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[Equipment] New Cpap user question
So I was recently diagnosed with OSA and received my machine and mask from Lincare. I started to have some troubles with my nasal pillows. When the pressure gets really high they pop off and blow air out of all different areas near the pillows and I can't keep it on my face. I told her I think the strap is too big and the pillows are also too big even though I have them in small. They do not adjust and I have a very small head. I called the lady that got me set up and she said she would look into it. That was Wednesday last week and I still have not heard back from her. I am going to call again tomorrow to follow up, but I was wondering if they would let me get a different mask, since I have never used them before and don't know what to expect, I am thinking that the nasal mask would be better for me. I am almost willing to pay the extra because I want something that works.
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Hello, Annahms33. Welcome to the board.

Finding the right mask can be a challenge. Another challenge is getting the mask adjusted well enough to minimize leaks. Normally you are allowed to try different masks until you find one that works for you. I think most DMEs allow up to thirty days for you to find the right mask. I was lucky in that the DME I work with was willing to do whatever it took to find a mask I was comfortable with, regardless of how long it took. Don't give up on your provider and pay for another mask. Call them everyday until they resolve your problem.

The AirFit P10 is the premiere mask right now, although it is not for everyone. An extra small pillow is available for the P10. Have you tried to go up one size pillow? I know it sounds counter intuitive, but some times a larger pillow will resolve leak issues.

The P10 is adjusted by moving the top and lower strap to different positions. Someone else will have to advise you on that as I am not familiar enough with adjusting it to advise you.

Hang in there. Sleep apnea treatment can be a trial and error process that can take time, but you will get there. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on the board who are willing to help you get there
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When I tried that mask I had to route the strap up and over my ears, like glasses, and then pull it down on the back of my head. Made it tighter. I now use the Amara View, some like it some don't, not because of mouth breathing, but because it fits and is comfortable.

Waiting a week is too long, IMHO, be nice but call them back. They may just be hoping that you will get used to the mask you have.
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The P10's headgear can be quite difficult to "adjust" since it is a one-size-fits most design. In principle you tighten or loosen the P10 headgear by adjusting how far apart the split straps in the back of the headgear are. But they can move around alot while you are sleeping.

You might be better off using the slightly older and slightly more bulky Resmed Swift FX nasal pillows mask that has a fully adjustable headgear.
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Hi Annahms33,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
The mask is the most difficult part of this whole thing, so don't be shy about asking to try as many mask 'till you find one that works.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to you with your CPAP therapy and finding a mask that works well.
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If you can't get the AirFit P10 or the Swift FX work, the Nuance Pro pillow works well for me.
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Thanks for all the responses! I have tried to "adjust" the strap but no matter the way I wore it, it kept popping of during the night and I would have to hold it in place at times. I called Lincare, my insurance (BCBS) and my doctor to see what I can do. My insurance said it is a medical necessity and if that means I need a different mask then they will cover it. The RT at my doctors office said they will call and encourage Lincare to work on getting the right mask for me. I have an appointment in the morning so I will hopefully have some kind of progress. Again thanks for all the advice!
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I’d like to piggyback off this question. I’m in the process of getting a machine and mask and could really do with some advice.

My first question also has to do with nasal pillows, specifically whether they’re suitable or not. My pressure setting should be 13 cm, and I’m wondering if this is too much for nasal pillows. I saw something that said they’re better suited to pressures below 10 cm. Does anybody out there have experience with nasal pillows and higher pressures?

Second has to do with the brand. I’m looking at the Fisher & Paykel Icon, and therefore also at the F&P nasal pillows and / or nasal mask. The mask seemed reasonably comfortable when I tried it on at the supplier’s office, but I didn’t try the pillow at that time. Has anybody had good experiences (or bad experiences) with Fisher & Paykel equipment?

Just FYI, I don’t live in the US so the stuff about DMEs and insurance and all don’t apply. Machines and equipment here are more than double the US online prices, but since I’m new to this I’d prefer to go through the local distributor here at first in order to get the settings and all right. Probably later for replacement parts I’d order from the US if possible.

Thanks in advance!
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I was able to get a different nasal mask to try and it is also nice because it does not feel like I am suffocating. I did not feel like I could exhale very well with the nasal pillows and at least with the nasal mask my nose does not feel blocked. I am looking forward to a better night sleep and to see how this works for me!

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There was a thread here recently about how to cut one of the two pieces of the P10 strap and sew in a piece of velcro so you can more easily adjust the strap. I should have my P10 this week and I plan to try that if I have difficulty adjusting it.
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