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Ending CPAP treatment?
About three years ago I began having trouble with insomnia. This is about the same time I started taking venlafaxine (Effexor). I was diagnosed with mild obstructive sleep apnea a couple of years ago and have used CPAP just over a year. I finally finished slowly coming off venlafaxine a week ago. The coming-off process lasted six months. It was not pleasant. What I've discovered after weaning off venlafaxine is that my insomnia has pretty much gone away. 

Since i was diagnosed with MILD obstructive sleep apnea I'm wondering if it's necessary to continue CPAP. How long should I go without CPAP (days, weeks?) before I can determine that it was the venlafaxine all along that was causing the insomnia? 

What is the overall impact with mild obstructive sleep apena of not using CPAP?

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Depends on the type of Apnea and Hypopnea you experienced in your sleep test. I don't believe that Effexor can cause the collapse of the airway seen in OA, but may well contribute to CA events. Then again, you might want to consult with your sleep doc, but if it were me I think I would continue with the CPAP. Sleep Apnea can be a contributor to depression also.
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Your specialist is best placed to address it. I have very mild sleep apnea and had trouble getting cpap prescribed at the start. I am very satisfied with the quality of life now that I am on the treatment. It's a pain at times to stick with it, but, for me, the benefits outweigh the trouble of using it. I take it you don't notice a difference? Perhaps talk to your specialist and check whether they are happy for you to live for a week without cpap? It's a simple test and, again, if they are happy for you to try it, it may help reaching a decision? But it all depends how mild/borderline the case is. That's where the specialist comes in.
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Congrats on getting off of venlafaxine! I tried that last year. It is really, quite bad.

Keep in mind that Mild only refers to the count of events you have per hour and NOT how severe they are. You can stop breathing for 10 seconds, 10 times per hour or stop breathing for two minutes, 10 times an hour and have mild sleep apnea in both cases. CPAP treats a range of long term health problems.
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There are two approaches to this;
1. Take a sleep study and find out what your AHI is without CPAP
2. Just stop using it and decide if you feel okay. If you are asymptomatic, don't worry about it. If you become more fatigued, get ack on CPAP.
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The AHI readings on my sleep study without CPAP are

REM 9.2
NREM 4.6
TST 5.1
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Mild sleep apnea. Your choice. You should do what makes you feel best and most rested. CPAP has its own sources of sleep disturbance, and having apneas, also interrupts sleep. Either way, you'll be fine.
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(05-07-2017, 09:43 AM)SamStamport Wrote: The AHI readings on my sleep study without CPAP are

REM 9.2
NREM 4.6
TST 5.1

I suggest reducing your pressure to as low as is still comfortable, to see if obstructive events start occurring.

You might find you are not comfortable (feel slightly starved for air) if using less than 10, or 8 or 6 cmH2O.  Using CFLEX+ or AFLEX or EPR may may make a lower pressure less uncomfortable.

--- Vaughn
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