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Dreem 2 to OSCAR importing help request
Dreem 2 to OSCAR importing help request
Please help this clueless one with the following 4 questions that arise from background described farther below. A blunder of mine must be causing an episodic data import problem with Dreem.

 1. What is best sequence, if sequence  should make a difference, for importing oximeter (CMS 50I), accelerometer (X2-02 via Somnopose) and Dreem 2 into OSCAR? 
 2. Synchronization with the VAuto's time has always been easy; it just  takes a couple of extra setps for the 50I and X2. The Dreem 2 sync approach needs to be worked out now too.
It looks like the only way is to edit the CSV file; change (shift) the Dreem start and stop times equally to ensure that Dreem 2 and VAuto have the same start time. 
 3. Must one limit import data from Dreem 2 to only the most recent night vs. having an accumulation of all nights in the file being imported? 
 4. Is there an OSCAR file I can delete or change that would clear some sort of now-false history?  

Background to my seventh night of using Dreem last night and the recurring trouble importing it (according to best but imperfect recall). 

Import worked fine the first and second times for Dreem data. The third through fifth night imports worked fine (3, 4 and 5 total data rows each, respectively). I am sure the CSV file had its full stack of all my nights' accumulated data each night.

Import for nights 6 and 7 both failed each one's successive night. I got W10 flyout messages indicating the data had already been imported (each having 6 or 7 data rows). For night 6 I purged all OSCAR-loaded nights for which I had any Dreem data and tried again after closing down and repoening OSCAR. At some point in the back and forth night 6 did import. For night 7 the same problem arose.  

After trying different approaches, I eventually purged all the earlier and current night sleep data from OSCAR (including graphs and data from all devices).

I re-read the SD card and attempted to import Dreem data and, again, I get the message it is already loaded.
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RE: Dreem 2 to OSCAR importing help request
I've never run into those sorts of problems.

I run PAP data import, then the Dream CSV, and it doesn't matter how many days it is; it imports what it doesn't have and ignores the rest.
Caveats: I'm just a patient, with no medical training.
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RE: Dreem 2 to OSCAR importing help request
Many thanks slowriter,

It's a big help to know what works for you and Dreem. OSCAR and the Dreem data file import worked great together for  couple of nights just as it always has for the "Somnopose" display of accelerometer rotation and "seismic" sleep data and oximeter data. 

I will now uninstall and reinstall OSCAR knowing there should be no problem importing the file with redundant previous-night data along with the new data. 

As I understand, you import the exact Dreem export (CSV) file that has the newest data along with previous nights' data. I assume the Dreem file being imported can have names that include successive file numbers like this "export_data(5).csv" for the 5th night after the 1st (no-number) night. Those numbered names did work at first and I just expected Windows  would do it and it would make no difference for import. (Yeah, after a while I do delete old files, but I may need to do that one daily). 

If it could make a difference, I'm presently exporting via email and downloading from there, but will switch to wi-fi soon.

What an outstanding tool and godsend OSCAR and the ApneaBoard Forum are for our therapy, learning to understand it and getting help.

Thanks again,

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RE: Dreem 2 to OSCAR importing help request
(11-01-2020, 04:31 AM)2SleepBetta Wrote: As I understand, you import the exact Dreem export (CSV) file that has the newest data along with previous nights' data.

Yes. I just periodically export the CSV file via email, and update it in place. So it's always the same filename, but the file simply "grows" over time.

I import the data to OSCAR from there.

I literally have never had a problem since sawinglogz added the feature to OSCAR.

Have you tried purging the Dreem data and reimporting it?

If yes, and you still have problems, you might let sawinglogz know in the hopes he might be able to figure it out.
Caveats: I'm just a patient, with no medical training.
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RE: Dreem 2 to OSCAR importing help request
Please help me by advising what this debug information may indicate I should do to restore Dreem sleep stage waveform. The Dreem import worked at first, but once it soon "quit" it has remained remained quit. I get a message that Dreem has imported successfully, but never see the sleep stage wave form that should appear after clicking to Import.

I have no idea what this information really means from the debug listing except it refers to failure to find the sleep stage waveform data. The sequence of all the debug items, except the last one, recurs in the overall debut listing. Those show my many failed attempts to get Sleep Stage waveforms to come back after the many purges done to try something else that hasn't worked to fix the problem.

39327563: Debug: Loading Dreem Events: C:/Users/[Redacted]/Downloads/Documents/OSCAR_Data/Profiles/JW-20201112/Dreem_000023b3/Events/5fad0f64.001

39327563: Warning: No Event/Waveform data available for 1605177188 filename "C:/Users/[Redacted]/Downloads/Documents/OSCAR_Data/Profiles/JW-20201112/Dreem_000023b3/Events/5fad0f64.001" error code 5 "The system cannot find the path specified."

39327563: Warning: Error Loading Events "C:/Users/[Redeacted]Downloads/Documents/OSCAR_Data/Profiles/JW-20201112/Dreem_000023b3/Events/5fad0f64.001"

39327677: Debug: Page change time (in ms): Unload = 0 Load = 113 Other = 1

39437999: Debug: Clicked on "togglestagesession" "1605177188"    [This reflects my toggling the Dreem item in the WaveForm list of Preferences]

Having found this series of debug items, I soon saw that there was no "Events" subdirectory as in the above path statement. I created one and pasted the  file "5fad0f64.001" into it and will see if that helps. That file was in the "Summaries" subdirectory. Nevertheless, I'll post this.

Many thanks for looking at this and for any suggestions that may be offered.

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RE: Dreem 2 to OSCAR importing help request

I'm not clear--is this your first attempt to use Dreem 2 data or has it worked before with an earlier version of OSCAR. If it worked with an earlier version, which version was that? (The text of the error messages suggests you are running OSCAR 1.2.0 -- is that correct?)
The current version of OSCAR is 1.2.0.  We recommend upgrading from any earlier version.

Useful links
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Membership in the Advisory Members group does not imply medical expertise or qualification for advising Sleep Apnea patients concerning their treatment.
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RE: Dreem 2 to OSCAR importing help request
You stated the file that OSCAR saves this file in the Summary directory and not the Events directory. Have you tried coping the file from the Summary to the Events to see if OSCAR will accept it? I would prefer that you try this without purging anything. This may involve exiting and restarting OSCAR after the file copy attempt to see if OSCAR will read the file.
Crimson Nape
Apnea Board Moderator
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RE: Dreem 2 to OSCAR importing help request
Thank you Crimson Nape,

I had tried creating an Events Subdirectory and copying and pasting-in the files that showed in the Summaries subdirectory of Dreem: then closing without purging and then restarting. But still no waveforms were found. 

Most recently I noticed there is a .001 suffix for the (fully detailed? bellwether? indicator) file that is reported not found (as is expected to be found in [an always missing] Events folder) vs the .000 suffixes of all files that are in the Dreem Summaries subfolder. I'm guessing that generation of the .000 files listing in Summaries suffices for OSCAR/W10 to falsely indicate Dreem imported the files successfully. 

Am not yet sure, but in flailing around with this and looking at Resmed Summaries file names vs ResMed Event file names I believe that the .001 file is more detailed and larger than the otherwise similarly-named .000 file in ResMed Summaries. 

I am going to Import just one day of ResMed and either or both of my (regularly importable) oximeter and accelerometer data into a new profile and see how their profile folders and file "extension" holdings differ from Dreem subdirectory holdings. That would be a quick check, but may not be conclusive.

Just a guess: The .001 files may not be being generated, possibly as a result of OSCAR program tweak that my very recent updates stumble upon. Among any contraries, though, I am not even aware whether my OSCAR got an automatic update--nor am I sure I had ever specified that updating in longstanding Preferences. Anyway, it's puzzling:  to have the program work a few days (ca October 22-29 or 30) at the outset and then quit and then find that both the fresh 64-bit and 32-bit OSCAR installs --with their new, and no other known, profiles in OSCAR Data--replicate the problem. That's why I wondered whether my registry had a bad foot print from some purge resistant OSCAR or Dreem trace.

As a precaution, I am limiting Dreem data import sets to only the last three days of OSCAR holdings in these new-trial profiles, this just to be sure I am not bridging over the time change it took a few days to synchronize and incorporate in settings of devices.

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RE: Dreem 2 to OSCAR importing help request
A follow up of my previous post with this unsurprising finding: in the Dreem profile folder the Summaries folder's files ("000" file name ending) are much smaller than the Event folder's files ("001" file name ending).

I thought I had a copy of OSCAR 1.1.1 to try (the most recent predecessor of version 1.2.0), but don't and now I see the folly of tossing an old ".exe" before proving the new. Won't do that again, but do recognize the fault may be my or my system's doing. Unfortunately, searching to find the 1.1.1 has been fruitless. On an older computer I found the Oscar version with the letter "r" but it does not have the Dreem import feature.
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RE: Dreem 2 to OSCAR importing help request
Are you using windows or Mac which version do you need all released versions are on our site for example this is the url for Oscar 1.1.0 on windows 64 bit https://www.apneaboard.com/OSCAR/OSCAR-1.1.0-Win64.exe windows 32bit https://www.apneaboard.com/OSCAR/OSCAR-1.1.0-Win32.exe or MAC https://www.apneaboard.com/OSCAR/OSCAR-1.1.0.dmg
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