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Dreamwear Full Face Mask
Dreamwear Full Face Mask
Received my fit pack for the new dreamwear ffm about a week.  Using the f20 successfully but always get bridge irritation.  I like the mask because it doesn't touch the bridge and is small in design.  
I used the fitting guide and it determined I am a medium.  The problem I have is after I have it set and when I try to sleep on my side the mask leaks.  They recommend not to over tighten which I don't but it seems that I spend the night adjusting it for leaks.  Any suggestions?  The frame seems fine and I really want to make it work.What I did last night was to use a chin strap which did help,but I really didn't want to use a strap with a ffm if I didn't have to.  I also tried the other cushions and have a big problem with the leaks when I am on my side.
Hopefully someone has some ideas.  
As always thanks so much.
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RE: Dreamwear Full Face Mask
Have you tried using your hand to apply mask pressure while lying on your side?  Then, while holding the mask in place, tighten the straps to the proper tension.   Also, it could be your pillow.  Most pillows compress directly below your head but push up in the areas surrounding it.   This will push your mask to the side.  I've had to slightly pull the strap on the leaky side after I've positioned myself on the pillow to stop a leak.  As an alternative, Buckwheat pillows are more stable and don't experience this problem.  That is one reason they are popular for CPAP use.

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RE: Dreamwear Full Face Mask
Thank you and will try your idea.  
Anyone else have any suggestions?
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RE: Dreamwear Full Face Mask
If I am on my back I get no leaks.  Ad soon as I lean on my side even with the slighest pressure onmy pillow it begins to leak.
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RE: Dreamwear Full Face Mask
I never could get it to work. Mine is sitting in a box with other masks that didn't make the grade. Let me know if you ever figure it out.
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RE: Dreamwear Full Face Mask
I have leaks with my AirFit N20 medium nasal mask.  I have learned to adapt by molding my down-filled pillow to not touch it, but also taking my head to the edge of the pillow so that less of the pillow contacts my cheeks and temples.  I do this nearly automatically and fall back asleep inside of a few seconds.

If necessary, I tuck my head one way so that, when I let it sag into the pillow, friction forces that side of the mask to stay sealed because the headgear straps get tugged in such a way as to pull the mask tighter on the pillow side of my face.  This takes some learning, but it becomes more automatic and does offer some relief when other methods don't appear to want to co-operate.

Often, simply lifting gently and repositioning the mask solves the problem.  Even more, a combination of techniques results in that gratifying feeling that all is right once again, and you can re-enter that blissful state we all covet and strive for.

I am sure we all have to learn how new devices are to be managed so that they give good effect to us and our needs.  Tweak headgear fit, position, mask position and tightness, body positions, pillows and their use, even how we keep the hose snaked over, under, around, or simply near our bodies....these all have an effect.
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RE: Dreamwear Full Face Mask
Thanks to everyone who responded.  I will try some of the tricks that were suggested and will report back.
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RE: Dreamwear Full Face Mask
Bear in mind the fitting guide is just that, a guide. If it appears you are a medium and the medium doesn’t appear to work perfectly, you can try one of the other choices that seems most appropriate.

Adjust the mask with the pressure on, unfortunately if you have variable pressure, that may not be suitable all night, and you may go through a few nights where you may have to make minor adjustments.

I started with one size, then switched, and then back. The small is not as comfortable for me, but seemed to work better. YMMV.

What I find most annoying is that the so called quick release does not work so well, gets tangled in hair, and would have preferred an extension attachment that worked better.
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RE: Dreamwear Full Face Mask
Will try adjusting with pressure on.  I agree about the quick release.  It’s also not very easy to remove.            You have to really pull it of with some effort.
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