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[Equipment] Considering a used ResMed S9
I am considering a used ResMed S9. I know I am risking a non-warranty machine failure. But is there a health risk with a used machine? The unit I am considering has all the components including the humidifier and heated hose. If I buy it what is the best way to disinfect it? What other "bewares" are there?
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is it an autoset or an escape? you want an autoset if you want to monitor your own data.
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I would pop for new filters, a new water chamber, the lid seal, new tube (climate line if you have had problems with rainout) and of course mask. I think this is how Supplier #2 sells their machines (mask and tubes extra). I have bought used from them and was very pleased. Probably pay more than you can find on CL, but the due diligence they do on the machines was worth it: no smoke odor and units listed as "gently used" usually have fewer then around one year's use, leaving at least 80% of the machine's useful life available. Many have reported far fewer hours - the S9 Autoset I bought from them had fewer than 40 hours on it. Note that I have also bought used from a pawn shop that listed on CL, but I checked for smoke odor and the unit had fewer than 20 total hours on it and it cost about 20% of a new unit (IntelliPap Auto).

I would not get one from a home where a smoker lived. You will never get the smell out. That is unless you - or somebody in your family - smokes in the house, then you may be acclimated and not notice it.

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There's a cleaner/sanitizer called Control III. I'd use that to clean parts you can reach, like the inside of the humidifier chamber. I'd not reuse the hose and certainly not the mask if either has been used. I'm not a clean freak but there's just something about breathing in and putting it on my face....

Check for hours used and make sure it matches what the seller says. "Used for a few weeks, hated it" would not be more than 300hrs. That number cannot be erased or altered.
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It's been said that the pressure of the air in the CPAP prevents your exhaled breath from ever reaching the machine. Someone had mentioned that, at most, the air you exhale only travels a foot or so down the tube. Theoretically then it's impossible for the CPAP unit to be infected by anything from the previous user's exhalations.

(I still wouldn't use it personally... rather skimp elsewhere, if I have a choice about it)

Assuming the above is true, it still leaves the following questions:

1. What happens when the airflow isn't on, such as when someone first puts the mask on and breathes through it?
2. What prevents airborne particles from getting sucked in and settling on the machine internals? Granted it's not moist in there, but things can still survive in a dormant state.
3. How do you know whether or not the previous owner always used a filter? How do you know that their environment wasn't particularly dusty and that some hasn't settled in the machine which will shorten its life?

Just my $0.02

I'm not trying to knock Supplier #2. I know they have a solid reputation with the machines they sell and their customer service is good. I just don't know enough about what is done to address these concerns. Apparently though they must not be real concerns since these businesses do exist, and since CPAPs are used in multi-patient environments such as sleep clinics (albeit with disposable anti-bacterial filters on the outlet).
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(08-11-2013, 07:19 PM)papillon Wrote: I am considering a used ResMed S9. I know I am risking a non-warranty machine failure. But is there a health risk with a used machine? The unit I am considering has all the components including the humidifier and heated hose. If I buy it what is the best way to disinfect it? What other "bewares" are there?

Hi papillon, welcome to the forum!

If you buy a used ResMed S9 from a professional shop like Supplier #2 on the Supplier List, it would already have been professionally cleaned.

If buying a "gently used" S9 AutoSet, for $569 from Supplier #2 this would include humidifier, 1 year warrantee and accessories like the power supply, travel bag, new filter, new water tank and new slimline tubing. Or all for $479 if without the humidifier (but you will need the humidifier).

To clean it, I think a professional shop may pass ionized air through the machine itself, wipe down the outside of blower unit (must not get even 1 drop of liquid inside blower unit!) with sanitizing wipes, wipe down inside and outside of humidifier unit, and replace all consumables like the air filter, hose, water tank. (And perhaps a new humidifier seal; can email seller to find out.)

If you are buying from a private party, I would find out if the user was a smoker, since it can be nearly impossible to get tobacco smell out of a machine without using ionized air.

If you are buying from a private seller, be careful not to pay too much, since the prices above for Supplier #2 include 1 year warrantee plus accessories. From a private party there would be no warrantee at all unless the unit was not older than about 2 years.

If the private seller claims the unit is still under warrantee, ask for the model "REF number" and Serial number of the blower unit (these will be printed on back of the blower unit) and you can call ResMed Customer Service and they will be able to tell you when blower was manufactured and how much longer it will be under warrantee. You can do the same thing for the humidifier unit, which has its own REF# and S/N.

Please note that to get anything serviced by ResMed, you would need to get any DME (does not need to be the original DME who sold unit to original buyer) to send it in for repair for you, since ResMed requires you to have a DME obtain an RMA (Return Material Authorization) for you.

Good luck and take care,
--- Vaughn

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Hi papillon,
What vsheline said.
Best of luck to you on your decision.
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(08-11-2013, 07:19 PM)papillon Wrote: I am considering a used ResMed S9.
Avoid any ResMed machine with Escape in the name
You might also want to consider PRS1 from Supplier #2, data capable autoPAP and supported by sleepyHead software
New, Open Box Respironics System One DS550 REMstar Auto w/ Heated Humidifier (2 year warranty) $479.00

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Thanks for all your suggestions. The machine I was considering is a S9 Elit. I assume this is not an Autoset but I'm asking the seller. There are too many different models so it's difficult to know what's what. I think I'll keep looking.
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The Elite is a fixed-pressure CPAP machine, and the AutoSet is the auto-titrating version. They're otherwise the same and both are fully data capable. For the little bit of extra cash, it's worth getting the AutoSet.

The Escape (Elite minus data) and Escape Auto (AutoSet minus data) are the ones to avoid because they're just 'bricks.'

A couple other things missing in the Escape models:
* Mask fit function
* Auto on/off
* Central apnea detection
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