. I used a Nuance Pro with good success until I switched to the AirFit P10 and still use it as a backup. It is a good mask.
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My trick when I get irritated areas:

Use a medical grade porous paper tape for sensitive skin. There are several brands to choose from (big name brands) and you can find them in almost any first aid section of a grocery or drug store. They have light adhesive and breathe. Use scissors to trim a piece to fit and stick it to your skin. You might have to play with it a little bit, depending on the situation you can cut and paste several pieces back to back so the adhesive doesn't stick to a sore area but does stick around the edges. The mask will still make a good seal, but any rubbing or other contact will be on the tape instead of your skin.

My first mask, ever, was a Fisher & Paykel and the pad on the bridge of my nose had some kind of material that caused my skin in that area to break out. I switched a week later to a different brand of mask and have never had a problem like that again. There might have been some kind of latex or some other blend of silicone that caused a reaction. The only relief I had, until I got a new mask, was that tape trick.
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