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Dry mouth with Amara View
Hi capecodoma,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck to you as you continue your CPAP therapy and getting your mask to work for you.
I've just signed up with the Apnea Board Forum - altho' I've been on CPAP for over 10 years now. Naturally, the little "issues" never cease to pop up, but I'm still very thankful for my CPAP buddy!

There's an ongoing issue with masks, of course, but do really like the PICO mask these days. The "issues" however, are exacerbated this past couple of years by my mouth breathing that causes dry mouth. And, as we all are told, dry mouth can eventually cause gum disease or tooth decay. Yippee!

As others in this forum have stated, TMJ can be a real issue for me, also. Attempting to use a chin strap recently has helped the mouth-breathing problem, but caused the TMJ pain to flare horribly - it had been under control.

This past Friday, I received a new DreamStation CPAP with heated hose and humidifier from my provider. (Did any of us ever think we'd get excited about a new CPAP machine? Thinking-about ) The machine works like a charm; HOWEVER, a problem similar to one with my old CPAP occurs. The new machine water tank holds slightly less water than my old clunker and I've had to refill the tank each morning about 4 a.m. when my burning nose alerts me to an almost dry humidifier. My excellent provider just explained the reason for that: The CPAP considers mouth breathing the same as a Mask Leak, and pushes up the temp in the humidifier (and perhaps the air pressure), to accommodate. That, of course, lowers the water level. She advised me that I seriously need to deal with the mouth breathing in order to solve that issue.

I have two comments/questions:

1. Taping my mouth several times worked super well. No chin strap was needed, and there was hardly any dry mouth at all. However, even with the micropore tape or paper tape that were suggested, I practically removed my lips when I took it off the next morning. Ouch! Anyone have ideas on that? (I've tried both taping across my mouth, and in vertical strips. Across worked the best.) For those who use this method, I'd sure appreciate knowing what's worked re: type of tape, or ?, that will allow for easier removal. And, any other ideas, of course.

2. (men - you can quit reading now. LOL) I think I'll try the Amara mask next - My DME Provider was out of them last week, but will have them soon. Being a "vain, older female", however, I am concerned about a mask that sits along my chin. Using a chin strap was causing me to wake up with much deepened, as well as new, vertical lines in my chin, until I stopped it's use. I'm fine with aging gracefully - just don't want it to be overnight! Do any of you women using the Amara experience outlandish chin marks, etc.?

Sorry this is so long! I'm pleased to have found your forum, and am looking foward to your ideas.

Thanks much.
Hi Granny K,
I'm very new to Cpap use (started 8/2016) and honestly I had a bit of a temper tantrum Friday evening, threw the mask on the floor and have since tossed the machine in the drawer. All of this because I can't get a decent night's sleep because I breathe through my mouth. I have the Amara View which worked, sort of, for a few months but I find the plastic frame hard that the cushion fits into and it leaves marks on my face. Additionally, the straps leave marks so I look like I've been wearing a dental retainer all night. Like you, I can grow old gracefully but I don't need the help of an inanimate machine to assist me.
Bottom line is that you aren't alone in this department with marks and lines from the mask but I didn't find the Amara view to be much of an improvement. Hoping we can both find a resolution and continue to grow old in a graceful manner and with the lines we earned not the lines we had forced on us.

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