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Encore Pro 2 - Looking for info on creating/reading WaveForm reports
I recently downloaded and installed Encore Pro 2 version 2.17.8.  I have imported several weeks of data but find that only certain days generate the WaveForm report.  I have read through the user guide but there is no info describing how the WaveForm report gets generated or how to read it.  Is the WaveForm report specific to Respironics or is this a standard sleep industry report?  Is there any information that explains when/how it gets generated and how to read it?

Thank you.
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Hey thebrewery! I like the name, and welcome to Apnea Board. You can create detailed reports by going to patient(you I assume) and clicking on the therapy data tab. You should see a list your therapy in days with small check boxes to their left. At the bottom there is bar with options for creating a report. Choose detailed, and select the number of days you want the report to display. Then choose how you want to display the info: I usually click view unless I want to save it. It should generate a report. The first page is compliance, and the waveforms are on subsequent pages.
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Hi COmbe,

Thank you for the welcome and the reply.  My question though, is specifically about the WaveForm report.  It seems that I can create the reports that you mentioned except the WaveForm report.  When I list my therapy days, some are flagged with a small icon that indicates that there is a related WaveForm report for that day, and if I click on the icon I get access to the report.  It looks like this report shows each breath that I took during the therapy and identifies things like clear apneas, obstructed apneas, hypopneas, mask leaks and periodic breathing, etc.  For some reason. this report is not created for all days and so my question is how do I create it for the days when the report is not automatically created?  Is there a reason that the report is not created on certain days?

The Brewery
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So in addition to my last reply, this evening when I went to log into EncorePro 2, I got this message and the program ended: "Could not check the database version."

Any ideas how to recover?

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You have to load your data into Encore Pro everyday to have the detailed data to create the waveform reports for everyday. Any days skipped will not have the detailed data and thus, the waveforms. There is no way that I am aware of to recover the data lost on skipped days. This is part of the reason most people use SleepyHead instead of Encore Pro. It makes no difference to SleepyHead how long it is between data transfers. It will load detailed data for every day and be  able to create the appropriate charts.

I don't know about the error message, I haven't run across it before.
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Just to clarify my last post. The detailed data will be present on your SD card. It just doesn't get transferred to Encore Pro for the days a data transfer is not done. Encore will not transfer the detailed data for skipped days even though it is on the card.
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Hi Pupcamper - thank you for your reply.  I'll try updating EncorePro2 daily and see what happens.  I have an appointment on Thursday with my "sleep doctor" and the office has asked me to bring my entire CPAP machine.  I will be interested if he uses this software and whether or not he knows how to extract all of the data so that he can see the detail for the past month and a half. 

As for the error message, I Googled the message and got several hits on other apnea forums which advised checking to see if the SQL services tied to EncorePro2 were running.  Sure enough, the service MSSQL$ENCOREPRO2 was stopped and SQLAgent$ENCOREPRO2 was in error status.  I set one of them to start automatically (can't remember which one) and restarted my PC.  EncorePro2 now loads and runs without throwing the error.  Maybe this info will help someone else.

Does anyone know where I can find documentation on how to read the WaveForm reports?  Some of the information is fairly easy to understand but some is not obvious.  I have been Googling that as well but haven't found a significant source of information.
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Interpretive information on wave form data is in Robysue's Guide to Sleepyhead (last link in my signature). It's a great source for information on all the weirdness of breathing. I don't know why you're not using SleepyHead, but it is actually much easier to zoom in on the flow rate wave form and see what is going on. If you ever have questions about what you are looking at you can take a screenshot from sleepyhead, or convert the Encore PDF to an image and post it. We can probably help.
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Thank you Sleeprider.  I will check out Robysue's guide along with the Sleepyhead software.  I started with EncorePro2 because as a new member of the Sleep Apnea Society I figured that if I was using a Respironics machine, I might as well start with the Respironics software for that machine.  Now that I have some experience with it, it will be interesting to compare it to Sleepyhead and see how that works.  Thanks everyone for your kind help!
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