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Emergency help needed

Friends, sorry I have been absent so long, long story, just health woes mostly.

Anyway, I am visiting grands, and having back pain so I'm trying not to go up and down steep steps much. and long story short, one of them age 5, thought I was asking them to bring my machine down and did, when I said take it back upstairs , instead of doing so they dumped it into the catchall basket at the foot of the stairs.

Well the water in the detachable humidifier chamber of my Resmed automatic S-10/A-10 got into the black body part of machine. I turned it on it's side to see if any water would spill out, and about 1/4 cup did.

I kept the machine by me now for fear child might try to be "helpful" and plug it in.

I expect it might kill my machine, but I don't know what to do now. And meanwhile I anticipate a long c-pap-less night ahead.

Please advise? It's Sunday night so the offices of place I bought it and Resmed etc will surely be closed...what to do?

HELP? Machine is about 14 mos old. and was brand new when bought. Am I up a creek?

AKA The Manse Hen

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I am not any kind of expert on electronics but I think that if you can get it well dried out you will probably be OK. I would open the case up to help it dry but that is just me. If it were me, I probably would not use the CPAP tonight and I would probably try to sleep in a chair. If you can find some silica gel, you might want to seal the CPAP in a plastic bag with some silica gel in the bag too.

Sorry for your troubles.

Best Regards,


Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~
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if it were me, I'd try turning it on, adn seeing if it'd blow out more water

this may or may not help.

the air paths are separate from the electronics, and as long as the pressure/flow sensors don't get harmed, and (with luck) the water didn't make it to the motor (which is in the air path) then it may be ok.

leaving it to sit, wet, could do more harm than good.

in closing, I really don't know what the best thing to do is, just what I'd try, given the circumstances. I'd try running it without the humidifier tank...
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oh no! Payton had good advice... look in vitamin bottles, or any newish luggage for silica packets and try white rice if no silica
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It is a good idea to try to turn it on to blow out water.
Unfortunately it is the flow and pressure sensors that are subject to water damage; and they are located near to blower unit's output.

Until it is dried out and tested, it may not provide proper therapy.
I personally would not use it until it gets a checkup....
Although still under warranty, I believe water damage is excluded.

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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Fresh step gel crystals . Available at wal mart.
They are silica gel crystals to add to cat liter
Set your machine on a bed of em and cover it with a plastic tote or bag. Moisture will be drawn out probably over nite.

I have used it to store ammo and gun powder. Works great.
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Is the air filter wet? If so, the water made its way back thru the blower. If it's wet replace it or remove it for now.

Either way, I would empty the humidifier chamber, re-install it, and run the machine with it tipped up on its right side so the water can empty into the chamber.

Run for about 5 minutes. Drain the chamber.

I've taken the blower apart and don't think the water will hurt it.

The things that worry me are the PC board and the pressure sensors.

The PC board is fairly well isolated from the blower and the pressure sensors will operate fine in high humidity environment.

So, if runs without any error messages or excess noise, I would try to use it tonight.

If there's a problem with it, you could open the case and dry it out with a warm hair dryer. I will post instructions for opening it up if you need it.

Good luck,

Just my personal opinion. My posts are not medical advice or a statement of fact. Please consult a qualified physician or other qualified medical personnel. Please comply with all applicable laws, codes, regulations, and protocols.
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Years ago, I drowned my then cpap brick when the passive humidifier (which sat higher than the cpap) slipped off it's stand. Basically, I dumped the water out and let it air dry for two days.

It helps if you keep your old machine (or acquire a cheap cpap). I always keep a back up machine in the event the current machine decides to quit working. In 20+ years of cpap-ing, I've never slept without a cpap! oldman
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Thanks all, Nice to see some old and new "to me" faces.

For now, my son in law managed to facebook a request for anyone with a loaner, and found a fella 30 mins away who had an old s8 Escape to lend me. No it doesn't fit my hose or facemask. He hadn't used it in 3 or so years and SIL said their house was immaculate so that is a good sign for overall environment it's been in. Yes grateful and beggers can't be choosers, but one does have concern about germs and safety. Washed out hose he had with it with Doctor Bronners, I don't have any of that heavy duty cleaning stuff here like I do at home (forget the name of) and hot water. Finally figured out how to get into the clincians menu, it appears to be a non autoset type machine, though not sure. It doesn't appear to have any Expiratory relief. Had to duct tape my mask hose join to the main hose. Tried it on and it isn't very comfortable feeling compared to my beloved Resmed S-10 autoset. Don't know how to make more comfy without expiratory relief. not sure how to set it to feel okay. I guess I'll look at my stats on sleepyhead, and set it for my average pressure? or my 90 percent pressure? Now I'm wishing I'd gone with a guy I found on craigslist who had a new resmed s-10 autoset for 650.00 I love my machine. Will let you know if it survives this and might call the company when I awake, or maybe start with my DME first. Thanks for your help all. I can't believe how discouraging it is to be late at night, feeling less than well, and having to gerry rig one's cpap.
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Another good reason to completely empty the water every morning, IMO.
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