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[Equipment] Emergency backup power
Emergency power backup -
I have been concerned for some time what I would do if we lost power. I have COPD, besides sleep apnea, and my oxygen level drops drastically if I do not use my machines. I use a Aircurve 10 vpap and my spouse uses an AirSense 10 in Auto for her mode. I did not relish having to purchase multiple 12 to 24 volt converters, and still require something to run my oxygen concentrator, which feeds into my tubing. I finally decided to go modifies sine wave inverter of 1000W peak or about 800 watts continuous. Concentrator requires max 270 watts, figuring about 100 watts per machine would bring me to about 500 watts, or about 40 amps per hour. Sounds like I am going to need a massive battery group to last a night, and then plan to recharge with a 1000 watt generator. I have 5 or 6 power chair batteries, but may have to purchase a few more, to get enough time before they run out of juice while sleeping. Wish 24v direct could work, but advised just putting 24v onto plug will not work due to some kind of data signal also required. Wish I knew what that signal was? timing signal maybe? 5 volt square wave? Also getting the right connector seems difficult to get. Outside sleeve, inside sleeve and center pin. If the unit was mine, I would find out, but medicare is renting the unit until I have had it for 13 months. One way would be to put a 3 pole double throw switch on cord, and switch between ac power from transformer or battery 24volt with signal generator. But for now, I think this will have to do.
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Resmed needs either a generator with built in inverter or a plain generator with an inverter inline.

PR machines will run off a plain genset, no invertor. According to the tech in Murray where they build em.
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there is a thread that talks all about the connector and "signal", its 3 volts and must be supplied through a series resistor.
last page
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The modified sine inverter with a large battery bank is likely not going to work -- modified sine is not clean power.
The step approximation to a sine wave wreaks havoc with switching supplies.

Since she also uses an oxygen concentrator, the battery solutions are not as attractive at the required power.
A generator is called for. One that can be located outside; and creates "clean" 120 VAC power.
Someone will have to go outside and start it.

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Not sure how they did it but a friend of mine travels alot for work with his wife.
She would drive their truck to a job while he slept using a resmed s9 elite and inverter plugged into the trucks power socket.

I know. It shouldnt have worked on a running truck, but he did it for a couple of yrs.
I have his old machine as a backup now and it works perfectly.

Mongo is right though. A inverted generator away from the O2 is the way to go.
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Thank you, that is just what I needed. With the information, I can run the O2 concentrator through the inverter, and build my own hookup with 2-12vdc batteries. Still charge everything with generator during the day. Using power chair charger, can even charge both 12v batteries at once.
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Honda EU2000i looks good. Clean sine wave; and efficient use of gasoline.
You don't need an inverter to run the concentrator with that generator.

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JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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A year ago I was getting devastated with daily power cuts, often lasting many hours. I was trying to use DC from a small 12V car battery (about 75Ah), but had no rapid charger and just couldn't get enough charge in the battery. I then got a 'dream' solution which has been running fantastically since then: a ProLink IPS2400 UPS/inverter running on 24V from 2 small car batteries in series. At 1200VA the inverter has masses of power, even enough for my (large!) espresso machine! I reckon the 2 car batteries have enough storage for many nights if I don't use the espresso machine. It is very quiet, runs VERY cool, and seems to regulate the battery charge surprisingly well. In one year I have never once been short of power, although in addition to the CPAP with humidifier I have several ventilator fans (on 24hrs/day), LED lamps, computer etc. I even run my coffee roaster off the inverter, because I get better quality power than the mains. In fact I have almost all my electrics (except espresso/grinder/fridge/main lights) running permanently through the inverter, which seemlessly manages everything without any intervention required. I don't see why you should need to have a diesel generator with such a setup, if you have access to a car (2x 12V can be charged in parallel at 12V), unless for travelling.
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Ordinary car batteries are not designed for deep cycle. They are designed for a short, large cranking current followed by recharge.
Plate area is paramount to a starting battery -- that's what permits it to generate large currents. Thin plates with large area are used in starting batteries. Deep cycle will sulphate the thin plates to the point of not being able to recover.

The better battery in the lead-acid chemistry is the AGM battery (Absorbed Glass Mat).

The OP lives in a cold climate where lead acid batteries do not perform well.

Combine that with her need to run an Oxygen concentrator; and both her Wattage and Ampere-Hour capacity requirements lean more toward a generator.

Member IEEE

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JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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I concur with Mongos' assessment..

Some, certainly not all utility providers might be able to help you in various ways.

If you're in an area where your utility company turns your electricity off in kind of a controlled "rolling blackout" scenario, either because you've signed up to participate in reduced costs for your electrical utility, explaining to your utility your medical necessity and dependency on the electricity might qualify your for the reduced rate and no power outage.

Also, some utility companies will work with you to put in some kind of external power supply system (be it an "auto-start" Generator; or a fairly large UPS that can last for numerous hours without interruption)

Worst case is talking with your utility supplier, they might give you ideas about what might be suitable for your particular environment, maybe some possible cost ranges and perhaps some contractors they could recommend.

I know I did this for my folks, (dad's got CHF) and when they turn the power off and it's hotter n' the surface of the sun, mom can mosey out to the feed, push a button and the "power company induced black out" will be immediately restored, no questions.

Because they live in a geography where there's no snow and thermally it's not usually very cold, they have all kinds of options, not like some who live in areas where they get feet worth of snow and long stretches of sub freezing weather.

Good luck, there's usually more n' one way to skin a cat. Although, the cat frequently objects and doesn't actively participate in it's skinning! Oh-jeez
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