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[Equipment] Mirage Quattro is killing me.
Hello everyone,
I am sure there is a topic out there, but I have spent about 45 minutes looking and have not found the answer I am looking for. 

I am on month 2 of my CPAP experience.  And it has been hell.  I woke up more refreshed before this machine and death mask entered my life.  I am so new that I do not know any of the terms that I will need to be using and I hope that y'all will be patient with me when I have no clue what you are talking about. ;-)

Anyway, I think I would probably sleep fine it wasn't for the medieval torture device I have to strap to my face.  I have done, what I think, is everything to keep it from leaking and flubbering all night.  I have found instructions about adjusting it at my highest pressure while laying down.  And it leaks until I get it tight enough to bring on a pounding headache and red marks and indentions in my skin.  I figure this has to be wrong.  No one should have to put up with this pain for the sake of their health.

Am I not adjusting it correctly or do I need to start looking for a different mask that can handle higher pressures?  My high end pressure is actually 2 points higher that the Dreamstation Auto CPAP (DSX500S11) highest setting (At least I think my Doctor said that was the case).  So I am using a leaf blower at night. HA.  The Mirage Quartto was fitted at my Sleep Doc.  We went through a ten, or so, masks and they decided that this one was the correct one.  BUT, I don't recall fitting it with a machine blowing air into the mask.

HELPPPPPPPP.  I can not put up with another month of 2-3 hours of sleep a night.
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Welcome to the forum. Hopefully we can help you.

Your pressure range seems unusually high. There are others on the forum who can give you expert advice on pressure settings but they will need more information such as the results of your sleep study.

If you want to get help from the forum you should download SleepyHead software from here: https://sleepyhead.jedimark.net/. The links in my signature below include the user guide and information on how to organize and post data. It will be impossible to understand and deal with your issues without more data.

 It sounds like you don't have the mask adjusted properly. Also, mask selection is one of the biggest challenges. I went through several full face masks before finding one that was comfortable. There is a mask primer that you may find helpful: http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...ask_Primer
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Thanks for the reply!  I did a take home sleep test, not one in a lab. (I don't have insurance and can't afford a full test at the moment)  And my Doctor said since I am such a round fellow (fat) that that would explain a majority of my problem.  My machine starts at 16 and ramps up from 10.  Like I said, I do not know the proper terminology about it.  Sorry. But I do know the number that it starts on. ;-)  And he mentioned that the top end of my pressures were slightly above the max for my unit.  I am a mess. HA.
I will download the software and see if I cant get it to talk to my Dreamstation.  After I do that, should I come back to this thread?
Thanks for your patience.
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Make a couple more posts (say Hi) to get your count to 4 then you can post the links to your data.

Keep your posts in 1 thread so we have a history, it makes it a LOT easier.
Data organization is important because we only need to see the more important graphs. so please pay attention to that.
If you haven't read the Mask Primer please read that. Something may click and fix your mask problem.

A real good chance that you need your mask looser, not tighter. All masks can handle all pressures but the larger masks tend to leak more because they have more area to seal.
Masks are VERY individual as to what works because each or us are different. You can try holding the mask to your face (no straps) with your hand and see how lightly you can hold it and get a seal, then try to match that feel with the straps.

Good luck

New to Apnea? Helpful tips to ensure success
Mask Primer
Dealing with a DME
Download SleepyHead
Organize Charts
Attaching Charts

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(04-04-2017, 03:05 PM)JohnnyRotten Wrote: After I do that, should I come back to this thread?
Thanks for your patience.

Yes, definitely! Following the history is important so it's best to keep it in one thread. Given that you did a home study there's been no titration so I can't help but wonder how your Dr. came up with the pressure settings. Has he gone over data from your machine with you?

Some of the experts here may be able to help you better than your Dr. That was my experience. I went for a long time with ineffective settings prescribed by my Dr. until I consulted this forum. I've since followed the advice from the forum and my therapy and comfort have improved significantly.

You will need a total of 4 posts before you can post data. I'm sure you have more questions. Ask away Smile
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Let me get home and see if I can get my machine to talk to my 'puter.  My DR. did discuss my settings and such, but it was in one ear and out the other.  I didn't kow what questions to ask him on my initial visit after the test or at my 6 week follow up.  I did tell him that the mask sucked and he just told me to make different adjustments because he liked the mask.   I look forward to possibly getting some help here.  I am glad I found the page.  My pressure literally blows my lips apart and puffs my cheeks up.  I'm going to attempt to adjust my mask again and see if that helps at all.  Although I am sure it wont.  I just want some sleep. (Puts on the puppy dog sad eyes. HAHA)
Let me get hooked up to a computer so I can provide data.  And, again, hopefully all of the knowledge here can help me out.
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There is lots of knowledge here on this forum Johnny. The people here are the nicest and most helpful of all the forums I personally have visited.

No worries you will get the help you need. Just post the data from Sleepyhead organized properly as Bonjour already mentioned. There is no reason for your mask to be so uncomfortable (you may need to try a different mask or change the way you set it up) or for your sleep to be so poor.
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Hi JohnnyRotten,WELCOME! to the forum.!
The mask is the most challenging part of this whole thing. I know your doc likes the mask you are using but it’s what is most comfortable to “YOU," that matters, so keep asking to try different masks ‘till you find one that works well.
Good luck to you on your CPAP journey, you have come to the right place for much help.
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(04-04-2017, 04:23 PM)JohnnyRotten Wrote: I did tell him that the mask sucked and he just told me to make different adjustments because he liked the mask.

HE likes the mask?!  LOL Um, so what?!  Hahaha. He is not you; his face is not yours. Oy.  Wow.

You're at the right place!  This board will be able to get you comfy with your machine *and a mask that works for you*.
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Now that you have created this thread you will see links to other threads that may be related to your query subject at the bottom of this page.. have a browse through those threads as well to see if they are of help to you.
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