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Ear and Jaw Pain
Not sure what to do, last night while on the machine my right ear popped, and now my jaw on that side near my ear feels almost like its jammed and my ear again feels plugged up and feels like it needs to pop, like I had just gone down a steep hill or what you feel descending in an aircraft. My nose has been stuffy the past several days, last night being the worst. Nothing I have tried in the middle of the night or this morning has help so far.

From the beginning it seems like everything has gone wrong that can! Chest and lung discomfort, gas and now this ear problem. Is there anything else that can go wrong or that can cause difficulty getting use to this thing.

I am a new user, less then two weeks usage, and first started with my levels quite high and have slowly worked them to a lower lever in conjunction with my doctor. Still having a difficult time using my ResMed Adapt as am having a hard time adjusting to the EPAP setting its set on. Have only been able to use it for an hour or two before I start having breathing trouble and remove the mask. Sometimes in my sleep.

My chest/lung muscles have been sore because of the pressure settings and have stopped using it for several days per doc's nurse's, remark to me of "listen to your body" due to the high settings it was first set at and what I used it at my first couple of nights.

I have asthma with allergy problems, and now with farmers in fields reaping what they had sown there is a lot of dust in the air. As I live out in the country surrounded by farmers fields I am in the very mist of my allergy's causes.

My doctor has prescribed an allergy medicine which I take each evening at bed time. And I also use the Netty Pot 2-3 times a day per doc's instructions. I use it right before going to bed each night.

Any and all suggestions to alleviate this probably will be greatly appreciated!
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What are you doing for a mask rabbit? Are you using a chinstrap? The symptoms you describe about your jaw/ear pain may be the stupid little gland in between your jaw and your ear getting cranky. That can happen with a too tight chinstrap, or probably with a too tight mask.

I think the lower level pressures is a good idea for you, but if the epap is too low you will not be a happy camper. For me, and I have my respiratory issues, if the epap is less than 8 I'll be sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for it to get better. For me, the ideal settings are a narrow range between lowest pressure and highest pressure, and a ramp setting of "off."

But I would need to know a little more about what your experiences are in regard to pressures, events and so forth before I could hazard a guess as to what might be a happy place for you.

The one thing I do know is it is not even acceptable to allow yourself to remove the mask and sleep without it. If you need to sleep sitting straight up in a chair in order to be comfortable, do that. If you need to sleep on your side exclusively and never on your back, do that. But do not give yourself permission to sleep without the mask.
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Was using the P10 pillows and didn't have a chin strap on the night in question .. Used it for a little over 5 hours last night though I still feel like my ear is plugged up and needs to pop. Have tried the old stand by, chewing gum to try to get the ear to relieve the pressure I feel, but that didn't work. Have also used my Netty-pot as I always do.

I'm resigned to think its due to my allergies and the pressure from the machine, a combination of the two. Also wondering if it may just have been the way I was holding my head and thus my jaw? This is all new to me so just guessing, others here have a lot more experience with CPAP caused ailments.

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Are you sure you don't have an ear infection that 'feels' like allergy problems? I completely understand the dilemma you have with the harvest season as we live in the Midwest too. Our home is bordered two sides with corn fields and soybean fields, both of which are very dry and dusty right now. I can only imagine what that does to your asthma and allergies. My DIL has asthma and allergies and she is mainly confined to being at home where they have the air conditioning going instead of being able to open the windows and enjoy fresh air. I hope you find a solution to your problem because nothing hurts worse than ear pain IMHO (in my humble opinion).
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Well if you're clinching your teeth in order to keep your mouth shut, that could definitely absolutely be the problem. The secret to the big airway between your lips is actually a process of keeping the jaw gently forward which allows you to position your tongue against the roof of your mouth blocking the airway. It's odd, but once in awhile when I've got a really good block going on I open my mouth and listen to the crazy go nutz wind tunnel going on. Yet the airway remains nicely restricted.

But it could also easily be your sinuses getting used to this new and exciting way of living. Have you futzed with the humidity setting? Maybe you need to rock it up a little bit. Other than that, I think it's just a temporary thing that should resolve by itself.
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GrammaBear, thinking possibly more of a sinus infection then an ear .. it is a bit better this evening but still feels like it needs to equalize the pressure in it ..

Retired_guy .. yes I do clench my teeth but they are sitting on the sink while I'm doing it so don't think that is the problem .. Seriously though I had turned up the humidity that night about 4 percent higher because its been dry in the house with the forced air furnace running in the cooler weather. Could that change have make a difference like that ?? Think tonight I will turn it back down to the 80% humidity I had had it set to and see if there is any effect in the change! Something I wouldn't have thought of! Thank You!

Will post to see if there is an effect tonight with the change ..
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