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[Equipment] Factory Reset - DeVilbiss Intellipap SleepCube AutoAdjust
Hi Everyone,

I'm a new poster although I have been lurking here over the years and due to very poor overall health, haven't had the energy and desperation to say hello to you before now. I am sorry for that because you are all very interesting to follow, and gold mines of helpful info. I am still running a DeVilBiss SleepCube Auto but I hope to upgrade shortly. In the mean time, I am hoping for some help. I have long had the "Quick Setup Guide" which I very gratefully received via email from those who kindly run the email service here at apneaboard.com and this allowed me to successfully set the machine to my needs. 

I may be wrong about this, but I am beginning to wonder if when I was last in the clinician menu if I bumped something I shouldn't have because I am getting a lot of air filling my stomach and making me very nauseous. I am a bad mouth breather through my full face mask at the best of times but things have never been so bad that I need to rip the mask off and discontinue treatment. Just to be certain, I feel that I should start with standard settings, then just set my correct range and then see what happens.

Yes, I am trying to contact my sleep therapist, but when I enquired last at the hospital, she was away on long service leave. I think it must be close to her return. I will chase her up on Monday and even if she is not, I'll speak to someone else in her absence. Regardless, even if I do speak with her, I think setting the machine back to default is wise, given that I am worried that I have inadvertently changed the wrong settings. The other diseases I have play strange effects on my recall and cognitive functions at times, and I am just not sure what I did. It would be wise to factory reset it, but also I hope to upgrade it, and in the event I pass it on to someone else, I don't want them getting my mucked up settings and trying it. Thanks for any thoughts you may have to offer.
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You are using a CPAP pressure of 12. Do you have the SmartFlex setting enabled to 3? This would drop your pressure during exhale, and possibly relieve the aerophagia.
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Hi MaximumWarp,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hopefully, you can figure out your settings, good luck to you.
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Hi and thanks for the helpful suggestion. I have had one of those "DOH" moments and solved my own problem. While the quick setup guide did not tell me how to do a factory reset, in the right column it did show what the factory default setting for each setting was supposed to be, so while it was slightly more laborious, I was able to go through the menus and set the machine back to default and discover where the problems were that way.

I had changed more than I realised under the advanced menus - then I started to remember that I had come from an old Philips Respironics that I did understand the terminology of quite well, but the SleepCube used very strange terminology and I admit to taking some guesses as to what some settings did. The moral of the story is that if you don't understand and KNOW for a FACT what a setting is, leave the silly thing well alone!

Lesson humbly learnt! Thanks so much for your assistance. I slept last night with the defaults and with the SmartFlex probably unnecessarily backed off to 1 (it had been on 3) but I coped fine and I had absolutely no air in my stomach whatsoever, so that was a great success! Yay! I do think this was to do with the advanced settings more than the SmartFlex settings however, but if I am OK with the lower SmartFlex settings, I will stick with them. The next thing I can probably do is allow the machine control over a wider range now that the faults/problems are fixed. It was absolutely intolerable if it went to higher pressures so I restricted it to 11.5 even though it wants to go higher than that at times. But the upper range will be the ONLY thing I will change! 

Another smart thing to do in future that I really should have known better is to make one change at a time, and see how that affects things, especially when dealing with a new machine, but really at any time. It is the scientific method, but it requires patience - something that like many of us, I obviously lacked! lol!

Thanks Trish, 

As you can now see, I did get there in the end. My eyes have been opened and now I see! ;-)
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