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[Equipment] Ceiling mount hose hanger support?
Ceiling mount hose hanger support?
I have really liked the experience of sleeping with a CPAP hose holder to keep the hose from tangling.  Now I want to replace my temporary improvised setup with something that looks less like emergency room equipment.  I spent an hour looking at all the commercially available models, and none of them the minimal look I want except the flimsy travel models, which have the wrong dimensions for me.

So I had an idea:  why not just hang a ring from the ceiling? 

The main concern is pulling a drywall anchor out of the ceiling while flailing in sleep, or while half asleep trying to pull myself up.  So I found a length of bungie cord (approx 1/4" diameter) that I happened to have lying around and I'm using that from the ceiling to the hose ring.  

I just did a temporary setup using a stand near the ceiling, before I drill the ceiling and make it permanent.  I'm going to try it out for a few nights.  Seems promising.

It seems surprising that I'm the only one I can find on the internet who has tried this, so I thought I'd post and see if there is some problem that I haven't noticed (except for the lack of revenue to the DMEs that sell the hangers).
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RE: Ceiling mount hose hanger support?
I think that to have your hose holder on the ceiling might prove impossible as this would require an exceptionally long hose to go up all that way and descend to where you plug in your mask. Or maybe I am missing something.
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RE: Ceiling mount hose hanger support?
(06-05-2022, 04:14 PM)aolamid Wrote: The main concern is pulling a drywall anchor out of the ceiling .....

That would be my biggest concern!  Even with some of the heavy duty anchors (30+ pounds) there is still the possibility of pulling out a chink of drywall if you get tangled up in your sleep.

I am fortunate enough to have a large headboard (antique metal tube scroll work) that holds the hose very well.
But if I had to choose an alternative I would probably stick with the "hospital look" type stand, or might go with something like those "Command Strip" double sided tape type hooks and come up with something that would safely hold the tubing.  Worst that might happen is you might pull a couple of layers of paint off the wall.
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RE: Ceiling mount hose hanger support?
You might get lucky and find a ceiling joist right where you want it. If not, place a piece of wood between 2 of them in the attic.
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RE: Ceiling mount hose hanger support?
Good idea with the wood in the attic but unfortunately there is no attic where I would put it just roof. 

I am thinking I will start with a plastic insert anchor because if it pulls out it shouldn’t destroy the drywall and I can figure out where a stud is. 

Btw the hose only has to go up as far as I want, the bungie spans the gap.
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RE: Ceiling mount hose hanger support?
A hose running up to the ceiling is going to look way more odd than just running it to the top of a bed's headboard. Most hoses are about 6' long if I'm not mistaken. 

If a hose was too very long, I would tend to think that it would affect the machine's performance to some degree or another.
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RE: Ceiling mount hose hanger support?
Not a problem.  Normal 6 foot hose, 3 feet up, 3 feet down.  5 feet of bungie without hose from the ceiling.
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RE: Ceiling mount hose hanger support?
    I'm curious as to why you want to have the hose supported overhead.  But if that's what you want to do, you can get very substantial screw anchors at a hardware store like Home Depot or Lowe's. You can find a joist by waving a small magnet over a ceiling or wall until you sense a nail. Find the second one and you'll know which way the joist runs. Then you can use a long wood screw and not need an anchor.

If you're trying to eliminate the problem of bumping your hose and jarring your mask-  my solution is a simple Velcro loop device that gets the hose away from my flailing arm. It attaches to my the mask headband. It works great and I no longer bump my mask. I'm attaching a picture and can send a sketch if you need it.   

Hope this is helpful.
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RE: Ceiling mount hose hanger support?
Here is the ceiling mount hose hanger I made:

The goal was to make it look as inconspicuous and non-hospital as possible.  I used white heat shrink tubing to keep the ends neat.  The white spiral wire loom increased the diameter of the metal ring so the hose can move freely without getting hung up on the ridges of the hose.

To make sure it won't pull the ceiling down with sleep movements I took several precautions:
  • The cord is bungie cord which stretches.
  • I used cord-locks to secure it to the ceiling mount; pull too hard and the cord locks will slip.  I found that two cord locks were needed to have enough tension that it wouldn't slip except in extreme cases.
  • I drilled the screw into a wooden stud.  I would have preferred to have it further toward the center of the mattress, but couldn't find any studs in that area with the studfinder or finish nail probes 3/4" apart in two axes.
On my first night using it, I got more rainout than I have ever had.  I'm not sure exactly why; I have had CPAP hose holder in roughly the same position that didn't seem to cause rainout.  Some theories I have are: 
  • Perhaps the tighter U turn in the hose is causing the water molecules to crash into the tubing and condense out.
  • Perhaps the slight swinging motion of the ceiling mount cord from the ceiling fan has some effect on condensation.  BTW the swinging didn't cause bothersome movement at the mask; I couldn't feel the swinging.
I just now replaced the non-heated hose with a heated hose to try.   I will also lower the hose hanger ring so that the hose bends more gently.
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RE: Ceiling mount hose hanger support?
If that works well for you, more power to you.  Cool
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