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Dry mouth with Amara View
I am using the Amara View mask. I love it EXCEPT for the fact that my mouth and nose are totally dry every morning. I've used cpap for 9 years and lots of masks, but this is crazy. I use up all of my tank of water overnight but by morning my lips are stuck to my teeth, my gums are dry, and my tongue is stuck to the top of my mouth, I can't swallow and it has become a problem! My numbers are good, but does anyone know what's going on? I've put an old nasal mask on my machine along with a chin strap and the humidifier is working fine. So that's not the issue. I've cranked the humidifier all the way up and there is still no moisture coming in. I'm confused!!!! Any clues?
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Humidifier not working?
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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It's working. I tried a different mask and it worked just fine. I don't think the mask is leaking anywhere. My husband checks on me to make sure it's not. My humidifier tank is empty in the morning, so it must be doing something. The problem is is that I'm getting no moisture at all. I can't figure it out. I've been using cpap for 9 years so I'm not a newbie. It's so strange!!!
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Even with leaks under control according to Sleephead, on both my Wisp and Dreamwear masks, I had dry mouth problems. Tried the Amara View so I could eliminate chin straps, and still had a dry mouth? I go through 3/4 of a tank of water each night also. SH said leaks OK on the Amara View.....
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I tried the Amara view so that I also could eliminate the chin strap. I got tired of the chin strap and it was hot. But I like how the Amara view fits. But.....I don't think I can continue to use it. I can't figure where all the water is going!!! It certainly isn't coming into the mask. I use a fleece cover for my hose,so that should be holding the heat in. I used this mask during the summer so it's not because of the colder bedroom temp. It's nuts!
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I've been using the Amara View since shortly before Christmas. I increased the Humidity settling slightly and am very happy with it. I have no dry mouth or nose problems at all. I'd say it uses approximately half the water in the humidifier on my F&P Icon Auto in a night, though this does of course vary. Unfortunately I do not have a solution for you. I'm posting to simply let you know that it is possible to use this mask without dry mouth problems.

i am not particularly experienced or knowledgeable, but it does occur to me as I'm writing that the old mask you tested with is a nasal mask. The Amara View, despite fitting under the nose, is in fact a full face mask, albeit a very small and comfortable one. Have you used a full face mask before? Do you need one? Could it be that a nasal mask is more suitable for you?

I have no idea where all the water could be going? If you do want to persist with the Amara View perhaps some data from sleep software would be useful, even if only to confirm no leaks. You do not use any software, but you say your numbers are good, so presumably you have a sleep doctor or someone monitoring your therapy. Perhaps they can help.

Best of luck.
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Capacodoma - i am new to all of this so take anything i say with a large pinch of salt. I also use the Amara View and get on reasonably well with it. However, mine does have a tendancy to slip over my bottom lip and when this occurs my mouth gets very dry. I just assumed that this was due to the mask now stopping my mouth closing. My humidifier is set low and i have never used up the water?

I tried tightening my mask to no avail and i have now loosened it again. I now try to get the mask attachments as low down the pillars as possible to try and stop the mask slipping up - only partially successful. I am wondering if i shouldnt try and larger mask is mine is medium (this is right according to the fitting template)

If i find anything that works i will let you know.

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I would google xylimelts and Orajel Dry Mouth Moisturizing Gel as they may be helpful regarding alleviating dry mouth.

Best of luck.

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Hi capecodoma - I also use the Amara View, and have found that its leakage can be quite variable, depending on small adjustments of the straps. I have also noticed, so to speak, that the leaks are often silent and unobtrusive. I only see them when I look at my SleepyHead data.
I am not sure how easily you could use SleepyHead - I think some models of the S8 are supported, but I think it requires a SmartCard and its reader, both difficult to obtain now. If the S8 can display daily leak rates, you could write them down and see if there are trends than make sense. If you don't have the Clinician's Manual, you can get it via the Setup Manuals link above - you will need the exact model name of your S8. (My AS10 only displays extra information with a setting available through the Clinician's Menu.)
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Thanks guys! I appreciate all your help and suggestions. Keep them coming!

So......last night I used my chin strap with the Amara view. It wasn't a pretty sight, but....my mouth wasn't all dried up this morning! It was still dry, but it did have some moisture to it. My nose actually felt like it got the moisture it likes. I still used up almost a full tank of water and I had to keep my humidifier turned all the way up to its highest setting.
I'm beginning to wonder if it may be because my pressure needs to be at 16. That's maybe too high for this mask? My hubby's machine is at 12 (yes he's an apnea kinda guy too!) and he uses the Amara View also. He's complains about dry mouth too but nothing like mine. I experience a LOT of " chipmunk cheeks" with this mask.....the pressure gets into my mouth and puffs my cheeks out. I hate to give up on this mask as all the other masks out there rest either on my top lip and push on my gum line or they push on the bottom gum line. My teeth were starting to bother me. The Amara sits just right. I started my cpap life with a full face mask and I had no trouble so I am familiar with how they work.
This one just baffles me! I like a full face mask so I don't have to wear that darn chin strap but it looks like with this full face mask I will have to. Arghhhhhhhhhh!
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