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[Equipment] If you use DreamStation Oximetry Accessories...
If you use DreamStation Oximetry Accessories...
I know a few of you out there are using the Respironics DreamStation with their Oximetry accessories - 

I've been trying to figure out the pieces - these are the easy parts:
1. Either an Oximetry enabled cellular modem 100600C, OR the Link module 1120293.
2. An appropriate finger sensor.
I've been able to source these without problem.

The hard part has been finding the third piece, that Respironics calls the 
Nonin SpO2 oxygen saturation assembly 1121694
which interfaces the modem/module to the finger sensor. An alternate name for this might be Xpod? I've not been able to source this on the Internet, except for one place in Australia, which seems kind of odd, since this piece is listed in all of Respironics' catalogs and brochures. I tried calling Respironics and drew a blank, and I've been to the Nonin web site, but didn't see this. 

If anyone out there has a source for this assembly, or a different current part number, or a story about how they were able to get it, I'd appreciate hearing it!

And yes, this is what I'm looking for, not a stand-alone Oximeter.

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RE: If you use DreamStation Oximetry Accessories...
Hi Madbear,
I have all of the equipment that you have listed.  I will give you a list of my experiences and reasons why I recommend with trepidation. My list will deal with the individual pieces, their pro’s and con’s.

1.     Oximetry Enabled Cellular Modem 100600C is a device that uses cell phone technology to transfer data that is stored on your SD card.  If you read Philips Respironics Privacy statement which states that they share that information with third parties of their choice.  You might be interested in an article posted on the Mayo Clinic’s website.  Sorry the forum won't allow me to attach a link.                                                                                         
I live outside the USA and don’t want my data shared with anyone.  Data is worth money and can be used to add to the data that is already out there.  You, as an American, must be concerned about this data collection as it may affect your availability of health insurance etc.
·       Pro’s
It allows your CPAP Service Provider to monitor you CPAP remotely and make adjustments to the functionality of the machine.
·       Con’s
If you registered your CPAP with Philips Respironics you probably used your real name, address etc. and your CPAP serial number. If you set up an account in Philips Respironics DreamMapper and you use a fictitious name, the serial number will tie back to the name and information that you gave when you registered your CPAP. If privacy is an issue then the only thing you can do is phone Philips Respironics and tell them to delete your DreamMapper account. The module also connects the Nonin SpO2 oxygen saturation assembly to your SD card.
2.     Link Module 1120293 allows you to connect the Nonin SpO2 oxygen saturation assembly to the SD card in the CPAP.
·       Pro’s
Does not transmit any information over cell phone network or the internet. There is a secondary port, I think it is a 9 pin serial port, I haven’t found out what it is used for. It could be used for direct plug in of the finger probe but the cable would be too short for use at night.  You would need around 6’ minimum.
·       Con’s
The connection for the Nonin SpO2 oxygen saturation assembly is micro usb which I find quite flimsy.  I use my SpO2 sensor all night because I have wide fluctuations in heart rate and O2 levels during the night and I’m keeping an Excel spread sheet and graph to track the changes. There is a problem with the recording of those two bits of data that I’ll explain below. 
3.     Nonin Spo2 Oxygen Saturation Assembly 1121694. 
I had trouble finding this on the internet as well.  This should be a three-part assembly, a short cable with a silicone finger probe on one end and a 7 pin serial connector on the other, another cable with a 7 pin serial connector that plugs into the aforementioned finger probe cable with a 90° micro usb connector that plugs into the link module. There is also a clip that holds the two serial connectors together. The prices that I found in the USA seem ridiculously high, I paid around USD $500.
·       Pro’s
It does work with Oscar but with cautions noted below.
·       Con’s
I find that the data output is inconsistent with Oscar and I’m not sure if it is Oscar or the SpO2 sensor. My thoughts are that it is the sensor.  The micro usb connector is pulled when I toss and turn at night putting strain on the connector. I’m getting spikes in the readout for both heart rate and SpO2.  Ironically, they are both the same number 255.  Heart rate of 255 BPM one would be dead and an SpO2 of 255% is impossible and should be no more than 100%.  Oscar presents four numbers for each reading; minimum, median, 95th percentile and maximum.  Minimum and median usually are present, occasionally, the 95th percentile will be an error or missing.  In 2 years, the Maximum has had correct readings, the rest of the time it has been 255 for both.  I talked to Nonin technical information and they said that there was nothing they could do because I’m using Oscar, not a recognized program.

4.     Philips Respironics DreamMapper is an online program that produces bar graphs that, that in my opinion, do not produce that much usable information.
·       Pro’s
Simplistic, easy to use.
·       Con’s
Privacy is a concern.  Data not that usable.  Could not find any readout for heart rate or SpO2 saturation.
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RE: If you use DreamStation Oximetry Accessories...
Needless to say that both Resmed and Philips have built their Oximetry interfaces around Nonin and that jas pushed the prices of these Nonin products to ridiculous heights. A length of wire attached to a sensor on one end and a connecter on the other end , should not cost more than $5 toale in productions terms, yet thanks to medical industrial complex running the scam, it costs consumers around $1,000. Crazy when you can just use a $70 red ong oximeter and use its files on your mobile phone, to creat graphs of your SpO2 and HR plus your movements in OSCAR
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RE: If you use DreamStation Oximetry Accessories...
For those who are cost-conscious and want superb customer service, I would recommend Kevin Cooper -- Supplier #19 for great advice, sales, and service for pulse-oximeters.

I have a Nonin 3012 LP (Low Power) XPOD with a ResMed Pulse-Oximeter Adapter. (You can buy everything as a kit for additional savings.) It integrates well with the S10 using ResScan or Oscar for reporting.  NOTE: THE S9 USES A DIFFERENT ADAPTER.

CAUTION: the new S11 does not appear to support pulse/oximetry directly and all ResMed will say is "wait for future announcements."

THE CRAZY HEART RATES AND O2 LEVELS ARE NOISE ARTIFACTS, MAINLY FROM MOVEMENT. My heart is artificially paced at 60 BPM and I have also seen HR's in the low hundreds. Impossible because anything that high would trigger my defibrillator and show on my transmitted reports.
"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius
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