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[Equipment] Newbie with Problems
Hi! I have a ResMed 10 Autoset. I can't exactly tell you how long I've used it because it hasn't worked correctly...

The first two nights were beautiful. The third night when I filled the water tub, water immediately poured out of it all over the counter. I noticed tons of small cracks leading up from the bottom plate and all around the seal. It was a weekend so I couldn't reach my DME company. It took them a week to respond and replace the tub. They told me to reset the machine to use it without humidification in the meantime (which my physician expressly told me not to do, and which makes me feel like my face has been pounded with bricks after I wake up, if I do).

The second water tub did the same thing after two days.

I will say that they had the heat set for 81 degrees and I changed it to 74 (I live in FL and to me breathing in 81 degrees is a little warm for sleeping). Humidity is set at 4. I only use distilled water. I've had no other problems with the machine that I can tell.

Of course, it's the weekend again and it will take forever to get the DME company to respond. I had to threaten them with notifying the physician and insurance company the last time, even though the machine is still under warranty.

Has anyone had this problem? Is the heat setting too high? Is it just a bad product?

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Hi feileacan,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
That's a bummer about your humidifier chamber leaking, and 2 of them at that.
Since your machine is under warranty, just ask again to replace it, hopefully, the third time will be a charm.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to you with your CPAP therapy and getting a different humidifier chamber that works for you this time.

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Yes, many have reported problems with the water chamber. It is under warranty, call and have it looked at.
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If its a fairly new machine I'd definitely request a replacement. The machine is designed to provide humidity for your comfort and NOT designed to crack the plastic..The humidity setting of 4 appears to me to be high also. I live in Florida and run mine on 1 or 2. Just enough humidity to keep from having a very dry mouth in the am.
Yesterday is history; Tomorrow is a mystery; Today is a gift; Thats why its called "The Present".
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That's a tough one. If two chambers broke in a row, I'd tend to suspect that something might be wrong with the machine. Except you got the replacement chamber from the same supplier, I think, so it may have come out of the same lot as the first one.

Hard to say. You could ask for a replacement machine now. If you try a third chamber and it cracks immediately, I'd DEFINITELY ask for a replacement machine.

There are some other threads on this board of people reporting a similar problem, but it doesn't usually happen in two days.

Good luck on getting the problem sorted out.
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I completely agree - one more tank and request (with firm insistence!) a new machine.

Having been in HR Benefits I can also add: document, document, Document!!

Granted that in my personal life I had to deal with my father having been declared legally incompetent (due to untreated sleep apnea, I will add) and I noted the time of the call, who I talked with, the gist of the conversation and the time the call ended. I had to threaten a bank manager with the names and titles of the bank president and the manager's VP. I got the results I needed to protect my father's money. (can you say bulldog??? Yes!)

Hope you don't have to get to this level of pressure with the DME.
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