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Dreamstation APAP "Service Required" Safe State Alert Help
Dreamstation APAP "Service Required" Safe State Alert Help
Hey all, diagnosed a little over a year ago and been using a Dreamstation APAP (auto) with humidifier since day 1. No issues with equipment till last night. Went to bed no issues, woke up middle of the night to a chirping sound. Took my mask off, realized it'd quit blowing, and on the screen just a full card saying "Service Required" and code 101719-03143. Buttons don't do anything besides stopping the chirp. In my sleep haze, unplugged power and plugged it back in. Device starts to boot up but then screen goes black, like it's rebooting. This happens like 5-6 times, each time getting "further" into startup(?) until finally it'll power up fully, get past splash screen, I momentarily see the main screen, but then it pops up the service required screen with the same code.

I've checked the manuals, can't find anything with some kinda code list; just the manual indicating it's a "Safe State" type device alert that blinks the power LED with audible beep and to call home care provider. Google didn't help either. It's a smidge over a year old, so still in warranty. Called my provider, they said they'd put in a ticket and have them do a diagnostic run on it (has the modem installed) so I left it plugged in/on but haven't gotten a call back or noticed anything.

Kinda wonder if maybe cause it kinda reboots multiple times before it finally "stays on" there's a power supply issue, but I see in the manual there's a few dedicated alerts for power, so you'd think (provided it's a failure mode it can detect) it'd show that error instead of the "Safe State" alert.

Any ideas? Or should I just wait (and wait, and wait...) and see what the provider says?
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RE: Dreamstation APAP "Service Required" Safe State Alert Help

I would definitely pursue replacement through your DME. I've had to do that. I told my DME how important it is for me to not go a night without my CPAP, so they overnighted a new one to me and allowed me to use that box to send my broken one to them (postage paid by them).
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RE: Dreamstation APAP "Service Required" Safe State Alert Help
Well, got a call from the DME. Lady said that based on what they could tell, I needed a new machine. Since it's still in the 2yr manufacturer's warranty I should be getting a new one shipped to me with a prepaid return label. I asked what the code meant/what was wrong and she said even she didn't know, it's something the manufacturer doesn't give them? She informed me that really she was just checking to make sure it wasn't working due to "user error". I told her nope, it's been working fine for a bit over a year, no issues, just woke up to beeping and no blowing!

So I guess we'll see how long it takes to get a replacement. Kinda curious what all it'll come with, a new SD card or not. I've got my data backed up to OSCAR (didn't tell the lady on the phone that bit) but she claimed that all my old data would "download" back onto the new machine's card? Doesn't seem right. I'll have to poke around OSCAR documentation, but off the cuff, anyone know, should I restore my data to the new device's card? Or because they'll have different serials, just start over?

Also, just realized, kinda bummed I didn't write down the other setting changes I'd made and I can't seem to clear the error and get into the provider menu to see the settings... crap!
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RE: Dreamstation APAP "Service Required" Safe State Alert Help
I've been there! It's a bummer when we care about the data and continuity of our settings (because then when we lose them, or there's a blip, we care about that)!

My replacement machine came with a new memory card - no data on it at all! Maybe your DME person meant that your info will still all be on DreamMapper.

As far as settings, at least you have OSCAR where you can see the more crucial settings (ie: pressures).
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