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[Equipment] Climateline Tubing
Climateline Tubing
I am really hoping somebody out there can help me!!!! Unsure Dont-know

I am having a problem with my heated tube that nobody, including my 'support' has been able to figure out and they said they've never heard of this issue.
I'm having a problem with the smell in my tube itself.  It certainly smells like a new vinyl, plastic smell but when I remove my mask after using it I have a residual burning smell in my nose.  It smells basically like burnt vinyl.  This happens in minutes of use when i take the mask away from my nose.  It seems like the plastic smell turns into a burnt plastic smell in my nose.

Now I don't smell the burnt outside of the hose or from the machine, it lingers in my nose.  I also don't smell the burnt smell while using my cpap, it's ONLY after I remove the mask but does go away after about 30 seconds or so. 
The new, plastic, vinyl smell that I do smell from the hose does make me feel nauseous after awhile though.

I have a brand new machine which they just switched my old one out (which was only 8 months old to begin with), I just got a brand new hose, my filters are brand new, my humidifier is brand new and my mask and pillows are new as well.  I have the power brick on the floor and my machine is on my nightstand up off the wood.  And no, my humidifier does not run dry as it's always full. And my mask and pillows, tubing, everything has been soaked in vinegar/water and in soap/water and rinsed and dried thoroughly multiple times.

I have the humidity and hose temperature on auto which I had on manual before and I also have my pressure set at 4, which was at 4.6.  I am still getting the same smells.

If anybody has any ideas I'd appreciate any help because I am out of ideas as to what to do.  I really don't mind using a cpap machine but the smells are brutal!
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RE: Climateline Tubing
Hi KeriA - Welcome

The first thing I'd try is to wash the hose with a mixture of Dawn and water. Aside from that, nothing else comes to mind.
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RE: Climateline Tubing
Thanks, I do use Dawn to clean my equipment.  I've had my new hose for 2 weeks now and my machine for about 3.  I'm baffled....Thanks for the help!
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RE: Climateline Tubing
Make sure the power brick is on the floor well away from the air intake of your machine
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RE: Climateline Tubing
A good neutralizer for odours is a solution of baking soda and water.  Arrange the hose so that both ends are elevated, supported securely, and both at the same height relative to each other.  Fill the hose completely with a solution where you mix two tablespoons of baking soda to 2 liters of water, the water at about 50 deg C.  I would let it sit for a couple of hours at least, then drain, rinse, repeat.  Air dry for the remainder of the day, and you may find that things have improved somewhat.
Serial Tapist
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RE: Climateline Tubing
I don't have a solution but FWIW you're not alone. I've read several threads complaining of an unexplained burnt smell. lately I've been noticing it myself, occasionally while wearing the mask but usually for a brief moment after shutting down the machine and hanging the hose and mask from the strap on a hook on the nightstand. I don't think it's just lingering in my nose; it's coming from the hose or the machine, most likely the hose. my climate line hose is 2.5 years old, set at 74 F and while I keep water in my humidifier I haven't turned it on for months (refilling about every 5-7 days). it's possible the odor is more often noticed when the water level is low but I'll have to watch that to confirm it. I'm pretty sure it was more pronounced when the humidifier chamber was dry (and off). the odor is one I associate with dry heat, with undertone of something burnt. it's not pleasant but so far not intolerable because it's not really that strong and I don't notice it all the time. guess I should try the obvious: turn the hose temperature off to see if it goes away; my vague recollection is that it does. IDK if it's related but lately I've also been noticing a machine click (which can be seen in an associated spasmodic movement of the hose) when transitioning between exhale/inhale, and some whirring/whining/whistling noise from the blower. others' seem to have these issues as well.
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RE: Climateline Tubing
Thank you, yes it is on the floor up off the carpet.  Nowhere near my machine Smile
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RE: Climateline Tubing
Thanks, I have tried turning the hose completely off and the humidifier isn't overly hot by any means and I still get the same result.  I just worry the plastic smell (that does make me nauseous) and the after burning smell isn't harming me.  I could try baking soda though as I haven't tried that yet.  I'm willing to try anything at this point...

Is the new 'plastic' smell of my hose safe at least?  It's bothersome but I don't know if it's harmful.
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RE: Climateline Tubing
I've been using a climateline hose with my ResMed AutoSet 10 since beginning SA therapy last Sept. I'm pretty sensitive to smells, aromas, and such. 

Not once have I ever noticed any odd smell associated with my machine or hose. I have the climate control set on auto. The hose temp. is set to off. 

The power supply is only about 6" or so from the air intake end of my machine. No problems or issues. I do have a hose cover. I bought it mostly to keep it quiet, as it rests atop our headboard and I use a hose holder. 

Even when it all was new, I don't recall any new plastic or vinyl smell.  Dont-know
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RE: Climateline Tubing
Mine smells like a new plastic shower curtain.  Can't get rid of it lol.  I even turned off the tube temperature and humidifier and still ended up with the same results.  i did end up with a tube full of water though after turning the tube temp off Smile
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