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[Equipment] Just got the new Airfit P10
Thanks for that info, I am going to get one, I called my DME and they will order it for me. I am understanding that if you get a ResMed machine AND a mask from ResMed as well they take into account all the leaks and then your readings will be more accurate????
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After a month with the Airfit P10, I found the straps very irritating, after trying all the positions.
I loved the light weight, the fit of the pillows was good, but I do not like any thing stretchy on my body, including my head.
Felt it was best to send it back until they come out with non compressive adjustable straps.

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(03-25-2014, 04:19 AM)Tabbycat Wrote: Got mine almost the day it came out.

Bottom line: Best mask I've tried.
Using it, I've finally turned a corner using CPAP.


1) Very minimalist. Not much of a sense of wearing a mask at all.

2) Not THAT quiet. I do hear my breaths, esp deep ones.
The Mirage FX was much better in this regard, probably because the nose is encased.

3) Pillows -- okay design, needs work. You will probably want to use a larger size than seems reasonable. If it's too small, your nose edges will press against the pillows' structural outside instead of the soft comfy center. The Large size looks big enough for the Jolly Green Giant, but it's the most comfortable.

4) DO stretch the band out once before letting the pillows rest on your nose. Make sure the air holes aren't blocked. There should be just enough pressure to get a good seal, and no more.

5) Supposedly you adjust the headband by separating the the two headbands (it splits into two) farther apart for a looser fit. You should do that anyway because farther apart will stay on better.

6) VERY good for side sleepers.
For reals. (Not like similar claims made for, say, the Mirage FX. Are you f&@&ing kidding? It sucks for that.)

7) Very easy to clean, swishing removable pillows with soapy water.

8) May leak a little in the middle of the night.
Not a big problem. After awhile, you'll reseal things while only half-conscious and fall right back under.

9) Best exhaust port EVER. This is the truly revolutionary advance of this mask -- an outlet that doesn't blow a stream of cold air to hit your partner or some part of you AND does it silently. It's brilliant.

10) Compliance: much easier to sleep longer with this one. ResMed's studies show this, and I can sure see why.

Overall, a big winner.

Thanks for your 1-10 comments. Good read. I am looking forward to the arrival of my Airfit, any day now.

Sleep Tight...
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(03-25-2014, 09:20 AM)herbm Wrote: I only have about 50 days on my mask (53 days of therapy minus a few nights testing my Innomed Hybrid to be sure it was a good enough backup for "congestion nights").

The mask and headgear are holding up well so far -- I imagine there is a little bit of 'newness' wearing off as I inspect it, but nothing functional has changed.

I disagree with the admonition to "go larger" on the pillows as a GENERAL RULE. I did just the opposite and got fewer leaks and better AHI.

Notice: Going large MAY be the best solution for some people it's just that using this as a general rule is not going to be effective for everyone.

The small pillows didn't feel as good to me at first (the large are nice and fluffy), but they seal better (for me) and feel more "stable" (better fit) now that I have learned to just LEAVE THEM ALONE all night.

It's messing with the pillows that is largely responsible for unseating them and for abrasive irritations -- like new shoes, if you don't move they don't hurt or blister.

I am incredibly lucky that the head gear fits me perfectly, but it seems completely stupid for Resmed NOT to offer this in an adjustable head gear version.

Why not a VERY SIMPLE velcro adjustable strap as an option?

I don't need the adjustment, but it is a shame this near perfect mask doesn't allow for easy and full sizing.

Some people on "that other forum" are experimenting with putting the head gear from other masks onto a P10 which may give some interesting ideas for recycling the straps from old masks lying around.

There are three caveats with this mask:

1) Must be able to breath through your nose (true of all nasal masks)
2) Must be able to keep your mouth shut but one means or another (again true of all nasal masks)
3) Head gear must be within a reasonable range of fit (it stretches but no enough for some people and can't be made much smaller by any built in means)

While the first two are inherent in any nasal mask, it's a shame the the third limitation is present.

Herb, I have been listening to you sing the praises of the Airfit for months now and that is what first helped me decide to try the Airfit. Should arrive any day.
Sleep Tight...
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I also just got the Airfit P10 two weeks ago, and I love it. Comfortable enough that I forget I am wearing it, and I turn from side to side while I sleep. It was worth it; took two days for nostrils to adjust.
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Hi ctcs128,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
It good to hear that you found a mask that works well for you.
Best of luck.
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(03-26-2014, 02:51 PM)ctcs128 Wrote: I also just got the Airfit P10 two weeks ago, and I love it. Comfortable enough that I forget I am wearing it, and I turn from side to side while I sleep. It was worth it; took two days for nostrils to adjust.

Thanks for your review. You are very lucky to have adjusted so well so soon. I hope I have as much ease at adapting to the Airfit P10.
Welcome to the forum!

Sleep Tight...
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Just got mine as well, I am looking forward to trying it out tonight. It's soooooooooooo light. Yeaaaaa
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So you folks that like your P10's want to be really jealous?

This was the first mask I used (except for the one in the sleep study which was so bad I didn't sleep). It's really the only mask I have used except for testing.

I had it SOOO EASY due to this mask!

I can wear the Innomed Hybrid or if I must the Oracle HC452, but it's hard to imagine that some people must wear such uncomfortable gear.

(And the Hybrid isn't really very bad compared to anything other than something like the P10. Likely the Pilairo Q is the only thing really close. EDIT: Based on PaulaO2's post in another thread the Respironics Nuance and Nuance Pro might be in this category too.)

BTW, "Pugsy" in that "other forum" did get a Swift, or something, adjustable head gear to function on a P10 (and there are pictures.)

It is a shame they don't offer an OPTIONAL adjustable headgear for the P10.

Sweet Dreams,

Sleep study AHI: 49 RDI: 60 -- APAP 10-11 w/AHI: 1.5 avg for 7-days (up due likely to hip replacement recovery)

"We can all breathe together or we will all suffocate alone."
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I was thinking about that, ghetto rigging my own headgear for the P10, but so far the straps have held up well and fit me just fine.
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