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[Equipment] Annoying on/off beep on Respironics BIPAP S/T C series
My Respironics Series One BiPAP beeps when you turn it off/on during the night (e.g., when I get up to use the bathroom). This wakes up my wife... what were they thinking?! I called Respironics and they said there is some legal requirement for this, because this machine is a "breathing device". I looked around and found a site by "jdm5" on tnlc.com that explains step-by-step how to disconnect the speaker (but the wiki won't let me post a link, since I'm a new user).

Then I discovered that the latest System One's innards appear to be different than jdm5's. The good news is, Respironics now has a plug inside that can simply be pulled out, and it disconnects the speaker. Yay! I've had it unplugged for a couple months now with no ill effects, and my wife gets her sleep. Of course, unplug it at your own risk, I'm just letting you know what I did. I attach a photo to show the little blue connector removed from the plug.

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Some alarms can be disabled in the provider menu. We really don't know what model you are referring to since the ST has been around through many generations, pre-dating the M-Series, and the System One 50 and 60 series. In the provider menu the Patient Disconnect alarm can be disabled or set to 0, 20 or 60 seconds. Provider manuals are available at the link at the top of this page to show you how to access that control
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Hi rcattell,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck to you as you continue your CPAP therapy.
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Should be an option in the setup menu to turn the alert on or off. My new Dreamachine has the option of auto on or off, but no longer has the audible alarm.
Thanks Sleep-well[/font]
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Thanks, Sleeprider. And trish6hundred and johno02.

Been there, done that. i have the provider manual. It says I can change the Apnea alarm, the Patient Disconnect alarm (large leak), and Low MinVent alarm (not breathing enough I guess). No way to disable the "off" or "on" beep. Perhaps you're thinking I can just take the mask off and let it leak for 60 seconds, but the noisy rush of air also wakes my wife.

That's why I asked Respironics. They said no way to turn it off. They didn't tell me I could silence the alarm by pulling out the blue connector... ;-)

The model I have says BIPAP S/T C series DOM 30 1060P.

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You might want to change your profile to PRS1 BiPAP ST 1060. We pretty much know what that is. I agree a mechanical fix is best...have torx will silence. We don't have a lot of members on the 1060 and familiar with how to optimize it. It would be great if you can hang around and help out with that. What issues take you to the ST, if I may ask?
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I'll do that, thanks Sleeprider.

I believe my doctor prescribed the ST because I now have some central sleep apnea in addition to obstructive sleep apnea. I believe that means i sometimes stop breathing WITHOUT an obstruction, then suddenly gasp for air. The ST forces air in when I fail to breath for too many seconds.
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It's an interesting choice. The gold standard for mixed and central apnea is an ASV (adaptive servo ventilator). Another machine that works with both spontaneous breathing and with a backup rate, but it uses a variable pressure support to provide the backup, so it is not always in high pressure support mode. The ST is usually reserved for people with obstructive or restrictive pulmonary issues or hypoventilation.
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Thanks, sounds like you know a lot about this, Sleeprider! I do remember my doctor's assistant saying I might need an ASV machine, but I assume this is the one they decided would work. I did get a replacement Respironics this year when my old one started making noises, I hope my supplier didn't switch models on me then. I'll check into it with my doctor.

My BiPAP does seem to work OK. Though this model doesn't allow me to view my AHI like my old Respironics (I guess because it breathes for me if I stop), I bought an oximeter (a PulseOximeter PM-60A with 3" display) to monitor my SpO2 during the night, and I'm good (consistently over 90). Without the BiPAP S/T, I got sleep sessions where my SpO2 was dropping as low as 85.
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