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[Equipment] Opinions Needed Please!!!
Hello to everyone reading this! I was diagnosed with sleep apnea (CSA & OSA) in late 2014. It came as a huge shock to me considering I am pretty healthy. So I received my apnea machine end of November 2014. Its been nothing but problems since. The woman from the company when she dropped it off did no explaining to me of how to use it. I've since spoken with my doctor and have had another sleep test done. My question for you is about my settings with the hose and humidifier. Last winter I couldn't use my cpap due to a deviated septum surgery.

So I usually go to sleep with my heat set anywhere between. 62-64 degrees. Currently I have my humidity set at 5 and my tubing set at 64. I am not sure if these are the correct settings for the winter. My doctor had told me back in September to raise my humidity to 7 so I listened to him and ended up with the gurgling issus due to it being to high and the room temperature being cooler. It was lovely having water shoot into the back of my throat! Haha. So in your opinion what would you suggest I set the tube and humidity at? Also while I am posting I am now about 2 months into being a full face wearer & I LOVE it , but for the past few weeks I am left with a permanent dark pink mark on certain areas of my face. Especially the bridge of my nose (which causes physical pain) and on my red lower cheek area. Its embarrassing!!! Any advice on that would be appreciated as well. Thank you all so much. Have a good day.

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Not sure I'm qualified to answer (certainly on the humidifier section). Like you, I love the full face mask and, like you, redness, soreness (even open wounds) around the nose. have just ordered a trial pack of mask liners - I'll post once they arrive and I have a chance to use them.

I'm also looking at a material full face mask but I really can't decide if it's a good thing - costs around £110 (guess around $150) and I think it might be claustraphobic ... jury is out on that for now.

If you can't wait for my comments just search Google for "mask liner".

Good luck and hope someone can answer on the humidifier questions.
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I have a different Resmed model to you. Does yours not have an "auto" mode for temperature?

Quote:Also while I am posting I am now about 2 months into being a full face wearer & I LOVE it , but for the past few weeks I am left with a permanent dark pink mark on certain areas of my face. Especially the bridge of my nose (which causes physical pain) and on my red lower cheek area. Its embarrassing!!!

I had a similar issue. I bought Remzzz liners which have prevented the red marks and also increased comfort. Some people prefer Pad-A-Cheek liners, though I have never used one.
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The Simplus, like most masks, has some tricks and here is what I learned from when I used it:
1. it really likes to ride lower than it might seem
2. It really likes to "float" on the silicon seal. Put it on fairly lose, turn on the air, lift the mask a little off your face and let it sit back down. This lets the silicon seal inflate and the mask rides on that.
3. If you get leaks around the bridge of your nose, slide the mask slightly towards you chin (see #1 above)
4. the upper straps work differently than the lower straps and at least for me I could get it to teeter-tauter back and forth about midway between them. if you tighten the bottom straps you might have to loosen the top straps.
5. most people that get leaks with this mask tighten it down and with the Simplus you should try loosening it, over tightening can cause leaks.
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Fallen, be sure to download Sleepyhead linked at the top of this page. It can really help decipher any issues in your therapy, lots cheaper than a sleep test. If you liked the higher humidity, but had condensation, then just add a cover on your hose. It makes the hose softer and less clinical looking, and helps the heated hose prevent condensation, even in a colder room. That's an inexpensive solution.

It sounds to me like you're pretty close if you can resolve a few minor problems.
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Your humidity requirements from your machine change with the seasons. I too had the bubbling problem and finally went to the heated hose. I have the temp at 64. I started at the max humidity and just went down a step at a time until I didn't have any more bubbling happening. It changes again depending on how cold it is - this morning, when it is 4F, the furnace runs a lot, while at 32F, the furnace runs very little. How often the furnace runs changes the humidity in my room, so automated turns out to be the best choice in the winter for me. You just have to play with your machine to figure out what works in your environment.
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