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[Equipment] MASK
I have read that we should change our masks every 12 months..just want to know what other people have done....buy a brand new mask or just replace the headband and foam/gel cushion/seal?? I'm due for a replacement and my supplier is pushing me to buy a brand new one but honestly, I can't see why - all i need to do is change my headband, seal and cushion. Just interested
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Hi, Weeble. I agree that the headgear (that's what my DME calls it) and mask seal are certainly the items that need changing over time. Come to think of it, there isn't much more to a nasal mask than these two items--just the plastic frame that holds the seal(s). When I was using a ResMed Activa I did replace the entire thing, primarily because my gov't. insurance pays most of the cost if it's been at least 3 months since last replaced. I can't think of a reason to replace the plastic frame portion if the mask if it isn't cracked or broken.
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yeah that's what I figured. The frame itself is fine...will just change the necessary things..here in Australia they are selling the masks that I use for $245. I can get one on ebay from Australia for $129 or from the US for $99 which is also way cheaper than replacing parts here...so I think i might just buy a couple for $99 and be done with it for a couple of years!
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Weeble..the replenishment requirements or suggestions for our CPAP equipment falls under or nearly all of several categories.
One, there is a defense mechanism that triggers medical equipment manufactures to encourage timely replacement to avoid the possibility of equipment failures that might bring lawsuits.
Two, there is a "greed" factor that manufactures, DME, and Physicians stress timely replacement of parts.
Three, if affordable, it is to our own healthy benefit to replace the items in a timely manner. Some, in USA, have Medicare and other coverall insurance, so we replace the items frequently, whether they are in good usable shape or faulty. Others, with no or limited insurance coverage will work diligently to make things last forever is possible.

Walking the tightrope among these categories is where our replacement senses come into play.

The plastic parts of a mask would probably last you for years is handled properly and gently. The headband could be washed fairly often and it also could last for years, before stretching out of shape. The soft pillows, gel and cushions probably would last longer then the replacement guidelines call for. If you are a "hose head" with little help from your or any insurance, it behooves you to replace those parts when needed and after searching for the most cost efficient method.
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(07-17-2012, 07:51 AM)weeble Wrote: here in Australia
Exactly right. I bought new mask from Supplier #2 which is cheaper than just buying the cushion from here. As they don,t sell spare cushions, I,ll be looking to buy spare cushions on ebay or Supplier #10
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Hi weeble, I don't blame you for not wanting to replace the plastic frame if it is still in good shape, sometimes, I have just boughten the cushions alone. I replace the cushion when I can't seem to get it as clean as it should be and that is different for everyone.
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Thanks for your input everyone..interesting reading! I think I will just go with buying brand new ones off ebay..as I said and Zonk confirmed, it is cheaper for me to buy from the states than to even replace my parts! I will keep my old one as a spare! Cheers!
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My fiancee's insurance covers replacement of her mask every three months. The DME automatically sends a new one on a regular schedule. I can tell looking at the leaks that by the end of the 3 months that it is due because the leaks increase.
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