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Dreamstation 2 Question
Dreamstation 2 Question

I received the Dreamstation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced to replace the recalled Dreamstation.  Been using it for a few days and have been loading the data into Oscar for review.  I am finding that the Dreamstation 2 AHI numbers are different than the numbers taken from the SD in Osacr.  As an example, today the Dreamstation 2 AHI = 6.1 and Oscar was 3.99.  The AHI numbers both include Obstructive and Hypopnea values.  I am confused.

I am new at this, checking data in Oscar, so I do not have a great deal of experience with the program.  I don't know how to read the charts but am trying to learn.  Any thing that will enlighten me will help.  Thanks, Ed.
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RE: Dreamstation 2 Question
OSCAR can only report what the DS flags, so if you post a Screenshot from the daily page in OSCAR, we may be able to spot why the difference.  It may be something as  simple as a session not turned on.

If you got up during the night, then went back to sleep, you would have two sessions.
Check on the daily page, left side bar at the bottom.  Click on all sessions.

There are links in my signature line to help you organize your chart, and take a screenshot by using the F12 key.  Use the attachment feature to post a graph here.

If you want to learn more about OSCAR, read this:
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OSCAR supported machines
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RE: Dreamstation 2 Question

Hello Opal Rose,
Thank you for getting back to me and providing the helpful information.  I am attaching two screen shots (could not figure how to get left side into one screen) with the info you defined.  Also, I installed Dream Mapper yesterday and have provided the AHI info from the app.

DS2 device = 6.1 AHI
DM app = 4.0
Oscar = 3.99

I can understand the 4.0 and 3.99 but I find the 6.1 from the device screen confusing.  I have used the new DS2 for about a week and my sleep has been horrible, numbers all over the place and am trying to figure it all out. I liked the recall machine much better.  Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks again,
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RE: Dreamstation 2 Question
I am new to OSCAR too and I have a DreamStation 2 as well. I am sure someone more experience can help you.
My AHI matches up with OSCAR and the DreamMapper app. I think DreamMapper rounds up occasionally. Not sure how to answer your question on the differences, maybe OSCAR recorded 2 sessions.
I have noticed that I couldn't tolerate the Flex 3 on my DS2 and used it on the DS1 with no issues. I have been using Flex 2 and had to raise my settings from a 7 min to 12 max (DS1) to 8.5 min and 12 max to improve my O2 readings and get less events.
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RE: Dreamstation 2 Question
Is there a setting in your machine that you can change for the reporting period?  Daily, weekly, monthly or something like that?  I'm not overly familiar with the PR units but I know ResMed has a similar setting.  If you can change it then try daily and your numbers might line up better with what OSCAR shows.

That setting (if available) will only change what is displayed on the screen of your machine, not what OSCAR reports.
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RE: Dreamstation 2 Question
On the DS2 machine’s display, double check to see if your AHI is set to 1 day. I believe it defaults to 30 days when you plug in your machine. 

You will need to be in the Clinician settings to check this.

 Once in the Clinician settings, select the tab Data, then select View Reports. You will see Report Range, select 1 day (you will see report ranges; 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, 150 days, 356 days); 1 day will be a blue when selected and then exit back out of the Clinician settings. That will give you your AHI for 1 day on your DS2 machine.  Hope that helps!
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RE: Dreamstation 2 Question
Thank you Ptae4.  I will check that report section out.  I had to drop the Flex from 3 to 2 also, and now I am trying to figure out the best pressure setting.  Thanks again for your help, Ed.

Hi Jeff8536,

Thanks for the info.  I did check that report section and it does appear to be set to Daily.  I guess I will just wait to hear back from my CPAP doctor.  Thanks again, Ed.
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RE: Dreamstation 2 Question
Hello all,

Sleep doctor got back to me about my AHI questions and wasn't really concerned since the info he is getting is the same I am getting in Oscar.  Only the Dreamstation 2 screen was different.  He did change my pressure settings and that if for another post.  Thanks for the education and help.
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