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[Equipment] CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer
Hi - My spouse is showing me an ad for SoClean CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer. Cost is $269. I have been washing my CPAP mask and hose each morning in regular Dawn dish detergent. Do I need to invest in something like this machine in order to make sure the mask and hose stay free of bacteria and viruses? I travel frequently and am diligent about washing the mask etc. while on the road. However - do I need one of these for home use to maintain maximum cleanliness?

Thanks in advance for the advice of you experienced users!

Finally - I see a "donate" button on my screen. I'd be happy to contribute to keep up this forum. What is an amount that people usually give?
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There are a few people who use So-clean. In my opinion, you don't need it.
It sounds like you are already doing more than I do.

Dawn and white vinegar are the two most common cleaning agents -- frequency of cleaning varies widely.

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The short answer is: No, you don't need an expensive machine to clean your CPAP. The soap and water you're using will do just fine and is several dollars less. Some things are for using and some things are for selling. That one is in my "for selling" category.

People donate any amount that they can comfortably afford. Any amount aids in the operation of this forum and will be appreciated.

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Hi JaneAM,
It sounds like you are doing fine on the cleaning of your equipment, the way you are doing it.
Hang in there for more responses to your post.
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I've seen suggestions that the ozone generated by SoClean could result in premature failure of some rubber and plastic parts. In any case, I don't see the need for such extreme cleaning. If you are using distilled water in your humidifier, bacteria and viruses are not going to breed in your humidifier or tube - there may be moisture, but there is no food. If you are using tap water, you may have more of a concern. I get mildew in my coffee machine's water tank in which I use tap water. Mildewy coffee, YUM!

Personally, I wash my mask each day and rinse my humidifier tank daily. The mask I wash as my face is oily and sometimes I cough or sneeze. The tank I rinse as there is a lot of mildew in my house and I don't want to smell it in my mask. It likely would not grow anyway, but just in case... I wash my hose, head gear, and mask frame in soapy water once a week. Realistically, just the head gear would be sufficient, to get rid of the hair oils.

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Compromised immune system? Just want to do everything that can be done, regardless?
There are so many options and conditions. For "normal" use with "normal" care for "normal" immune systems, should not be needed. With what you say you are doing, if you do want to take a step up, I would think that replacing the parts per the Medicare schedule would be the next logical step.

Unless you are using well water, most in the US is treated enough to not be a source of problems. From there it is the environment, what's going on in your house that might cause a problem if it gets in your CPAP? Pets? mold in the shower? Flies or bugs? Could you wash your hands and face before touching the equipment?

You could use this machine and then have one of these other situations contaminate the CPAP right after that. So these other things are easy to do, low cost and would have a larger impact on what is "possible", but perhaps not really required.

We typically rub our nose or use our hands to eat sometimes, put food down on a counter top, use a tooth brush that has been sitting out all day and our bodies for the most part handle this with no problems.

Reasonable precautions seem to work just fine. Now if you as some do, don't wash their equipment for years or ever swap things out, well then perhaps they might be putting themselves at risk. The vast majority of people do not use this equipment, even id they did buy it Smile
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I am using old style non-toxic cleaning agents more and more around our house, Why pay $$ for something when cheaper works?

The main thing is keep your device, tubing and mask clean and they will last. Recently got a tubing brush to use, wish they had these years ago.

Healthcare will always come up with $$$ ways of doing simple things, our job is to find what works at a price we can afford. Thats why this board works and is a great place for those of us with sleep apnea to share experiences, educate one another and get real answers, warn of dangers. Glad I found it!

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[quote='JessieLC' pid='168158' dateline='1467956121'

"Healthcare will always come up with $$$ ways of doing simple things, our job is to find what works at a price we can afford."

Thanks Jessie and everyone else who replied! Relieved to know I can just stick with my dish detergent cleaning routine.
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