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[Equipment] A question
Hi folks,

New to all of this -- been APAPing for about a month.

I have a dreamstation and was provided the amaraview mask.

My AHI has been between 1.5 and 2.5

I have suffered all the normal issues (thanks to these forums have tried a lot of things) but as a mouth breather, the dry mouth has been hellish. I am also going through some dental issues that are long-standing.

My pressure setting on the dreamstation is 19/15. I use a humidifier and keep a room one going.

I don't mind the mask, but with he mouth drying out no matter what, I knew I needed to keep working on a solution.

I purchased one of the light nazal pillow ones with the connection at the top that dreamwear sells, and tried it once and even with the chin strap on, could not use it because of my mouth opening.

Last night I decided to try it again, and while putting on the chinstrap decided to put it over my mouth rather than under my chin. (was going to try taping to use the nazal mask). I could still cough, but it mostly kept my lips closed.

I woke up this morning, and realized I had slept through the night. My AHI was 1.2, with a reported mask fit of 100 percent. The material of the chinstrap was wet from salava -- but right where I left it, and my mouth was not too dry at all. (a little, but not as bad as the full face mask)

So it seems that it worked ok for me. Have never heard of anyone doing this, and was thinking that if I could find a bit of silicone or something to tape/glue onto the chinstrap, it might be a good solution. Tight enough to keep things in place, but with enough give that I could cough, etc...

Am I in outer space with thinking this is an ok solution?
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You are out of this world!!! The great thinkers think "out of the box"

I had MONSTER LEAKS this past year that I knew I had to get control of and I did. I still get leaks, mostly when I change position, the disadvantage of the P10 Pillows (my daily use mask). Why can't they invent a mask that will stay sealed when you move it out of position? Go figure.

Anyway I tried chinstraps, but even when extremely tight they would not keep my mouth shut. I no longer use chinstraps.

My solution was mouth, or rather, lip taping. My lips can move a lot, not trying to stop that, but the air is effectively stopped from exiting via my mouth.

IMHO well done
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Sounds like you have found a good solution that isn't crazy at all. some tape their lips. It sounds like you are doing well. I believe your pressures are higher than most. Post some SleepyHead data and some of the forum experts may be able to help you optimize your settings. See the links below for how to do it.
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Something you might consider trying for the dry mouth is product called Xylimelts. It a dissolvable tablet that has an adhesive on one side and sticks to your back teeth or just above on the gums. It has really made a difference for me, no more dry mouth in the morning. You should be able to find it in your local drug store near the toothpaste and Biotene products.
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Hi princehal,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck to you with your CPAP therapy.
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Sounds like you've found a solution!

I, too, get dry mouth from Amara View. I found what helps me is to breathe through my nose the best I can... OR try to have my mouth more closed than open. Weird. But it works for me.
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