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[Equipment] Nose cushion vs FFM?
Nose cushion vs FFM?
Had a sleep test/titration last night. Apart from being not happy with the outcome, the tech strongly encouraged me to use a DreamWear nasal cushion, rather than my F20 mask. He claimed that FFMs tend to leak more as the night goes on, because one’s jaw slackens. Can anyone confirm or refute this?
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RE: Nose cushion vs FFM?
Welcome to the forum allanri!

I have used the DreamWear Nasal mask and find it's pretty good. I love the fact that it's one of the fewer masks that have the hose connection on the top of the head. Makes moving around in bed while sleeping easier. A lot of us on here really like the ResMed P10's nasal pillows mask. It's minimally invasive and the most comfortable mask I've ever used. Getting the right mask is sometimes the hardest thing about CPAP. So try buying from one of the suppliers who will give you a 30 day guarantee - sometimes that means you can return with a money credit and may not necessarily give you a full refund. But then you would be able to take your credit and choose another mask to try.
Good luck!
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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RE: Nose cushion vs FFM?
If you already use the F20 mask and don't have any leak issues than I wouldn't worry about it. The logic about the jaw dropping causing leaks is something that can happen with a Full face Mask. Of course if your using the Dreamwear Nasal mask and your jaw drops open your probably going to have worse leaks coming out of your mouth. Now that you've tried both use the one you like better and if you start having leaks use a soft cervical collar to fix it.
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RE: Nose cushion vs FFM?
I use f20 and I have less leaks than with pillowsvor nasal mask in witch my mouth falls open and creates a big leak.
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RE: Nose cushion vs FFM?
I use the F20 and did have problems with leaks when my jaw dropped. A soft cervical collar fixed that and also helps prevent obstructive apneas due to chin tucking. Using the collar I rarely have leaks with Airfit F20 (silicone cushion).
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RE: Nose cushion vs FFM?
I actually find the F20 more comfortable for breathing ... and afaik I’ve not had issues with leaks with it.

I just found the input from the tech a little unhelpful .... you get used to something and then you’re told you should change.
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RE: Nose cushion vs FFM?
IMO that answer is partly true. One's jaw can open during sleep. But a well adjusted full face mask should do fine despite that. I've been on an ASV machine using full face mask exclusively with no issues. I own an Amara View, and a ResMed F20 AirFit silicone and the AirTouch memory foam cushions. The AirFit is my main mask configuration. Works fine for me.

But you can try a chin strap, or as others mentioned a soft cervical collar, if you choose to do so. It would be used in order for the jaw to remain closed in a definite fashion while asleep.

I'm not a doctor in real or fictional life. My posts include opinions based upon user experience regarding CPAP therapy and should not be considered medically professional direction or advice. Even a 1,000 mile trip requires a good first step. My recommended first steps include getting good walking shoes, 1 great cup of coffee, and a good GPS.

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RE: Nose cushion vs FFM?
I use the Dreamwear Nasal Mask (cushion style) as often as I can because I love the fit and comfort and I get good results. However, my wife reports some "gargling" sound (not snoring really) which I believe is minor mouth leaking or "almost mouth leaking." (I sleep with my mouth somewhat open but tuck my tongue up to seal things up, sort of subconsciously.)

As I have posted elsewhere, the Dreamwear FFM should solve that problem, but I get a higher AHI perhaps due to insufficient pressure. In any event, I find its minor leaks to be irritating and I can't seem to get all "four corners" of the mask to stay sealed. At the same time, even though it's size L I feel like the mouth opening is restrictive and too small to permit free mouth-breathing. (What's the point of a mask that permits mouth breathing but also seems to try to restrict it??)

My journey is to continue full exploring the alternatives until something 'clicks'

- Nasal Mask: Control my mouth leaks/broken palate seal issue, via a chin strip or maybe a cervical collar, AND try to resolve my considerable nasal congestion issues
- FFM: Maybe punt and try a different one. Can't imagine going to a higher pressure to reduce AHI until I find one that doesn't leak so much AND is comfortable around my mouth.
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