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Dreamwear Issue
Dreamwear Issue
I'm hitting 2 weeks on my CPAP machine. I went to a shop in town, the doctor recommended. I was fitted with a Dreamwear small frame and a small nose piece my first week. Wearing the small nose piece, I felt like I was suffocating The hole seemed a little small compared to my nostril. Breathing out felt like I was breathing right into the plastic and breathing in was strained.
I looked around and found videos on sizing the nose piece yourself and pulled out the card that came with the headgear. My nose just barely hit the medium line. I contacted the place that fitted me and the lady said I could come back in to try the medium but most of her female customers are very happy with the small. It took 5 days to get me in for a refitting. I still continued to use it as she suggested to see if I adapted. 
By the time I got there I had a bright red skin irritation at the base of my nose and she finally agreed it looks like it could have been too small for me. She gave me a medium one and I laid down in the fitting room for 20 minutes with it. It was great I felt like I was not suffocating like I did with the small one. She gave me some nose barrier wipes to protect the skin and get the irritation to heal up. Three days later using the wipes to protect the skin, the irritation was a full blown sore. 
What am I doing wrong? I loosened up the strap and had air leakage. I didn't use the wipes Friday night because I looked them up and it said don't use on open wounds. Saturday morning when I woke up the sore had seeped and it stuck to the nose piece. It was so painful to take off. The next night I used the stickiness of the barrier wipes on the surrounding skin to fix a little cotton pad to the wound. It was much better taking it off my nose this morning.
I don't know what to do other masks are not a good option for me because of PTSD due to suffocation in an attack. I can't have anything that completely covers my face or nose without an onset of pure panic. 
 During the first fitting, I tried nasal pillows but due to my nostrils being two different sizes they were painful. Either the smaller nostril was stretched to large or the center of my nose was pinched because if it fit the smaller one it was too tight everywhere else. After that pain, I jumped on the Dreamwear because it felt so nice after having my nose pulled apart. I have fibromyalgia so a little discomfort can become excruciating in a short amount of time. 
Is the Frame to small? It fits just like it does in all the images I've found that shows how it should sit right. Is the woman I'm dealing with a friendly idiot who can hold a great conversation? Is this just physical proof that I'm a delicate f****** flower or will the skin toughen up? 
Oh-jeez Dont-know Crying-into-tissue
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RE: Dreamwear Issue
Obviously you will need the sore to heal which means not using the mask for a day or two. You should also get the sore treated.

When it does come right, try using a little vaseline/petroleum jelly under the nose to remove as much friction as possible.

The straps are only part of the fitting procedure. I pulled them no more than medium tight - possibly less. What I do when I put the mask on is move the top of the frame forward on my head. This releases pressure under the nostrils and also prevents the friction sores. You can experiment with this. You will find that moving the top of the mask frame towards the back of your head increases pressure and moving it forward reverses the process. Good luck with your Dreamwear. Once you get the fitting right it is a great mask.
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RE: Dreamwear Issue
When I first starting using the Dreamwear (happened with the cushion and the gel pillows) & Brevida masks after the first night I started getting a sore.
applied regular hand lotion in the morning, lunch, dinner, nothing at night.
gone within 2-3 days and never really reached the painful stage.
Since I've stuck with the gel pillows on the Dreamwear, it has not returned.
I did have to increase the humidifier from 4 to 5.
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RE: Dreamwear Issue
I'm not sure how I can move it forward. It sits securely at about 2 to 2 1/2 inches from my hair line. Moving it forward would put it at the wrong position for the images I researched.  I have no wiggle room I can't pull it back farther than it is and I can't move it forward without it being totally wrong.
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RE: Dreamwear Issue
She gave me a tube of  CPAP cream at my first fitting I made sure I used it all day like you did. I was bright red a chafing for the first week. We changed pillow size and It turned into a full blow weeping sore. My humidifier is on auto but I'm not sure how that would effects where the silicone sits on the nose. The sore did start to look infected. I fixed that with an alcohol based astringent and Neosporin as my daily moisturizer there. I keep it clean and now the weeping is clear with the slightest hint of yellow vs how it was cloudy like poping a zit before. I did wonder a first if I had developed a zit under the chafed skin. Upon inspection, several pores were involved and oozing or about to pop and ooze the substance.
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RE: Dreamwear Issue
I would recommend using a different mask to allow that area to heal for a little while. Once the sore has healed, use Lansinoh or another good quality cream on the area daily (multiple times) to help the micro fractures in the skin heal after using the Dreamwear and prevent new ones. After some time, your nares will get used to having something there and you will no longer get irritation.

It is also important to make sure that the headgear is not too tight thereby further causing irritation under your nose.

Many people swear by the Dreamwear but I could never get it to stop leaking when I slept on my side. Personally, the Airfit P10 works much better for me but there was a period of adjustment where I would get sores and pimples on the bottom of my nares. That doesn't happen any more and I have learned to leave the mask fairly loose (it tightens up somewhat by itself when the pressure is on) to help avoid further irritation. But I have not had a recurrence of any sores under my nose for quite a long time now.
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RE: Dreamwear Issue
Hi Myearthhaven,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hopefully, you will find a solution to your problem.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and good luck to you with CPAP therapy.
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RE: Dreamwear Issue
I use a DreamWear and had the same problem with a sore under my nose.  My DME gave me a medium frame fitpack and the medium cushion worked well.  When the sore under my nose started, I tried putting various lotions and balms on the area but the sore continued to get worse.  I ended up having to go to a full face mask for a week or so to allow the sore to heal.  Since I really like the DreamWear, I decided to try a large frame and I haven't had a sore under my nose since I switched to a large frame.  The only issue I have is my DME only carries the medium frame so I ended up having to order a large frame online.

It might be worth the effort to consider a medium size frame instead of the small frame to see if that might work better for you.
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RE: Dreamwear Issue
(06-06-2017, 01:11 PM)Myearthhaven Wrote: I'm not sure how I can move it forward. It sits securely at about 2 to 2 1/2 inches from my hair line. Moving it forward would put it at the wrong position for the images I researched.  I have no wiggle room I can't pull it back farther than it is and I can't move it forward without it being totally wrong.

I'm talking about the top of the frame where the hose comes out. It's designed to have the hose sit at the top of your head with allowance for forward or backward movement of the hose position. If you have had to move this part of the frame to the position you're talking about (2 to 2 1/2 inches from my hair line) then the frame is definitely too small. The upward pressure it would be putting on your nose would be very high.
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RE: Dreamwear Issue
Hi!  I'm a newbie too but have been using the Dreamwear Mask consistently for the last 3 months.

First off, using vaseline or any type of cream is a no-no for the mask.  It says so in the instruction booklet as it will deteriorate the silicone meaning the nasal mask part will not last as long.

However, I would continue to treat your sore, but cover it, with a comfortable bandage until it heals Wink

Also, I would definately recommend trying a medium headframe.  Even though the pix in the booklet state you have the top part in the right place, the rest of the frame may not fit your face.  For instance, I have a big head and thought the medium frame was too small and tried a large.  Yes, the large felt better but it hit all kind of spots on my head and nose making those areas sensitive, I went back to a medium frame with small nose gear.

Having experience with the Dreamwear, the chafing you are experiencing sounds like the frame is too tight.  I wear my hose lower to my forehead hairline, about 1 .5 inches away and secure the back straps with flat barrettes.  I also have ultra sensitive skin and have made my own cheek covers and know of that not so pleasant nose and cheek chaffing feeling.  Hope your nose heals soon and that you can catch some ZZZZ's Smile
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